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Re: [holistichelping] Sasha, Ken, Fred, Thank you for helping with My Food Story

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  • samuel kongere
    Dear Andrius, Pleasure to see great movements, Ken Owino and Fred has demostrated their love for the activities and their working for us is good. I love to say
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 4, 2007
      Dear Andrius,
      Pleasure to see great movements, Ken Owino and Fred has demostrated their love for the activities and their working for us is good. I love to say here that these two are making our lab a healthy forum and trust their involovement will make things more interesting.We hope to reach more stories on food stories.

      ms@... wrote:
      Sasha Mrkailo and I chatted today about MyFoodStory
      http://www.myfoodstory.info I am very happy that he has started work to add
      stories. He is also helping us start discussion in Serbian-Bosnian-Croatian
      at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/minciu_sodas_BOS/ It would be great to
      hear in this language about farmers and their personal stories.

      Sasha is a beekeeper and his deepest value is "rightful living". He asks:
      How to live in this world without harming others or myself? This is a very
      important question, but I think especially in Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia and
      neighboring countries. I invite our letters, thoughts and stories.

      Sasha, I am very happy if you might provide 500 entries for our directory. I
      will send you a check for 200 USD for the first 200. May I send you a
      personal check or do you need a cashier check from a bank?

      Sasha, has I think good Internet access and so he can find us stories from
      around the world that are on the Internet. He will collect them to help our
      investigators with their work on their questions so that they have relevant
      first hand experiences and people they can ask further as needed.

      Ken Owino and Fred Kayiwa, I also look forward to you working for pay on
      MyFoodStory. Ken and Fred, may I send you personal checks? Can you cash
      them? Will you receive them if I send them in the mail? Fred, I plan to
      send you 200 USD for you to go to the Omidyar meeting for us, to sign up
      people for our groups, and also to collect 100 food stories for us. Ken,
      would you be able to collect 100 food stories for us for 100 USD? These are
      short descriptions of farmers or others who work with food, why they are
      interesting and how we can contact them.

      I hope to write more soon. Others who are interested, please let me know.

      I share my chat with Sasha.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas


