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Andrius and Sam: my suggestions for printing/Sam and Ken: see Ken's generous offer!!

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Sam and All, I agree completely...hope Andrius sees and reads my message, which I am ccing to him now personally too (ie in addition to posting here). A
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2007
      Dear Sam and All,
      I agree completely...hope Andrius sees and reads my message, which I am ccing to him now personally too (ie in addition to posting here). A large work will be too unwieldly and expensive for a conference...something no more than 1-2 pages, which can be folded, will be best as handouts, to "maximize movement to masses", haha! 
      Thanks and hope you saw my other note in response to the lovely and generous offer by Ken, for you to stay with him during the WSF. Hope Andrius sees it too, since he suggested that funds budgetted towards accommodations could be given to a friend/individual w/whom you might stay, and who better than Ken?!  Immense thanks again, Ken!!
      With blessings and love, Janet
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      Subject: Re: [holistichelping] Re: [socialagriculture] Draft of Almanac 2007/some suggestions

      Dear Janet and Andrius,
      I hope having a full booklet at this short time is hard with circumstances. The flyers or bronchures can be great to sell the work and connection, We can share this with Andrius too. The possibility is to have our information passed to the social network people globally.
      I think you should share this Idea with Andrius.

      Janet Feldman <kaippg@earthlink. net> wrote:
      Hello Dear Andrius and All,

      Happiest 2007, and immense thanks for this amazing almanac! Apologies for not submitting yet as per your questions: I have been so flooded with immediacies that the shape of hopes-dreams- plans for the new year is not in a coherent state (one plan is to "sleep on it", haha!).

      I love the way you've put things together, certainly for our own joint purposes and as a "larger picture" roadmap! I do think that--for a handout or something which will be easily readable and accessible to people at the Forum--it might be better to have a short and "pointed" (ie 1-2-3) synopsis. I had planned to write this weekend in a short-form way in any case to answer at least the "what are your plans?" question, so hope that can serve as one submission.

      In order to be "most" accessible (you may want to think abt several formats, with grades of simplicity or detailed info), I would recommend a "flyer"--one or two pages printed on both sides, which can be folded into thirds--which has one paragraph abt each forum and urls as well as email contacts. You could write a short "overall picture" intro too, so people understand who we are and how everything fits together.

      Sam can pass that out to lots of people there. You could highlight a url in the flyer at which the full almanac can be accessed. I did this for an ActALIVE flyer for several conferences, including the International AIDS Conference in Toronto last August, and was very happy with the results.

      By the way, I did use one color image too, and the urls and contact info--as well as the title above the image--were all in color (I did this on my computer, and then had a bunch of copies xeroxed). Not sure if that's possible for this, esp re cost and xerox facilities in Kenya (Sam may not know anywhere in Nairobi to do this...are there places in Mbita?...I can ask abt in Nairobi). But it was much more eye-catching than the b&w and all-text I had first done.

      I wonder if something that is 10-20 pages would be useful to have a small number of copies of, which Sam might show to those who may be interested in knowing of our work in depth. Certainly this would also be useful if he has a chance to present info to an audience too. In this case, I'm thinking some printed copies, if possible.

      This may get expensive, though, so perhaps the "flyer" with urls to further info should be the main goal now, as we want the info as accessible as possible, and to a cast of thousands!!

      Immense thanks and HAPPIEST 90th to your dad, who sounds like he is in better health than when we last talked abt him, and am sure is in great spirits, with a celebration and even moreso with the presence of his children! Love and best wishes to you and all, Janet

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      >Subject: [socialagriculture] Draft of Almanac 2007
      >Hi Samwel,
      >I have uploaded drafts of our 2007 Almanac for Independent Thinkers as a PDF
      >file and a DOC file:
      >http://tech. groups.yahoo. com/group/ socialagricultur e/files/
      >It is 45 pages right now which as you will see is 90 half-pages the way that
      >I have laid it out.
      >Perhaps for the World Social Forum I should organize something shorter, about
      >10 or 20 pages. What size and format do you recommend? Please advise what
      >would be most useful.
      >My plan is to work on this all day Monday and then send you out something for
      >Tuesday, January 9th. Would you still have time to print it?
      >Please send information about how much it would cost to print what size and
      >how many copies. I am thinking now that it would be most practical for the
      >World Social Forum for us to publish 100 copies of a 20 page booklet (which
      >is 40 half-pages). What do you recommend? How much would that cost?
      >Thank you to all for submitting your information! I look forward to this
      >Almanac being an ongoing project that we update regularly, and whose
      >information we keep online as well. Please note Algis Cibulskis is fixing
      >our websites, we've temporarily run out of room on our server.
      >Andrius Kulikauskas
      >Minciu Sodas
      >http://www.ms. lt
      >+370 (699) 30003
      >Yahoo! Groups Links

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      MBITA  040305-KENYA.
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