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UYOGA Group in Dar es Salaam

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  • Maria Agnese Giraudo
    Dear Samwel, thanks for encouraging information you sent us regarding Uyoga group. I was wondering if the group would communicate to the Forum after
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2007
      Dear Samwel,
      thanks  for encouraging information you sent us regarding Uyoga group. I was wondering if the group would  communicate to the Forum after  reporting to you. It would be great to receive a report from them: William, Hellen Josephat, Rose, Mwanaidi  and other people I don't know....Thanks Samwel for your work and best wishes to everybody! I would like to chat with Hellen as we used before!
      Maria Agnese

      samuel kongere <samkongere2004@...> ha scritto:
      Dear Andrius and All,

      I did all the necessary things and as at now i am doing well. I have a lot to do and wish our members in Dar and Mbita are fine too. We need to hear your best stories in this happy year 2007.  We are hoping to go through a direct communication procedure  from UYOGA.

      Andrius I received the money and hope to get all the information to be put on the booklet as soon as possible to make have them printed before I move to the WSF. Thanks also for the wireless equipment, I wait to receive them.

      I thank Janet and David for hopes to be in the E-learning conference in May 2007, Maria thank you for hoping to sponsor me in the workshop we can arrange to meet there and then proceed to Dar. The Uyoga members are more than ten and it is them who proposed the schedule and we  leave them to go ahead with their plans. The report I sent a cross came from Hellen and Hellen is the leader of Uyoga.

      We hope to beyond our limits in the year 2007!!!!!!

      Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:
      Markus, yesterday I sent out 600 euros by wire transfer as you
      directed. Most of this money is for you and some is for your team - I
      figured that I would include it. I will calculate how much is yours and
      also how much more I have available for your team.

      Samwel, I plan to send out more money to you on Tuesday, January 2nd.
      Probably by Western Union. I'm sorry that I have taken so long. I am
      thinking that I will add 200 USD for printing projects. I hope to put
      together our Almanac on January 1st.

      Tomorrow we're having a meeting of our Folk Creativity Club "Atzalynas"
      where I live and which is the headquarters for our lab. We'll be
      electing a new leader, quite possibly Vygantas Vejas, which is good
      because I'll be gone for four months and when I come back we'll want to
      start with our video bridges. Also, Zenonas and Audrone Anusauskai will
      come. Zenonas leads our working group Talka on "collaborative
      creativity" and his wife Audrone recently took four village youths to
      Denmark for a three week camp on religious tolerance (thanks to Markus
      Petz for alerting us to this EU opportunity! ) Zenonas will lead our
      MyFoodStory team in Lithuania. Tomorrow evening we will visit Valdas
      Kavaliauskas who lives in the village of Darguziai. Valdas is the
      independent thinker who we will support and organize around. He's been
      working to help his neighbors sell their homemade cheeses in the city of
      Vilnius and thus build connections between people in the city and the
      countryside. Vygantas got in touch with Tomas Cepaitis and so I will
      try to include him as well, and also Saulius Sakalas who lives in the
      countryside, too.

      I made a little bit of progress today at our web interface
      http://www.myfoodst ory.info We're now connecting better into our wiki.
      I've rewritten the links on the right hand side so that you can hop
      around now and stay within myfoodstory. info and so you can see the
      stories related to terms you care about. For example, here is Agnese's
      work on rice:
      http://www.myfoodst ory.info/ index.php? tag=Rice
      which naturally links to stories about Fred Kayiwa and Minoru Yoshinu.

      And here's a link to LifeHRG
      http://www.myfoodst ory.info/ index.php? tag=LifeHRG
      And a page on SuryaPrakashVinjamu ri
      http://www.myfoodst ory.info/ index.php? storyteller= SuryaPrakashVinj amuri

      I need to create an Edit button so that you can edit the articles directly.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      http://www.ms. lt
      +370 (699) 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania

      Samwel Okech kongere
      Nyamuga primary school
      P.O BOX 191,
      MBITA  040305-KENYA.
      Cell: +254 725 600 439
      Community Development
      UDOGO youth development group-coordinator
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