      Andrius: Hi Sasha
      … Thank you for your great work!
      Sasha: hi andrius!
      … just a second please.
      … You are welcome Andrius
      … it is a great opportunity for me to earn some really needed cash
      Andrius: yes
      Sasha: besides I really enjoy it
      Andrius: How should I send money to you?
      Sasha: hm I dont have paypal,can you send it via moneybookers or
      … or maybe with a check.Western union is the simplest but it is too costly
      Andrius: I have moneybookers.
      … I will look into that.
      … Also, I can send a check.
      Sasha: ok I have a question, I thought it would not be good idea to take
      many entries from this site with 1000 stories?
      … It would be easiest for me but...I dont think it would be really all right
      Andrius: Yes, I will write to them and see.
      … They don't have 1000 stories, I think it is just their goal.
      … And we may help give them our stories.
      … Also, we're not taking the full stories.
      Sasha: Yes but they have more of them.
      Andrius: But more useful for our laboratory would be
      … if we collected stories that related to an investigation.
      Sasha: Yes butwhat is the point to just take all from one place?
      … Yes?
      … What kind of investigation?
      … I see.
      Andrius: Something meaningful for us to research or explore and
      … But first I ask you: Do you have a deepest value in life, that includes all
      of your other values?
      Sasha: That is not a question I can answer this moment
      Andrius: ok that is fine
      Sasha: Yes,probably
      Andrius: And another: Is there a question that you don't know the
      answer to, but would like to answer?
      Sasha: too deep question,I am not used to think so deeply
      Andrius: Yes but very helpful for leadership!
      Sasha: Yes,how to live in this world without harming others or
      myself,rightfull living.
      Andrius: very good
      Sasha: thanks.
      Andrius: So I'd like you to collect stories that would help you answer
      that, OK?
      … Also, is "rightful living" your deepest value, perhaps?
      Sasha: I know it is good,I have wrote you some years ago, I was
      interested,I am interested in truth and living by it
      … truth, and living by truth
      Andrius: yes
      Sasha: that would be it,I think
      Andrius: do you have a link to your older letters?
      Sasha: but what the truth is I cant define
      Andrius: I will post your answers above
      … ok?
      Sasha: I have sent it to you just a sec
      … ok, why not.
      Andrius: http://www.ourculture.info/wiki.cgi?SashaMrkailo
      Sasha: I cant find it now so quickly
      Andrius: ok
      Sasha: can I change that somewhat later?
      Andrius: sure
      … there is an "edit" link
      Sasha: maybe some better definition
      … you know I have found you long ago on the net and I liked all your
      efforts,but cant really understand the method or the final point in this all
      Andrius: yes
      … the point is to support independent thinkers
      Sasha: I mean it is a litle bit confusing
      Andrius: yes it is
      Sasha: it is a great field,everything
      Andrius: because we can only support independent thinkers through their
      inner interest
      … are you thinking about our lab or about my philosophy?
      Sasha: well both of them,it is really close connected
      … lab more
      Andrius: yes so the purpose of the lab is to serve individual
      independent thinkers
      … and the overall direction these next ten years is to organize a supportive
      Sasha: what do you mean by serve?
      … I understand about the culture
      Andrius: Serve means support, be helpful and supportive, provide
      services, free or paid
      Sasha: yes I know what the word means ,I ent how can it serve, that was
      more my question
      … ment
      Andrius: 1) provide more minds, 2) provide a social framework so their
      ideas can become real, 3) provide moral support, 4) challenge them to grow,
      5) help them earn a living
      Sasha: nice
      … I wish it is working right now and providing all above
      … that would be great
      Andrius: in a sense we are
      … Is it OK if I send you a check in US dollars?
      Sasha: How do you endure all this because it seems to me that you are
      bearing the most of the weight?
      … sure why not
      Andrius: well I have nothing better to do
      Sasha: that is a good answer :)
      Andrius: I will your need address and also your tax number because I
      will be reporting this in Lithuania as an "authorship agreement" and paying
      an extra 15% to our government
      Sasha: I want to tell you I would most like to work this in an open source
      mode without payment,but I am in a real financial troubles now...
      Andrius: I think it is normal to pay for work
      … but it is helpful to know that people are able to work for free, as you are
      Sasha: I have great respect for the open source model,I would realy like
      it to move to all areas...
      … my adress is:
      … have you been in Serbia?
      … Sombor is the town name
      Andrius: yes Novi Sad
      Sasha: when?
      Andrius: 2003
      Sasha: I am close about 80 km away near croatian and hungaarian border
      … You are invited to my humble home if you ever come nearby
      … I think most of my entries are related to my investigation, how to earn
      some money in agriculture,no not money but how to get a good life
      Andrius: yes
      … and now if you can do that in Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia
      … and write in your language to our Minciu_Sodas_BOS group
      Sasha: It seems to me the group is empty
      … yes why not
      Andrius: well it is 150 people but I haven't been able to start it
      Sasha: really? interesting
      … but you know many war wounds are stil open
      Andrius: so that would be fantastic if you could involve people
      … yes but these are people who care
      Sasha: I dont know what the reaction will be
      Andrius: and you are very sensitive
      Sasha: thanks
      Andrius: if we focus on "rightful living" then it will be very good
      Sasha: I will try to start some conversation
      Andrius: do you have a tax number?
      … so I can report?
      Sasha: ah that
      … no not that I can remember of
      Andrius: ok
      Sasha: maybe I can find it out?
      Andrius: yes, please do
      … and please write a letter about yourself
      … and afterwards I will send you a check for 100 USD by mail
      … for the first 100 entries?
      … and if you can do more than I can send you more
      Sasha: do you think I am making too many entries in m yfoodstory?
      Andrius: no, not at all
      … we need them for our bonuses
      … it's very very important
      … the more you can work, the better
      … I would be happy to send you 500 USD for 500 entries
      Sasha: ok I will push it as much as I can in the time ahead
      Andrius: yes
      Sasha: I would really be happy :)
      Andrius: I would be happy, too
      … especially if you can do them fast
      Sasha: but you know I have read fantastic articles doing this
      … I lose mucht time by reading them but they are excellent
      … Is it a problem I have heavily used the beekeping theme?
      … since I am a beekeeper
      … that is a familiar territry to me
      … teritorry
      Andrius: no, it is good if you focus on a particular crop
      Sasha: I can do them fast
      Andrius: and it is excellent if you can focus on a crop that is in
      Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia
      … so if you find a crop that seems very relevant to "meaningful inclusion"
      that is excellent
      … and if you find a technology or methodology that is related, that is very
      good, too
      … and then I can look for additional funding
      … Also, if we can encourage people in our BOS group to write about farmers,
      that is good.
      … They can write in Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian.
      Sasha: yeah, I have meet with with a young men from England he had made a
      film related to beekeeping in Yugoslavia and theinfluences of war
      Andrius: My policy is to be extra supportive of the Bosnians because
      they have suffered greatly.
      … Excellent.
      Sasha: I wass his translator in an OS mode
      … We have all sufered greatly
      Andrius: Yes.
      Sasha: not to diminsh anyone
      Andrius: But some because of what they have inflicted upon themselves
      … and others because of what was inflicted upon them by others.
      Sasha: hm, I understand what are you saying.
      Andrius: And it is very sad when the victim has to go to the other side
      and encourage them to heal and be ignored.
      Sasha: I dont agree completely,but ...
      Andrius: I take this approach because I believe it will help all heal.
      Sasha: yes I know
      Andrius: I appreciate your great sensitivity.
      … Not very conflict is "symmetric".
      … Not every
      Sasha: dont worry Andrius talking had not killed anyone
      Andrius: OK, this is a great start
      … and please keep in touch
      … you are a great worker
      Sasha: Yes Andrius you have a typical westerner view on all this,
      … we will discuss it if we see each other in reallity sometimes
      Andrius: and also online
      Sasha: thanks Andrius,you are the first one to tell me this
      … yes why not.
      … do you love history?
      Andrius: we'll see where your quest for "rightful living" takes us
      … I am a little interested
      … but I should go now
      Sasha: all right
      … rightfull living takes me to the future not past
      … but they are somewhat conected...
      … thanks for the chat, I will inform you about the work...
      … good night
      Andrius: I will share our chat
      … except for your address
      Sasha: ok
      … maybe also not the part about history since that can be troublesome maybe
      Andrius: it would be best for us to show it. May I?
      Sasha: Yes, why not
      Andrius: thank you very much
      … good night
      Sasha: Thank you!
      … good night


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