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.....And best wishes to all, From Samwel

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  • samuel kongere
    Dear All… and best wishes to all, I know the days for the WSF is nearing and we are all going to be there physically and in mind. All is pleasure to thank
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 11, 2007

      Dear All… and best wishes to all,
      I know the days for the WSF is nearing and we are all going to be there physically and in mind. All is pleasure to thank anyone who had the opportunity, to wish all of us wonderful memories for 2006, with the emergence of 2007, we are thinking great and Andrius has produced an Almanac 2007 for all of us which, I am to print and use in making the people of the world know more about our think tank Miniciu-Sodas Laboratories and many of the working groups headed by brave, energetic, hard working network agents of independent thinkers.
      There are bigger tasks ahead for me this year but I put all my weight behind the brave, energetic, hard working network agents. I thank Maria Agnese for her good connections, Janet for the ever-dying efforts for networks and possible connections wherever one goes. I trust with such efforts a head this year; we are thinking of a possible converge for us all. I thought and determined to meet Jeff in Nairobi at the WSF but all failed sadly due to George Chan’s ailments, sorry, I am hoping to go long range with Jeff’s advice on the WiFi plans for my community. As I pray for George this year, I thank Benoit for his mails and words of endurance, keep it up Benoit I love praying and fellowships.
      Jeff, I know we are pursuing the same goal for this wireless connection and my hopes are to be one of the experts for this. I still owe you the best thanks for the efforts you are doing for me…and your encouraging experience will be excellent if our idea is either realized now or later depending on the availability of resources and opportunities. Markus has been the most inspiring fellow for the last year and I think he will do all he can to continue connecting me. I am now one of the Couch Surfing members and friends are in need of my assistance when traveling to East Africa , Thank Markus.
      Lucas, I am not hearing from you, but the experience I received from you about bird flu and the people I interviewed makes me work with experience. It is good to do science research also in a community like this, the veterinary Officer who helped me through, is now doing poultry rearing training and the community is putting up with much care on the chicks not like before. I still need to expand the experience to make them sell the best quality chicks. I do not know whether you are nowadays reading my progress on pursuing for a community wireless connection! We lost track, and I have been busy by collecting food stories all over, I hope to hear from you.
      Helmut, I hope this year is advancing up and it is good you are now working well on the Prowiki Translation, nice good experienced people. I still wait to hear your comments. …..and continue to work together as accelerators to gear development for our think tank Lab.
      Many more experiences and our counterparts in Uganda , Tanzania and Kenya--- -----Bravo! For excellent contributions, there is a lot for us to do and we better put our topics across, for members to know our hidden projects and talents. Willy, Hellen, Josephat, Mwanaidi, Rose, Flavian and all the new comers in Uyoga bring stories affront from your community we need to share your experiences. Fred, Charles from Uganda where are you people, we do not hear you! I thank Ken Owino for the communications, he cares about people and Francis Opiyo, and men we are hoping for a successful dream pull up, I know Derrick is back in Kenya, please send mails to and join my team working the food story with a possibility of taking risks to help the community. We better join efforts with Amos Owino, Tom Ochuka, David Mutua, Brian Nyangi, Julius Ochungo New member and all in Udogo. We hope to sell our art products and Brian Nyangi is having all the products. I will give his contacts for anyone who wishes to buy our youth made art products. While in Kenya call him through his cell phone +254 724 607 336.
      Lastly, I thank Pamela and Andrius for on going arrangements, I am still to know more about Pam , but as I am preparing to meet David Mutua, I will know more about her through Him. I wish all of us a wonderful 2007 and send in your answers for the Almanac 2007.
      Remember to join our new group headed by me, click here to join                           mendenyo-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
      Thanks all for promoting the communication between!

      Samwel Okech kongere
      Nyamuga primary school
      P.O BOX 191,
      MBITA  040305-KENYA.
      Cell: +254 725 600 439
      Community Development
      UDOGO youth development group-coordinator

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