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COL-Protein Grant: Guidelines and Application, Urls for More Info (due JAN 15th)

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  • Janet Feldman
    http://www.col.org/colweb/webdav/site/myjahiasite/shared/docs/COL-PROTEIN%202006_web.pdf (brochure with all info abt the grant, and an application form,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2006

      http://www.col.org/colweb/webdav/site/myjahiasite/shared/docs/COL-PROTEIN%202006_web.pdf   (brochure with all info abt the grant, and an application form, which is below, and at the url below too...also see the Guidelines for the grant, below the application here)

      Proposal Guidelines 2006�2007


      Applicants are advised to read these guidelines carefully and create a separate document using the criteria outlined. Application materials are due 15 January 2007 and may be sent electronically as Microsoft Word files or in print and addressed to:

      Commonwealth of Learning                                        E-mail: protein@...

      Attention: COL-PROTEIN                                               Fax: +1 604 775 8210

      1055 West Hastings Street, Suite 1200

      Vancouver, BC V6E 2E9   CANADA                            


      All documentation must be in English.
      Proposal may not exceed 10 pages, supporting documents may be attached as appendices.


              Part I: Organisation and Project Manager Details

      i.         Contact Details (1 Page)

      ii.       Description of organisation/institution (2 pages)

      iii.      Category of Proposal

              Part II: Description of Initiative (4 pages)

      i.         Executive Summary

      ii.       Description of outcomes and performance indicators

      iii.      Evidence of sustainability beyond the life of COL �s contributions


              Part III: Financial Summary and COL Involvement

      i.         Request for COL inputs in terms of human, physical and financial resources (1 Page)

      ii.       Budget Summary and Explanation translated into Canadian dollars (2 Pages)
      Inputs from the host institution/organisation and partners
      Inputs requested from COL ( COL contribution not to exceed Canadian $20,000)

              Part IV: Supporting Documentation provided as appendices

      i.         Curriculum Vitae of Project Manager

      ii.       Letters of support from Head or Senior Officials of all organisations/institutions involved in the project realisation

      iii.      Evidence of legal standing or certificate of incorporation of the host institution/organisation

      iv.     Details of other institutions/organisations collaborating in the proposed initiative

      Part I: Implementing Institution/Organisation and Project Manager 

      A. Institution/Organisation Details

      Implementing Institution/Organisation







      B. Project Manager Details








      C. Area of Proposal

      COL welcomes proposals from qualified applicants in developing Commonwealth countries seeking to adopt open, distance and technology-mediated learning methodologies to help alleviate poverty. Please indicate under which area this proposal fits.

       Food & Nutritional


       Rural & peri-urban


       Functional Literacy
            for Livelihoods

       Other  _____________

      D. Brief Description of the implementing institution/organisation (2 pages)

      Outline relevant information for the selection committee to gain an understanding of the ability of the organisation/institution to implement the proposed project. Topics to cover in this section include:

      • Function, History,  Current Programmes, and Key staff and their titles;
      • Sources of funds;
      • Evidence of competence to carry out the initiative;

               Track record, however modest, in results based management; and

               Experience with donor agencies in implementing such activities.

      Part II: Description of the Project/Initiative (4 pages)

      A.       Title of the initiative.

      B.      Purpose and goal of the initiative.

      C.      The problem to be addressed.

      D.     Evidence of interest and support of the potential stakeholders in the proposed effort.

      E.      Benefits to rural and peri-urban poor, in particular girls and women.

      F.      COL-PROTEIN is committed to monitoring and evaluation of project results. Detail the results expected including outcomes and performance indicators that can be used as a measurement of success.

               Outcomes are the events, occurrences, or changes in conditions, behaviour, or attitudes that indicate progress toward achievement of the mission and objectives.

               Performance indicators are specific measurements and indicate progress towards achieving the outcome.

      G.     Strategies to achieve the proposed outcomes.

      H.      Evidence of effective collaboration and networking of institutions/agencies committing to their roles and responsibilities in the proposal.

      I.        Design and methodology.

      J.       Innovative nature of the proposal using ODL and ICT.

               Specifically address how the initiative will adopt open, distance and technology-mediated learning methodologies to help alleviate poverty.

      K.      If the initiative involves training, include the number of individuals, with gender breakdown and areas in which they are expected to be trained.

               Outputs from training.

               Location and duration of training.

      L.      A clear workplan and implementation schedule.

      M.    Timeframe in which the initiative is to be carried out.

               Project implementation  is approximately one year, from March 2007 �
      February 2008.

      N.     Sustainability of the initiative.

               Detail evidence of the sustainability of the initiative beyond the life of COL �s contributions.

      Part III: Financial Summary and COL Involvement (3 Pages)

      1. Detail how COL expertise and support may be utilised in the initiative. (1 Page)
      2. Budget Summary and Explanation:
        Provide a detailed explanation of the proposed budget including anticipated receipts and expenditures in full and indicate those areas for which COL support is sought as well as contributions from all other partners and funding agencies.  (2 Pages)

               Indicate the total cost for implementing the proposed initiative.
      Note: Projects may be funded up to a maximum of $20,000 (Canadian funds)

               Other sources of funding and amount of support.

               COL contributions, in terms of expertise and/or limited funds requested.

               In-kind and cash contributions from lead institution/organisation.

               In-kind cash contributions from collaborating institutions/organisations.

      Summarise the budget using the following template:




      Other Sources of Funding

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