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Introductions for World Social Forum (folks: plz add more if you know attendees)/Ken and Sam

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  • Janet Feldman
    Hello Dear Ken and All Friends, What a beautiful and generous mail, Ken, which truly warmed my heart today, and I return your love and thanks in kind!! It s
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2007
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      Hello Dear Ken and All Friends,
      What a beautiful and generous mail, Ken, which truly warmed my heart today, and I return your love and thanks in kind!!  It's so exciting to know you can host Sam, and I think this will be excellent for several reasons, including the sharing and bonding which can take place. We have also spoken about using funds earmarked for accommodations to help defray any costs of staying with a friend or individual--vs in a hotel or guest house--so hope we can be helpful to you in that regard, unless Sam has made other arrangements he has had to pay for in the meantime.
      We can always keep this in mind for the E-Learning conference in May, and other events in future (as all roads seem to be leading to Nairobi these days, no matter how far we "rome", haha!).
      Because this is a note abt the WSF, and time is of the essence, I have cc'd Ken-Maria-Sam-Andrius about this, and would like to introduce a few other folks to you, who are in Nairobi and/or are going to the WSF. In one case, the person in question (Issa Isihaka, in Tanzania) has posted with contact info for WSF activities in TZ, so he may be going too, and it would be great if those building a Kenya-Tanzania youth bridge could meet with Issa (also a youth) for further discussions re possible collaboration.
      I am appending his info here: 
      ISSA, +255 773257640, DAR ES SALAAM
      Mussa S. BILLEGEYA, Coordinator, Tanzania Social Forum, WSF Coordinator, P.O.Box 31147, Dar es Salaam, Tel: +255 22 277 4581, Fax: +255 22 277 4581, Mobile: +255 755 069 877 / 0713 707 136, 0754 093 336, e-mail: jukwaa_tz2yahoo.com, web: http://wsf2007.org and www.tango.or.tz
      Issa Isihaka is a Tanzanian friend who I know from our mutual activities with the international youth org, ISCA, which addresses HIV/AIDS (isihaka@...). Ken Owino works with the Nafsi Africa Acrobats in Nairobi, and will be performing with them at the WSF (nafsiafricaacro@...). He is also an eloquent poet, judging from his emails, and humanitarian.
      Melanie St. James is a new friend who heads a dynamic development nonprofit in CA-USA called Empowerment Works. She is interested in a holistic approach to development (Melanie, I'm mailing this in part to friends gathered at an eforum I co-moderate, called "Holistic Helping", very much along the same lines). See more abt her at http://www.empowermentworks.org and her email is melanie@....  One thing EW has as a central focus is arts, which is immensely exciting, as most of us cc'd are using the arts in some form to address HIV/AIDS and human-development issues.
      Sam Kongere (skongere@...) heads the Udogo Youth Development group in Mbita, Kenya. He will be attending the WSF on behalf of the Lithuania-based think-tank, Minciu Sodas Laboratories (www.ms.lt), whose forums include Holistic Helping, and a number of individuals cc'd here. MS is headed by Andrius Kulikauskas (ms@...). 
      Maria Agnese Giraudo is an Italian librarian working in a public research institute in Rome, and member of an Italian NGO, MICHE (http://www.micheger mogli.org) dealing with education in Tanzania. She woild like to promote local publishing of books for students in primary and secondary schools, esp. in Africa, and also publishing on demand. As a member of Holistic Helping, she has been networking with Sam Kongere in Kenya and Tanzanian friends and colleagues, and a cross-cultural youth project is developing. Maria is at mariaagnesegiraudo@....  Neither Andrius or Maria will be going to the forum.
      In Nairobi, though perhaps not going to the forum, are 5 friends:
      1) George Onyango (geogias@...) is Projects Director of SIDAREC, a slums-development org which he co-founded as a youth, and he has expertise in ICTs and in social entrepreneurship and NGO management.  SIDAREC uses arts to address HIV/AIDS, and I met George when he was Kenya festival coordinator for a charity called Africamix. See SIDAREC at http://www.sidarec.or.ke. George has done a fellowship program on NGO management at John Hopkins, and may be returning to the USA for further study on this subject.
      2) Jacqy Kowa (jarequil1983@...) is a dynamic youth leader who works with a national peer education org called NOPE
      (http://www.nope.or.ke/V2/index.php), and who also helped to organize the Mombasa leg of a joint Kenyan-American youth storytelling project called JUMP (Juveniles Using Media Power) this past summer. For more on this, see www.jumptochangetheworld.org. She has organized music and charity-related events for youth affected by HIV/AIDS, and was part of an MTV film project this past summer at the International AIDS Conference in Toronto, called "48 Fest", which produced short films about HIV/AIDS.
      3) Fred Ouko (kcyp2000@...) is director of the Kibera Community Youth Programme, or KCYP (www.kcyp.net). Fred and KCYP are involved in a variety of amazing projects, including the fabrication of solar panels as an income-generation project, and arts-related education for HIV/AIDS prevention. Fred organized the Nairobi leg of JUMP, and he and KCYP won a 2005 "Staying Alive" award from MTV. Fred, Jacqy, George, and Francis Anyona (below) are all ActALIVE (www.actalive.org) members.
      4) Francis Anyona (francisanyona@...) heads the development nonprofit, Ikonzo Musanda Self-Help Group, which is based in Busia, W Kenya (though he is based in Nairobi). Ikonzo works with KAIPPG (www.kaippg.org) --my parent org in Mumias, W Kenya--and other nonprofit partners in a consortium called GRASSUP NOW, which uses ICTs and ODL to address income-generation, nutrition and food security, health and education, and environmental sustainability, with a special focus on women. Ikonzo has a special focus on environmental education.
      5) Sr Mary Owens (mary@...) heads the Nyumbani Home for Children, which has a related eco-project called Nyumbani Village, operating on sustainable principles both in human and environmental terms, with a special focus on HIV/AIDS. Nyumbani has a well-known children's choir called Watoto wa Mungu.  Nyumbani is at www.nyumbani.org. Maria, there is also a branch in Italy, which can be seen (and heard!) at http://www.nyumbani.it.
      I'll check with a few others as well, and link them in if I find they are going!  For now, hope people can and will connect and meet if possible, and that those who attend the WSF will give us a report thereafter. We will be with you in social(izing) spirit as you gather in hopes of building a better world!   All best wishes and blessings, Janet
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      Subject: Re:Thanks for the Feedback Pam!/Conference Registration: $250 for

      Thanks Janet,
       I welcome anybody to come and share whatever God has allowed me to have.
      Sam is most welcomed and more than just him to come and stay with me all through the W.S.F period.
      A popular African saying goes; visitors are blessings.
       We have shared visions and i bet that will be the right moment of building each other, besides sharing.
      Nafsi Africa acrobats is also attending the W.S.F in participation, we will have some of us in the discussion forums and also we have gigs to do.
      We have a series of entertainment(music, dance and acrobatics) during the event.
      These will make it even more easier for Sam and his friends, because we will be having kind of  same schedule.
      Thanks once more and receive love from Nafsi,
      Ken Owino
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