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  • nafsiafricaacro
    HI Janet,Andrius, Amazing Amazingly! Am responding to Andrius concern of having more champions/stand alone thinkers contributing to the public domain, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2007
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      HI Janet,Andrius,

      Amazing Amazingly!

      Am responding to Andrius concern of having more champions/stand
      alone thinkers contributing to the public domain, and target to hit
      the 60 mark. Since my introduction by Maria and Sam into the forum,
      I have gained immensely from the critical mass of independent
      thinkers and ideas that forum fellows feed on one another and
      strengthen one another. The culture that says, `this is great, we
      are proud to be doing this, and `we admire this/that" is a wonder to

      I believe social change requires thousands of grass root thinkers
      working together. It's not just the leading thinkers but the actors

      M.S is a vantage point of problem solving that would accumulate fast
      around the globe.

      Am proud to be associated with this great work, I would love to work
      voluntarily, on a part time basis, collecting and diffusing stories
      that would solve major social problems. I have been spending my
      time looking for places, spaces and opportunities to influence the
      course of events, forsaking the limelight.

      Am trying to build a little part of the world in which I would like
      to live. A project only makes sense to me when it proves useful to
      make people happier and the environment more respected and
      representing a hope for a better future. This is the soul of my
      project/Nafsi Acrobats projects (The Soul's of Africa's project).
      Our project always renew my faith in an harmonic way of living,
      without misery.

      I believe when people work together, as in contributing common
      project ideas and cataloguing common action projects, they are
      powerful; there is friendship, in the end, there is peace, harmony,
      tranquility and optimism.

      Most of the ideas and stories I would contribute emanate from
      practical and doable works, how we activate and cause change.

      Even if the inspiration is romantic, it desires material results,
      thoughts-talk-then action, a recoloured reality.

      Am willing to volunteer myself timely, resourcefully and spiritually
      as a way of giving back to the ideological gains that I also receive
      from others. Although I have a tight and crammed schedule – either
      training, with children, responding to our project needs,
      corresponding or performing, I believe with available resources, I
      would work and forward stories and reports addressing urgent needs
      and solving problems.

      I have been a contributor in other forums where people do great
      things but are just totally invisible. At least H.H/M.S homes
      sophisticated thinkers and some formal meeting point where
      information can be stored. I needed a place to use as a
      file/reference for my ideas and other people. I have varying
      stories that would be helpful to diverse groups.

      Topics on food and nutrition, urban livelihoods, street children
      (the streetwise), nomads/masaai challenges, etc.

      I most likely find holistic helping and any group touching on the
      social arena homely because our projects are basically social themed.

      Besides the stories, and searching contacts for stories, I want to
      draw more people to this work because I understand the path well. I
      would pull together people from different spheres with different
      kind of expertise and experience, who can together build workable
      solutions that are qualitatively new.

      I have local and global contacts of sophisticated thinkers to
      introduce into the loop/fold. Some of the few friends of interests
      I would like to introduce here are:

      PAIGE ELENSON (www.acroyoga.org)

      An acrobat, activist and yogi from New York, working with Nafsi
      Acrobats and interested in initiating a base in Nairobi that would
      also address street children problems.

      BONNIE ARGO (www.cheka.uk.org)

      A marketing assistant by profession. She is running a registered
      charity with the U.K Charity Commission called C.H.E.K.A (care,
      health, education to kids in Africa). Cheka (smile) has fundraised
      for a number of projects here in Kenya.

      BEATRICE (hhtp/www.myspace.com/bibia//)

      She works for street and poor children in Brazil and globally. She
      also posts bulletins and creates blogs on topics regarding street

      About money-I need money yes, money is very important to accomplish
      ones projects, but it only matters if it helps to solve peoples
      problems and to create the world am describing above.

      Nafsi Acrobats project may help people around us to acquire wealth
      and in some ways this come back to me/us.

      It has been an intellectual and creative challenge to build models
      that can be used by excluded and deprived people to create
      sustainable livelihoods and promote social inclusion.
      Creating projects, implementing them and succeeding, witnessing
      one's dreams come true is happiness, money just makes it easier.
      For all these reasons, I work the way I do (sacrificing myself
      out). I am a slave to my dreams, thoughts and ideas. That's all.

      Having that opportune of credibility, confidence, contacts and ideas
      that i gain through the forum is more valuable to me than money.

      Conversations with social entrepreneurs, activists, academics,
      funders, business people journalists, artists etc is a big
      educational process to me.
      Nevertheless, it's good to reward good work and it's not only the
      stand-alone thinker, but the whole team of actors and eventually the
      society around them.

      A stipend would be necessary to offset/defray some of the high costs
      I incur visiting the cyber to gather/put information together and do
      postings. I hope with time I will be having a notepad to help me in
      putting my ideas and storylines together and just visit the internet
      to take and send mails.

      In conclusion I say; This whole idea of an on-going social activity
      promoting innovative and nurturing ideas is a promising strategic
      social change in the hands of highly confident and knowledgeable
      individuals who can make a surprising difference in changing the

      Parting shot/food for thought

      Independent creative thinkers spark social change.

      Thanks and God bless you.

      Kennedy Owino
      P.O BOX 21255,
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