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Progress report between Fred and Benoit

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  • Benoit
    Hi everyone, Here is a chat from this morning between Fred from Uganda and I from Canada. The chat is followed by the letter with links, as being requested in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2007
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      Hi everyone,

      Here is a chat from this morning between Fred from Uganda and I from
      Canada. The chat is followed by the letter with links, as being
      requested in the chat.

      With Fred Jan 2, 2007

      kayiwa fred: how are u my friend happynew year
      Benoit Couture: I'm ok. Happy new year to you as well. How is the
      kayiwa fred: \gone now but have alot of flu and headache man it is
      too much
      kayiwa fred: cos the all day it was too hot now am feling to bad
      Benoit Couture: Do you know how to open up your sinus to breath
      kayiwa fred: no
      kayiwa fred: but ijust breat in and out five times
      Benoit Couture: Use your finger nail to reach between your teeth and
      all around your mouth. Seek for the most sensitive spots and use
      your nail to massage it.
      kayiwa fred: oh
      Benoit Couture: You can also go all around your jaw bone in and
      outside of the mouth.
      As well, on the joint that connects the bottom and the top jaws, put
      your thumbs there on both side and then you can seek out with your
      other fingers, for the sensitive spots around your nose, eyes and
      kayiwa fred: thanks benoit iwil have to do that and see
      Benoit Couture: You are welcome. On your throat, take the time to
      gently massage while you seek to the most easy way for your voice to
      come out. When our voice is free, it is because our breathing pipes
      are well connected and operating at their best. Such breathing puts
      our spine in place, causing the organs to follow suit with a well
      settled frame from the tip of the toes to the tip of the fingers and
      from the bottom of our feet to the top of our head.
      kayiwa fred: thankslot were do u get that from?
      Benoit Couture: I had to learn for myself and 2 years ago, I met a
      practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medecine with whom I learn very
      much all the time.
      kayiwa fred: iunderstand with chineses they are specialists
      Benoit Couture: Here is the website of his company.
      kayiwa fred: alright
      Benoit Couture: That man is willing to go anywhere on earth to set
      up the complete system that he has to offer.
      kayiwa fred: sure?
      Benoit Couture: Many many cancers, AIDS/HIV, malaria can all be
      treated with the herbs and the science that he offers.
      Benoit Couture: Joseph is his name and he is a Christian brother.
      That's how we met.
      kayiwa fred: he stays in china
      Benoit Couture: No, he lives in Edmonton, where I live.
      kayiwa fred: ok
      kayiwa fred: realy ihave liked your epllasion
      kayiwa fred: and am hapy for your care
      kayiwa fred: please always also fel free to ask me anything
      Benoit Couture: Do you think that with your pastor and teachers,
      that you could generate some interest in Traditional Chinese
      kayiwa fred: ithink so and it just needs convincing
      Benoit Couture: That is part of what I hope to achieve in 2007. I
      hope to be usefull to spread the message of Christ along with good
      health and hapiness.
      kayiwa fred: oh u are great
      kayiwa fred: ihave aguadian here he is writing books about good
      news,health and development now he has writen abook about health and
      the way we eat por and god food
      kayiwa fred: in our local languange
      Benoit Couture: That is good. But regarding "great", God is great. I
      am a sinner who is given the grace and the mercy of our Father's
      forgiveness. I sure do not feel that I am great.
      Benoit Couture: I want to learn how to love and I fail very badly,
      so much, every day.
      kayiwa fred: ya
      Benoit Couture: Without the gift of God, there is no meaning to
      anything and yet, I can do nothing other than to wait on Him to open
      the doors of opportunity. Until that door is open, I go on feeling
      like I am worth nothing but death.
      kayiwa fred: so iwsh u well
      kayiwa fred: iwil support u
      Benoit Couture: I appreciate that very much. May our prayers be
      heard and answered for the glory of the One Who makes us one by His
      kayiwa fred: can u join my guadian in the work of praeching the
      gospel and good heakth
      Benoit Couture: Yes. How can I do that? The way I see my part, I
      hope to see Natural Herbal Products to make its way to Africa and
      along with good health will come the opportunity to spread the faith
      Benoit Couture: Can you give your guardian some of the writing I
      have done and see if he can use it?
      kayiwa fred: yes but can u please help me send them again to my email
      Benoit Couture: I will do that as soon as we are done here.
      Benoit Couture: May I go on copying our chats to my page of
      Spiritual Hygiene 101?
      kayiwa fred: YES
      kayiwa fred: do u know wat
      Benoit Couture: Great! I am going to send you the links right away
      for your guardian. Let me know what he says and we'll take it from
      kayiwa fred: but ihave told u what his intrests is?
      Benoit Couture: The gospel?
      kayiwa fred: yes and he writes books to educate people about good
      health,gospel,development as in enterprenure
      Benoit Couture: Maybe you and him would like to read what I wrote to
      CNN. I'll go get it. I'll be right back.
      kayiwa fred: ok
      kayiwa fred: but iwas teling some thing
      Benoit Couture: I am listening
      Benoit Couture: http://benoit17.tigblog.org/post/85067
      kayiwa fred: can we open up acomunity based organisation here
      Benoit Couture: That is what I hope to see happen with the class of
      Spiritual Hygiene 101
      kayiwa fred: yes please dont let me out benoit
      Benoit Couture: Instead of organisation, I would like it to be more
      an organism. Something alive and growing.
      kayiwa fred: eh tel me more manb
      kayiwa fred: man
      Benoit Couture: The Church is not an organisation. It is the
      Presence and Identity of God in each one of us and us all.
      kayiwa fred: am lestening
      Benoit Couture: The idea of Natural Herbal Products is to see the
      mind of God at work with His children, in the justice, peace and joy
      of His Spirit
      Benoit Couture: The Church does not need to call itself Church in
      order to be the Church.
      Benoit Couture: Natural Herbal Products is like that.
      Benoit Couture: When you read the page of Spiritual Hygiene 101,
      there is very little explaination and very much connectivity.
      AM WEAK
      Benoit Couture: All blessings be with you brother...
      kayiwa fred: bye
      kayiwa fred: thanks for ur time
      Benoit Couture: Soon...
      kayiwa fred: fdkayiwa@...
      Benoit Couture: Salut...

      Salut Fred,

      Here are some links for your guardian to view. At first, the links
      lead to letters or comments that I wrote that might be of interest.








      From prayer and fellowship on the Internet


      Spiritual basis in reality


      Spiritual Hygiene 101


      There is a lot more material available that I wrote and put
      together. If you wish to know if I wrote something regarding any
      matter of your interests, let me know and I'll be happy to send you
      to the links, if I have written so.

      I am going to post this letter and our chat with Holistic Helping,
      as our progress may be of interest to some in the group.

      ...all blessings be with us all...
      Benoit Couture
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