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World Social Forum-Nairobi

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    THE WORLD SOCIAL FORUM IN NAIROBI The emotions are now settling after the tearful moments of seeing off Marieke. A piece of our backbone is missing, but we
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2007
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      The emotions are now settling after the tearful moments of seeing off
      A piece of our backbone is missing, but we forge ahead in the hope
      that such experiences are meant to keep us strong, focused and
      James ( Nafsi acrobat) is back from his hibernation with a new
      song "Malaika, oh yes I miss you Malaika".

      Simon and Victor(Nafsi members) are very much preoccupied with
      rehersals of their anticipated Holland tour.
      Look how the world is pretty much filled with intertwined
      coincidences-They are going to make a super reunion with Marieke in
      Holland around Mid February.
      Marieke is a Dutch performer and she is currently a member of Nafsi
      Africa acrobats.
      She has splendid fire shows and juggling skills.

      After the W.S.F we are now back to our children training programme
      and also getting geared for the Italian performances tour.
      We are taking a series of acrobatics and yoga exhibitions and
      workshops to Italy between May and June.
      Maria is playing a crucial role in organizing and ensuring the
      possibility of this tour.
      Thanks Maria, for all your efforts and kindness.

      The world Social forum ended, we had brilliant performance, and gigs
      that we put up, O.M.G!
      What caught my mind during the event are:
      The pleas, and campaigns to the human population to be kind to
      animals, and go vegetarian.
      Yoga principles are constantly gaining momentum.
      It's true, like now, panic has hit Nairobi city as the strange virus
      from livestock meat spreads fast killing many.
      Meat and milk are now apparently missing in most households' tables
      and fridges.
      It's healthy, We Nafsi are going "Veges" and healthy, we occasion
      the food health store, and most of our meals nowadays are herbal-
      all herbal ingredients.
      Marieke has been a big plus in directing us through this new path.
      And Paigey? An American yogi friend, our mentor and teacher, an
      oasis of our hearts from where we derive inspiration, confidence, and
      motivation to forge forward.
      In my words ( sorry, a little shift from the W.S.F topic), since we
      were introduced to yoga, I have learnt that yoga is like an oasis in
      my life from where i draw the waters of peace, comfort and
      tranquility, where as other areas of my life remain vast, empty or
      Practicing yoga has helped me stretch my mind, heart, and physical
      body to unnatural/unbelievable levels, positively living healthy.
      Living healthy surpasses dieting or burning excess calories; it
      encompasses what we feed our minds, hearts, souls and physical body
      We have to think healthy, talk, walk and react in a healthy way.
      All our intentions and concepts have to be healthy, all in the basis
      of holistic health, spiritual and wisdom of yoga.

      During the W.S.F I learnt that a new phenomenon is gaining currency
      in Kenya: Lesbians, gays and transsexuals are coming openly to demand
      their rights, "legalize lesbianism" is their campaign.
      They stole a show at the W.S.F.
      I remember having conflicting opinion from most of our American and
      European friends on the topic, and also the pros and cons of life,
      birth control and our primitive ways as polygamy.
      We can now add up the pros and cons and even or come to a balance.
      In my opinion, in the weighing scale, these new phenomenon are
      neither good nor out rightly bad.
      There are demands for rights, natural and medical reasons for these
      demands yes, but the Bible sounds it clear. Read the bible for a more
      clear insight.
      Am now beginning to wake up from the slumber, and realizing that you
      should listen first to why they do that or think that, before
      It's not their liking to be in that orientation, but they found
      themselves trapped in those wrong bodies. Naturally comprehensible.
      I made quite a number of gay friends and after all that, i just also
      feel as one of them, It sounds a disgusting and absurd phenomenon but
      imagine a few hours after that I had a crash on a very cute
      gentleman. Ha ha ha, hey! (Just playin).

      The issue of insurgence in Iraq and the role President Bush is
      playing in Iraq war dominated the W.S.F.
      There were daily demonstrations in the corridors of the forum, with
      dirty written placards calling for an end and immediate withdrawal of
      U.N and U.S forces.
      To me, this underscores the importance of us human beings opening up
      our eyes to the beauty of the diversity of human population. Life is
      more than vital.
      War doesn't create a lasting peace, it just makes a continual cycle,
      and we should translate the cycle into a diplomatic round table
      lobbying for peace in a non violent communication.
      "An eye for an eye would make the whole world blind"
      It's absolutely critical to create a liberal and non depressed world,
      attitudinal change is vital to reach a real social change-"Another
      world is possible".

      I loved the topics on street children (the street wise), debt
      cancellation, nomads-massai challenges, slums (flower villages)/urban
      livelihoods, and peace and reconciliation.
      In overall the Forum was an ultimate and an ineffable success.
      the number of contacts we made from people interested in getting
      involved with us in our efforts of uplifting the below of our
      The forum also gave us a platform for sharing with like minded
      individuals and getting more insights on managing our programmes.

      Gratitude to all the independent thinkers who chipped in financially,
      emotionally, physically and timely towards the W.S.F.
      Particular thanks to Andrius, Janet and Maria for all the support
      they extended to Samuel.

      Information is power, reporting and documenting is very vital.
      Anyway stay calm, relax, and receive abundant blessings.
      Smile, shine, fly, light and blessings your way.

      Nawapenda sana.

      P.O BOX 21255,

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