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Lucas and All: Communication Initiative "Avian Flu" resource and more

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Lucas and All, Hello and great to hear from you! I just found this resource from The Communication Initiative:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2006

      Dear Lucas and All,
      Hello and great to hear from you! I just found this resource from The Communication Initiative: http://www.comminit.com/avianinfluenza.html, which might be helpful!
      I think there is potential too, on several fronts, but at a minimum perhaps flyers/leaflets/printed items like t-shirts and bandannas. If Sam and others in Kenya and elsewhere think the bird flu poses a real threat to their areas, and that people don't know about it, or how to protect themselves, then I think it might be worth a small investment of time and funds.
      And how to spread the word to people who are not literate? This is a big issue, esp. for rural areas. Sam, Henry, others:  do you think the type of campaign mentioned above would be effective, and worth our limited time and resources?
      I think your own 3-point approach to the issue is great, and I'll keep my eyes open for resources, contact people, and the like. Please keep posting here too as is relevant and needed!
      With all best wishes and appeciation for your invaluable efforts (Lucas, Andrius, all)! Janet
      Dear Janet and all,

      http://www.globalvillages.info/index.php/Blogs/LucasGonzalez (see
      "comments on 2006-02-28") Andrius has written he has "decided to not
      pursue the 'emergency holiday' idea, but rather to focus on our
      strengths".  Which is fine, but of course the idea is already in the
      open so we might work on it if we want to.  Maybe a modified idea will
      find its way into reality.  I find it has potential, at least as a
      "disruptor" of any previous ideas I might personally have about flu and
      preparedness, so thank you, Andrius!

      I've started this page at the wiki:

      I'm looking at the avian flu news with a Kenyan eye, and I'll write
      whatever I learn at that page.

      I intend to be as practical as I can.  My first focus is to:
      (1) "distill" what the official recomendations are regarding prevention
      of avian flu, and then
      (2) find whatever it is that is making it difficult to implement the
      recommendations (lack of money, lack of trust in recomendations, lack of
      other ways to feed themselves, etc), so we may later
      (3) find ways around it (locally useful ways to transmit the best
      available information, complementary currencies, using existing networks
      -- e.g. AIDS, etc).

      The first I can do on my own, but I apreciate our help in all three! 
      I'd be specially interested in finding out: who can we link/cothink with?


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