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OVF (Jeff) and Other MS-related activities at Onet/Ken-Sam-Andrius

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  • Janet Feldman
    Hello Dear Jeff and All! Great to hear from you, and I still have a more detailed (and thought-filled) mail to write in response to your wonderful letters of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 2, 2007
      Hello Dear Jeff and All!
      Great to hear from you, and I still have a more detailed (and thought-filled) mail to write in response to your wonderful letters of  the past 7-10 days on various subjects.  Ken, Sam, and Andrius, many thanks for your mails, and to Jeff for your invaluable inputs and support!  Sam, terrific WSF reports, and Ken, your WSF acct is so issue-rich that I hope to respond to it soon as well.
      I'm sorry to hear OVF probably will not attend the conference, but I'd love to set up spaces at O/net for our various activities:  OVF, KAIPPG and GRASSUP, ActALIVE, our MS-related activities. You can actually add OVF as being "there in spirit", on the "Participants" page. I'm glad to see that David Mutua will be going, so hopefully he can report to us!
      How else would you like to approach this?  Let me know, and I'll be more available in a couple weeks to do something (right around the time of the conference).
      One question for Ken:  did I understand that you're interested in gathering stories for the MyFoodStory project?  That would be great, and I'd love it if you could do that through Holistic Helping (and post at Social Agriculture too, the
      home" for the project).  You can do "quick entries" and earn some money, as I understand it. Or find more detailed information and submit "stories". Let us know when you can.
      With blessings, appreciation, and all best wishes, Janet

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      From: Jeff Buderer
      Sent: Feb 2, 2007 8:19 PM
      To: holistichelping@yahoogroups.com, learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com

      Subject: re: [holistichelping] Fred: reply on Global Learn Day/Onet conference: Fred and Charles

      Its unlikely that OVF will be participating. However I am still interested in how we might set up a space in Omidyar.net to promote our work. I am already a member of the group but has not done much in terms of creating content within the network.


      From: Janet Feldman <kaippg@...>
      Sent: Friday, February 02, 2007 10:42 AM
      To: learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [holistichelping] Fred: reply on Global Learn Day/Onet conference: Fred and Charles

      Dear Fred and All,
      Hello and great to hear from you!  I see you have been qualified to attend the Onet conference, but in the "second tier" of funding, which means that--after bursaries have been given to those outside Uganda--you will be considered. I'm not sure of the funding situation re bursaries, so can you make it there under your own resources at all, or what would you estimate you would need?  And Charles, are you interested in attending?  The registration should have taken place by Feb 1st, but perhaps there is still time.
      On your other question, I'm not sure exactly what you are referring to...do you mean you want to be active in Global Learn Day activities, or moreso at Learning (this forum), or Holistic Helping?  Thanks for clarifications, and also, please tell us more abt yourself when you can (Andrius posted on this subject last week, I think, and had some good questions and suggestions for things you might discuss).
      With all best wishes and blessings, Janet

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      From: fdkayiwa
      Sent: Feb 2, 2007 6:40 AM
      To: learningfromeachoth er@yahoogroups. com
      Subject: [learningfromeachot her] Re: Andrius: Meet with John Hibbs of Global Learn Day?

      --iwould like to be an active member here
      ineed your advise am from uganda- In
      learningfromeachoth er@yahoogroups. com , Janet Feldman <kaippg@...>
      > Dear All,
      > Hello and Happiest New Year, Skipper! Already looking forward to
      GLD in October, and Pam, Jeff, and I had a terrific time this past
      October. We hope Lenny and many others will join us (Lenny was not
      able to make it in 2006), including Andrius (who participated in
      > I am ccing Holistic Helping (my own forum within Minciu Sodas), as
      I hope and expect to involve a number of African members there in
      2007. I've been organizing the Africa segment for a few voyages, and
      been a "mate" on several earlier journeys in the African region
      portion of the voyage. Holistic Helping also has a focus on ICTs, so
      hope you'll cc us in future in terms of GLD correspondence,
      > And that you'll meet with John...I had hoped this past year that
      there might be some involvement by MS and related members/forums
      from Europe, too (ie besides Africa), so hope that will transpire in
      2007, as it would truly be "to inspire"!
      > With all best wishes and blessings, and yours in sailing spirit,
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      > >From: ms@...
      > >Sent: Feb 1, 2007 12:28 PM
      > >To: skipper@...
      > >Cc: learningfromeachoth er@yahoogroups. com
      > >Subject: [learningfromeachot her] Andrius: Meet with John Hibbs of
      Global Learn Day?
      > >
      > >Dear John Hibbs,
      > >
      > >I am wondering, do you live in the San Diego area? If you do,
      then it would
      > >be great to meet this Friday or Monday if you are free.
      > >
      > >I lead the Minciu Sodas laboratory http://www.ms. lt for
      independent thinkers
      > >around the world. We have quite a few participants who are also
      active in
      > >Global Learn Day, including Janet Feldman, Anthony Diaz, Leonard
      > >Edward Cherlin and more.
      > >
      > >It would be great to meet and talk how we might work with you
      throughout the
      > >year. We have a very vibrant system of online working groups but
      would like
      > >to make better use of audio and video such as with video bridges
      > >podcasts.
      > >
      > >I share my letter with Pamela McLean's working group on "learning
      from each
      > >other" with special emphasis on ICT for Africa and learning how
      to work
      > >together when one participant has full Internet access and another
      > >participant has marginal Internet access.
      > >
      > >My phone number is +1 (773) 569-9852 and I am staying in Carlsbad
      and I plan
      > >to visit UCSD and can drive to the city.
      > >
      > >Andrius
      > >
      > >Andrius Kulikauskas
      > >Minciu Sodas
      > >http://www.ms. lt
      > >ms@...
      > >
      > >
      > >Each letter sent to Learning From Each Other enters the PUBLIC
      DOMAIN unless it explicitly states otherwise
      http://www.ethicalp ublicdomain. org Please be kind to our authors!
      > >Yahoo! Groups Links
      > >
      > >
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