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A quick question about a business direction

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Hi Janet, Samwel, Henry and all, I spoke this weekend with Lucas and had a thought about a business possibility related to preparation for a bird flu pandemic.
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 27, 2006
      Hi Janet, Samwel, Henry and all,

      I spoke this weekend with Lucas and had a thought about a business
      possibility related to preparation for a bird flu pandemic. We want to
      be able to work more in this strategic area and so I am thinking how to
      be self-sustaining, and where appropriate, profit-generating.

      We want to help get the word out about basic steps that people can take:
      * learning to cough in their elbow
      * disinfecting keyboards
      * wearing "bird flu bandannas" to cover one's mouth (like the cowboys in
      the West!)
      We also want to help steer resources to encourage people in Africa,
      China and everywhere to worry about poultry hygiene (especially where
      poultry, pigs and people mix). And we want to encourage people to talk
      seriously with others about helping each other. Each person should have
      at least one "Flu buddy" who would be able and willing to care for them
      during a flu pandemic if there is nowhere to go for treatment.
      Treatment (as described in Grattan Woodson, M.D.s The Bird Flu
      Preparedness Planner) is rather simple: Make sure that the patient gets
      plenty of fluids. The patient will possibly be weak to do that
      themselves, and may need somebody to drip the fluid into their mouth, a
      drop at a time, if there is no other way. Of course, there is some risk
      of catching the flu. So there is a need for good friendships, I imagine
      small clusters (like a family and close friends) who may stay at home or
      may leave for a more remote area but will keep to themselves as a group.

      I imagine that it would be helpful to have a business brand (perhaps
      Emergency Holiday) which we could point to for a variety of small
      projects including getting out information, selling items to get the
      word out (like bird flu bandannas or elbow bands that say "I cough
      here"), recommending emergency equipment (like water filters), providing
      do-it-yourself information. And also supporting "solidarity projects"
      like working with poultry farmers in Kenya and elsewhere (help myself in
      the developed world and help others in the developing world, too). All
      of this could be organized for other crises, too, (including HIV/AIDS,
      floods, peak oil, terrorism, etc.)

      I asked my mother for advice and she said it's best to steer away from
      the responsibilities of an online shop. Instead, she said a membership
      club might be a better idea. I imagine that for about $10 a month
      people could get a monthly newsletter by email and related items,
      perhaps every other month, and know that part of their money is going
      for emergency preparation in the developing world. There could be
      different membership levels. This would be a way for us to get our
      messages out regarding community currency, global villages, leadership
      development, holistic helping and more.

      Janet, Samwel, would this be a sensible direction?

      Also, I'm curious what you think of the brand Emergency Holiday. Franz
      thought that it was inappropriate, too happy. He thought that
      "emergency retreat" or "flu retreat" would be more appropriate. Yet I
      feel that it is good to take a positive approach, especially in the face
      of terrible possibilities. I may be very wrong. What do we suggest?


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 (699) 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania
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