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Welcome Anne!/Thanks Henry!/Sam-Charles and OneWorld Africa

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Anne, Henry, Andrius, and All, Hello and warmest welcome to you, Anne! And to Henry for introducing you to us! Some of my own work centers in Kenya, too,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 25, 2006
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      Dear Anne, Henry, Andrius, and All,

      Hello and warmest welcome to you, Anne! And to Henry for introducing you to us! Some of my own work centers in Kenya, too, as Andrius has mentioned--I run the international branch of a Kenyan HIV/AIDS org, KAIPPG (whose bank acct is with Barclay's actually!)--and we are now getting a number of Kenyan members in our various forums, so it will hopefully feel like home away from home here soon!

      There are several interconnected forums and endeavors among us, mine being "Holistic Helping", set up as a space in which we can jointly work on "help" projects which members and others bring to us, and explore concepts and modes of "helping" and what that means, which can be as varied as each individual.

      My own particular approach is "integrative"--seeking to design responses that link various challenges and solutions (ie addressing poverty alleviation, health provision, and food security in tandem)--which is one reason why my key concept stresses "holistic" as a goal...let alone "m.o.", haha! This also connects to the various kinds of learning and learning environments we discuss and are building, and to "community currencies", ie alternate ways of approaching issues like money, work, volunteering, time spent, and value gained.

      I look forward to interacting with you, Anne, and working together w/you, Henry, Sam, and all!  Some great news this week is that I may have networked Sam and Charles into some capacity-building opportunities, this in conjunction with OneWorld Africa (www.oneworld.net ). An OW rep from Zambia contacted me about KAIPPG in this same regard, as she was attending the FOSS conference in Nairobi this week (as did Charles, who hopefully will give us a report when he can) and wanted to meet our reps. I am delighted to hear that the three of you met together, and will hopefully work on a joint Kenya-Uganda project!  We should invite Caroline (of OW) here too!
      I would also like to bring KAIPPG and others into whatever we build too (including in Uganda, Charles, where I have contacts as well), and Charles, can you tell us more about what you and your org do, the better to be helpful re linkage in future? Thanks so much to you both for the lovely notes in the meeting aftermath, and I'm very excited about the way forward!
      With immense thanks and all best wishes, Janet  kaippg@..., www.kaippg.org

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      From: Andrius Kulikauskas
      To: Henry ; cyfranogi@yahoogroups.com ; holistichelping@yahoogroups.com
      Cc: Anne Gitonga ; workinginparallel@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2006 5:27 PM
      Subject: [holistichelping] Bottom Up Economy in Africa; OLE for Community Currency Design

      Henry wrote:

      > Hello Andrius,

      > Just to introduce you to a lady by the name *Anne Gitonga.*  She works
      > for Barclays Kenya Ltd. She is also interested in thoughtful
      > sharing. I propose that she helps me in thoughtful sharing on
      > the "Bottom Up Economy"
      > (http://www.globalvillages.info/index.php/Cyfranogi/BottomUpEconomy).
      > I think her banking knowledge will be an asset to us when we embark on
      > Micro- financing projects. What do you think, Andrius?

      > Anne, you can see Mr. Andrius here:
      > http://www.ryze.com/go/AndriusKulikauskas and do not hesitate to check
      > out this interesting open source website: http://www.ms.lt/

      > Kind regards,

      > Henry

      Henry, Thank you very much for introducing Anne Gitonga!  Yes, Anne,
      your banking knowledge would be very useful for us, especially in our
      work to help people design community currencies.  For example, what can
      we do to help each other act now to prepare for a bird flu pandemic? 
      How can we structure our help for each other?

      Henry, It was great to chat with you and Samwel.  I am glad that he will
      serve as our Research Fellow and might also help you and others on
      projects, such as "bottom-up economy in Africa" which we hope might be a
      great personal example.  My plan is to engage help from you, Jeff
      Buderer, Graham Douglas, Steve Bosserman and others who might be
      interested to help me gather examples (principles, patterns, case
      studies) for our Online Learning Environment for Community Currency
      Design.  Then I would reward you with time-credits which you could
      redeem especially with Samwel Kongere in Kenya and George Christian
      Jeyaraj in Lithuania.  They can help with on-the-ground work and also
      online work like web programming (George is quite expert).  Whereas I
      will provide Samwel and George with cash stipends from the money that I
      have received from WICC.  In this way we will have our own small but
      effective economy which I hope might grow.

      I have thought a bit more about our Online Learning Environment which
      we're building at http://www.openleader.info   I am thinking that we
      might "piggyback" on our "mature independent thinkers" as a way of
      organizing our data and ideas.  I note that our most active thinkers
      have holistic minds - they have clear "key concepts" (fixed answers
      which show where they are) and "investigatory questions" (open questions
      which, like vectors, point in the direction that they are growing).  So
      they are windows onto our many ideas.  And, like a sky full of stars,
      those windows can be opened for all to look through upon the data.  Kyle
      Shannon keeps emphasizing the knowledge of "Who Knows What When", so
      these windows might help us give concrete examples of "who", including
      the modes (taking a stand - principles/assessments, following through -
      design patterns, reflecting - case studies/interpretations) and also
      levels of abstraction (why-sorting out personal reasons, how-thought
      experiments, what-simulations with other people, whether-try out ideas
      in the real world).   I am just thinking that I want to find a way to
      use the wiki (or other technology) to display our key concepts and our
      investigatory questions in a way that can help us navigate all of the
      ideas that bear on our learning - and focus that on community currency
      design.  Or to think of it another way, We can show all the manner of
      questions that can be related to community currency design, and how they
      get related.  Perhaps we might ask ourselves personally, why we care
      about community currencies, and that will help to draw the links.  And
      that map of connections, I imagine, will naturally reveal the different
      kinds of currencies; the dynamics that make them work; the principles
      underlying them, and so on.

      Anne, I hope you might join us!  I recommend two groups in particular:
      John Rogers of WICC leads our working group for participatory society,
      open economy, community currency at
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cyfranogi/  (send a blank message to
      cyfranogi-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to subscribe).
      Janet Feldman of KAIPPG and ActALIVE leads our working group for
      holistic helping, with special attention to HIV/AIDS in Africa and the
      all-encompassing web of related issues
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/ (send a blank message to
      holistichelping-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to subscribe).

      Anne, Hello! Henry, Thank you!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 (699) 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania


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