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RE: [meaningfulinclusion] Thank you for adding stories to MyFoodStory/posting w/ KAIPPG and OVF

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Andrius, Markus, Jeff, Steve, Sam, and All, Hello and hope you re having a great time with you father, family, and friends (including Steve B!) in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2007
      Dear Andrius, Markus, Jeff, Steve, Sam, and All,

      Hello and hope you're having a great time with you father, family, and
      friends (including Steve B!) in the USA. What wonderful stories! You ask
      abt hosting or posting stories at KAIPPG and OVF, and what I would say is
      that perhaps Jeff/Joy and I can work on something collaborative to post.

      Note that I will be wanting to do a page which also collects stories from
      the communities KAIPPG serves, though this is not part of the official
      FoodStory project. I think it's important to make that link, otherwise it
      will seem a bit confusing to people, I think. It may make more sense for
      KAIPPG to feature African stories, with a url link to stories from other
      places. Much as I'd love to post those, such as the ones coming from
      Palestine, Lithuania, and elsewhere.

      Though OVF works in Africa, they also have a global orientation in some
      regards, so perhaps it would be more appropriate for them to host other
      stories (ie from elsewhere)...in addition to Africa, that is? Whatever is
      posted on KAIPPG needs to be done solely by other people, though, as I am
      not tech-savvy in this way at all. And in HTML, I think, as this is the
      format for other things posted (does that need to be consistent?).

      I would LOVE to feature someone who might be using arts and media in their
      nutrition, agriculture, and "food story" work at the ActALIVE site
      (www.actalive.org), if possible. Is anyone doing this? KAIPPG does have
      such a link, so perhaps this org could serve as a good bridge to both
      sites. And OVF uses and advocates use of arts too, so that would be a good
      connection to them!

      I will be here "on and off" during the rest of January and February, so
      hopefully we can do this "catch as catch can"...and hope we can catch,
      haha! Blessings and thanks, Janet

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      > Date: 1/11/2007 12:53:26 AM
      > Subject: [meaningfulinclusion] Thank you for adding stories to MyFoodStory
      > Yosef Qarqash,
      > Thank you (and team leader Awne Abuzont) for your interview of olive and
      > farmer Mohammad Kalid. I share it below. You can add it to
      > http://www.myfoodstory.info by clicking on the new "Add a new storyteller"
      > link which I put on the right hand side. I am also happy that you have
      > posted Najeeh Hamad's story at:
      > http://www.myfoodstory.info/view.php?pagepath=New227
      > I am writing from Chicago, Illinois, USA. Please ask Ala to send to me at
      > ms@... the telephone and email of the Chicago high school teacher with
      > whose class we did the video bridge when I was in Nablus, Israeli-occupied
      > Palestine. It would be great to talk with him and perhaps visit them.
      > Today I got access to our laboratory's web server so I am now able to make
      > improvements to our website at http://www.myfoodstory.info I am very
      > that Markus, Awne and Yosef are using it and I will try to respond
      quickly to
      > fix problems that you find and to improve it as you might recommend. I am
      > also happy that Helmut Leitner has been steadily improving our ProWiki
      > at http://www.ourculture.info Thank you, Jeff, for making use of our
      > I will write soon about my understanding of "the state of the lab". I
      > need our help to collect stories and will write more about the community
      > currency that I will dedicate for that based on the up to $3,000 bonus
      > we will get for meeting our targets of 1,800 directory entries and 60
      > stories/interviews. I will award $1 for each entry and $20 for each web
      > that we create for some website based on a story in our registry. This
      > be a way of earning money for our projects.
      > Janet, Jeff and all, please let us know if you'd like to feature one of
      > storytellers at one of your websites!
      > Andrius
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > Minciu Sodas
      > http://www.ms.lt
      > ms@...
      > Mohammad kalid (66 years old) is a farmer from saraa village he has two
      > lands of olives and figs one of them is in the village and the other one
      > near quseen village which is not far from his village but this one is
      > occupied since two years and it�s a military area and no one can go there
      > he is very sad because it was a gift from his father.
      > I asked him about if he grow other kinds of crops. And he said �yes, I
      > to grow wheat but it wants a lot of time and it�s hard to collect by the
      > machete without the new machines!
      > Then I asked him if he use the chemicals with his trees and he answered
      > I use it but there is a bad kinds of these chemicals which destroyed the
      > and I was use it for one time then I lost five of my trees1
      > And about if he cares about the new ways of agriculture he said �yes, it�s
      > very important for the farmer to know every new information�s from T.V,
      > and the Internet!
      > After that I asked him do you sale your product and for whom?
      > He answered �if I collect more than my family I sale the additional
      > quantities to the markets that�s for the olives, but I sale all of my
      figs to
      > the markets because it can�t stay for a long time because it will
      > but the olives fruit last for longer time!
      > And about if his family enjoy his work as a farmer he said �No, they don�t
      > and my wife till me always that we have to leave the village and go to
      > in the city because it has more services than the village but I love my
      > and I will not leave it until my death and then if my wife and my sons
      > to sale it they are free! But I always tell them that you are not existed
      > without the land and the land is you if you leave it the Jews will take it
      > and remove you out of it so keep your land sons"
      > And about the government he answered the same answer of the other farmers
      > before, that there isn�t any kind of supports from the government and
      > isn�t any farming communities local or international cares about them!
      > I asked him about the relation ship between him and his land and he
      > �as I told you the land is the secret of the life, if you have the land
      > that�s means that you are exist and I love my land and I will not leave it
      > for the enemy and I will stay in my village for the end of my life!
      > At the end I asked him if he want to add any word. He said �I want to
      > the farmers not to sale there lands and to take care of it because if we
      > a strong agricultural section we are worth the life and thank you very
      > this story from yosef qarqash from nablus
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