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Response to Sam: COL and Regional Links in 2007/Maria

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  • Janet Feldman
    Hello Dear Sam and All, Greatest thanks for this lovely note, and yes, what a great deal of progress and hope there has been in 2006, with the promise of much,
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      Hello Dear Sam and All,
      Greatest thanks for this lovely note, and yes, what a great deal of progress and hope there has been in 2006, with the promise of much, much more in 2007!! I'm so glad you like the ideas I have suggested, and there might be one more which is very relevant for your work and that of the Lab and its forums:  a collection of ICTs best practices, including youth best practices (keeping in mind the valuable observations of Markus on youth!), definitely in Kenya and hopefully way beyond.
      There are a number of youth, groups, and adult-ally orgs working in this area, so networking should be relatively easy and produce some valuable results (some located in Nairobi).  I have also recently had some good conversations with the Kenya rep for UGA-BYTES, the African regional org which represents the globally-oriented Telecentre.org, and one of our GRASSUP members was able to attend their recent meeting in Uganda. I will do a networking mail for this in early 2007, as Telecentre.org does want to build strong national networks (including Kenya).
      This is relevant to the work that you, Maria, and TZ-based members are doing, because there is an equivalent project for Telecentre.org there too, and I can connect you with others--both ICTs and health-related--who are working there. You have developed (all of you in Uyoga) such an exciting group and cross-border collaboration, and that will be important for possible distance-learning grants, let alone for the information exchange and resulting activities themselves.
      On COL, esp the PROTEIN grant, my own feeling now is that "next year"--by which I mean next year "at this time", after a year of building activities on the ground, and in relation to partnership development--would be better for this grant, as COL emphasizes the need for partnerships, and resources which can be brought into the proposed project by the parties. In GRASSUP, for example, all partners already had some operational e-learning activities (including some equipment) into which we could integrate the "ramped up" activities we proposed for COL funding.
      You may have some of that already, Sam, but I'm not sure Tom does, and this is one thing which we could go about developing during 2007. It would be wonderful if you can meet, and then if you all can strengthen your partnership bonds (I mean within Kenya, and also between Kenya and Tanzania, and further afield if possible). Tom went to a youth-related HIV/AIDS conference last year in TZ, for example--and did Tom and Lenny (who was a co-organizer) meet then?--so this experience might provide some foundation for further linkages too.
      It would also be great to include OVF, which is working with COL on a possible project in Ghana--and, as you know, works in Kenya too--and it would be excellent too if we can somehow with Pam McLean and activities in Nigeria, especially as she works with COL too. Cameroon is another possibility, as are Zimbabwe and Uganda, where we also have members (in HH).  It's true we do need to consider what "realistically" can be done in any time period, hence perhaps this rolling out in phases, but it's important to have a longer-term vision in any case, and design accordingly (like fitting pieces into an overall puzzle).
      Nutrition and food security is an imperative topic, and one which is important to COL, as well as many other orgs. This and income-generation--as well as some focus on health, and ICTs to enhance efforts in each subject area--will be key topics to flesh out in 2007. I'd love to involve the arts as well, which is where Ken Owino and my own work and ActALIVE members may come in.
      Please do feel free to communicate individually as well as with anyone and everyone who may be helpful or relevant to this work, and I look forward to developing plans and partnerships in 2007!  The first few months of the year I will need to be off a lot for a personal/family matter, but this is preparation to allow me to return to the work I am doing both full-time, and for the duration of at least this lifetime, haha!
      Have the happiest of holidays, everyone, and love and blessings to all, Janet
      ps Maria, will be in touch on your note too, sometime before we ring out the old and bring in the new!

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      Dear Janet,
      Pleasure to always get your most treasured ideas. I'm doing fantastic as the year is ending. I know we all know the youth group I am working with in Kenya and Tanzania, Udogo and Uyoga respectively. As the year is ending we are hoping to enter the new year with colors,expectation of further deveelopment and good futunes. I hope you go on to help me address the idea of having a proposal to cover our network and this will mean connecting Tom Ochuka, Udogo, Uyoga and possibly others.
      The target will spill a wider scope of interests here and there.You will be at the front and we can find a combined proposal to COL next year. What do you think?.You know I am not good for making such a big idea on health and food, that is why you be there to guide the submission of such requests for grants.Indeed i will also want Tom to discuss his idea on food and nutrition to the children in his ministry. Tom should invite me next year to visit his Centre and we plan.
      I am organizing this regional network and Janet, there is one point of your interest which I must discuss with you privately, if you allow. You mentioned some ideas which are not found on the ground and this is what makes all our discussion stand still.
      Remember we have come with you and MS a long way and we should be focused regionally before going a far and the only person informed about this area is you.
      Go on nad connect me with you friends in Nairobi.
      Have a festive season. Samwel

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