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Fw: [socialagriculture] Curtains brought down WSF

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Sam and All, Bravo and greatest thanks for these despatches from the Forum front ! I m sending this along to HH, and I believe you ve sent them to Chris
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2007
      Dear Sam and All,
      Bravo and greatest thanks for these "despatches from the Forum front"!  I'm sending this along to HH, and I believe you've sent them to Chris M too, which is wonderful. I'll hope to read more carefully and have more comments, and I hope that others will have too.
      With immense blessings and appreciation for your presence there, and in the world!  "Alluta Continua" indeed--albeit with greater hope and inspiration on my part because of people like you!--and with this watchword (my college motto):  "non satis scire",  "to know is not enough" (action is needed!)!  Janet

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      From: samuel kongere
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      Subject: [socialagriculture] Curtains brought down WSF

      Another World is Possible (Dunia Mbadala Yawezekana).
      As one day to the world social Forum curtains brought down in the Green city under the sun, as Nairobi popularly known, some will call it a success, while to others it will be doubt. To some WSF is dispensable; others will question its values, if not so its future and nature. The gathering had the largest capacity with delegates coming from far as Asia, Europe, Americas and across Africa. The question is, What did the ordinary persons get out of the five day event attended by 50,000 activists by events debated, networked, chanted by slogans, danced, against current social ills?
      The forum was full with Africa experience and perspective, consensus is needed a part from all embracing slogan of "Another world is Possible". The Africa experience to many is important, is wonderful to see the global issues griping the WSF through an African perspective. People were not only talking on the social ills done to Africa but also discussing the modalities to address them. The views of many, who came to experience the African social, economic and political mistakes for the first time, saw Africa problem as real, the strong presence of the young people inspired many people, apart from gender, rights and economic issues lingering in many people's minds.
      We all talked about information sharing, security and saw arms are the only commodity not controlled. It is important to increase mobilization, to meet and exchange ideas, the sessions were interesting. It was pity it doesn't had enough coverage from the media we need a platform for the people, not enormous appeal for organizations to exhibit the products.
      I may say, here that, although my interests to my community is, wireless internet connection, many workshops were based on equality, good governance, land rights, poverty, etc. The African edition of WSF with its motto, "people's struggles, people's alternatives", it is under question if the WSF 2007 in Nairobi will achieve the goals set to be more than a civil society's jamboree! Will the WSF achieve myriad social, economic and political issues that haunt the continent and are most often fuelled by geo-politics? Will it step Africa's poor state; despite many years of humanitarian aid, debts, which cannot be paid, while Africa continue to reel from endemic hunger and poverty?
      We are in the middle of world over revolution. Some will call this revolution globalization: some will call it knowledge revolution. I went a long in the fourth day to look information revolution possibility through the sessions. Whatever we call it, we are witnessing a changing of power equation, Power is moving from the center to the periphery and education for all covered my day. Vertical command and control structures are eroding and are being replaced by horizontal networks of social communities and collaborative platforms. When the world moves from local to global, the liberal ideology evolved based on the need to protect the individual against the collective. Now may be the new imperative is to protect the collective against the individual. If we can find the new balance, then we hope to make a flattened network for the good for all.
      My first experience from the WSF, the flattering world needs more opportunities to which individuals and institutions must adapt. What we need to do is to connect, and reconnect, from business, politics, and civil society to form new coalitions to improve the state of our world and shape new collective will through information sharing. I had to get several contacts and moving through this will enhance my willingness to help my community access information. I am urging the people to come from NGOISM to ACTIVISM where we are going to have more bargaining power.
      I hope to start following the links of those interested in community information media and how community can be connected through radius of access points, many from Italy were willing and promised to get in touch with them later, our counterparts for West Africa (Gambia and West Sahara) and South Africa will be very helpful to our desire. Free and open source software promoters challenged the forum by not issuing concern on information. This was seen on the fourth day when many locals complained of not getting information before, about the WSF.
      Alluta Continua, WSF 2007 Nairobi Kenya

      Samwel Okech kongere
      Nyamuga primary school
      P.O BOX 191,
      MBITA  040305-KENYA.
      Cell: +254 725 600 439
      Community Development
      UDOGO youth development group-coordinator

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