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RE: [afrophonewikis] Fwd: E-Learning in Africa Conf. (Nairobi May 2007): Abstract Deadline JAN 5

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Don and All, Hello and thanks for the excellent eforum and activities! I ve been following the discussions in a quiet way to date, but will hopefully
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2007
      Dear Don and All,

      Hello and thanks for the excellent eforum and activities! I've been
      following the discussions in a quiet way to date, but will hopefully have
      more to contribute in future.

      About this conference, I am doing some networking and gathering interest,
      and know of 3 or 4 who will be attending already, with others who I'm sure
      I'll hear of during the next several months. I'll be happy to network you
      with them, and perhaps you can discuss some collaborative possibilities. In
      fact, let me cc a (Yahoogroups) forum I moderate, called Holistic Helping,
      where info abt your wiki project has been posted, to the interest of
      members in Kenya, Tanzania, and Cameroon. There are several planning to go
      from that forum.

      With all best wishes, Janet (Feldman, kaippg@...)

      > [Original Message]
      > From: Don Osborn <dzo@...>
      > To: <afrophonewikis@yahoogroups.com>; <a12n-forum@...>
      > Date: 1/1/2007 11:24:31 AM
      > Subject: [afrophonewikis] Fwd: E-Learning in Africa Conf. (Nairobi May
      2007): Abstract Deadline JAN 5
      > This conference may be of interest. It is the kind of venue in which
      > one could discuss:
      > * Wikipedia in African languages
      > * Online African language learning modules for 1st language speakers
      > as well as 2nd language learners
      > * Localized content for development, education, culture, etc.
      > * Localized software for learning, creativity, etc.
      > * Importance of Unicode & i18n for multilingual ICT in Africa
      > Don't see it in my budget to attend, but would be interested to hear
      > of anyone else who is.
      > Don Osborn
      > Bisharat.net
      > PanAfrican Localisation project
      > --- In DigAfrica@yahoogroups.com, "Janet Feldman" <kaippg@...> wrote:
      > Dear Friends,
      > Here's an excellent opportunity which some will hopefully take
      > advantage of, both conference attendance and participation! Happy New
      > Year, and here's hoping it will "compute"! Janet (Feldman, kaippg@...)
      > Abstract deadline is January 5th!!!
      > http://www.elearning-africa.com/
      > http://www.elearning-africa.com/proposals.php
      > eLA 2007 - The Conference
      > Meeting the networking needs of the Pan-African eLearning and distance
      > education sector, the annual eLearning Africa conference is the key
      > networking venue for practitioners and professionals from Africa and
      > all over the world.
      > Main Facts:
      > * eLA is the largest gathering of eLearning and distance education
      > professionals in Africa, enabling participants to develop
      > multinational and cross-industry contacts and partnerships, as well as
      > to enhance their knowledge, expertise, and abilities.
      > * The 2006 event attracted 832 participants from 80 countries
      > representing all continents, with 70% coming from Africa, making it
      > Africa's largest eLearning conference.
      > * Last year's gathering featured the work of more than 230 speakers
      > from 46 countries, addressing all forms of technology-enhanced
      > learning and including a rich mix of themes, topics and a variety of
      > session formats.
      > * Delegates are high-level decision makers and practitioners from
      > education, business, and government - the three key areas driving
      > eLearning adoption and innovation.
      > * The conference is held in English and French. It includes plenary
      > sessions with world-class experts, smaller presentation and special
      > focus sessions, practical demonstrations and debates on specific
      > topics, as well as various informal networking opportunities where
      > practitioners share their experiences, ideas, new information and
      > perspectives.
      > * An exhibition and demonstration area accompany the programme, where
      > leading international eLearning manufacturers, suppliers and service
      > providers present their latest products and services. Participants
      > evaluated the exhibition as a critical meeting point for professional
      > interaction within the conference.
      > * A full-day program of workshops conducted by leading eLearning
      > practitioners precedes the event. These small, intensive sessions
      > offer attendees a unique opportunity to fine-tune their skills and
      > acquire new ones.
      > * A number of special events take place alongside the conference, such
      > as product launches, special interest group get-togethers, sponsored
      > workshops, best practice showcases, and meetings.
      > New features at eLA 2007:
      > * eLA 2007 will also have a number of exciting features that extend
      > the scope and outreach of the conference, adding value for both
      > presenters and attendees:
      > * A high-level policy maker and industry leader summit entitled
      > "Accelerating the Building of ICT Infrastructures and Capacities for
      > African Educational Systems"
      > * The African TVET Summit "Access and Inclusion for TVET in Africa
      > through New ICT-based Solutions"
      > * A convention of major donors and development agencies focusing on
      > "ICT-Enhanced Education and Training in Development Cooperation"
      > * Two break-out workshops, one in Kisumu at Lake Victoria and one in
      > Mombasa on the Indian Ocean
      > --- End forwarded message ---
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