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Re: What are our dreams for 2007?

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  • Benoit
    The dream I have is for the discovery of the passage from personal dream to reality, upon the emergence of the ground where humanity s ocean of needs are met
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 13, 2006

      The dream I have is for the discovery of the passage from personal dream to reality, upon the emergence of the ground where humanity's ocean of needs are met in the awakening to the organic experience of spiritual unity.

      Franz spoke of the "Spirit of Global Villages".  That Is what we all mean.  So from our personal dreaming, there is an order of deployment where is "written " the passage for us to discover.  If you go back to my thoughts for the last 18 months, this is how I seek to write, each time I get involved in a thread.  I view each thought as an element to be either woven or allied with other thoughts until they become a usable tissue, where a thread can apear and with a thread comes a direction for the weaving into the passage from dream to reality's fabric.

      Andrius speaks of:   "...a great opportunity for us to be together and learn how "local conversations" might link with our "global conversations".  Here, to view my dream I offer the word Flowcalization made of Focal-Local-Flowing.

      The Orchard of Thoughts produces tissues and materials by being rooted in the unfolding of everything.  The passage I dream of, allows for the personal dreaming to aim for the ground where everything is, where reality guides the way from out of the loneliness of dreaming without any materialisation of the visions nor happening of the aspirations into the weaving of God's good, perfect and agreeable will.  The communal connection allows for one to view everything, as needed so as to activate the community.

      The local community I belong to has sought to materialise the dream of humanity's diversity to live as one, sharing the same reality of space and governance for 400 years.  Because of my personal circumstances and because of that 400 years context, I find myself in a  physical situation where dreaming and reality are left to the passage of Canada into the maturing of a mature of a people of all people.  That leaves us with the Quest for Home of the universal citizenship from personal to communal, from local to global, waiting and praying for the weaving of God from out of our dreams and into the reality that transcends the entity of terror-anti-terror, with the training to satisfy the inner life with spiritual living, away from the enslavement to the instincts of animal human rule...

      Here is an exerpt from an answer I gave to Richard Nelson during a long thread:

      To all the questions that you put before us, I say that with the right Pro-Motion (movement of uninterrupted YES) of the grass root, Ecoliving's function can be contracted out by popular demand of democracy itself, to spearhead the Recovery Road for humanity from self-destruction to self-control and community self-government, from the opportunity that lies at the heart of the Aboriginal crisis, beginning in  Western Canada.  
      In your first reply to me last year Rick, you mentioned having been in Alberta for some time and having no success with the powers that be.  This is where I keep hoping that a model such as what I propose to embody would be irresistible so that the pendulum could return from the political right that you hit yourself against, to the center, where left and right can meet and work together.
      The current opportunity to tap into to spark the YES Pro-Motion is that, after having been Premier of Alberta for 15 years, Mr. Ralph Klein is going to lecture for three months at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington D.C. near the White House, starting very shortly.
      Why, during these 3 months of lecture of the former Alberta Premier in Washington, would there not be a connecting of the dots between Mr. Klein and Jeffrey Sachs and Chris Macrae and Bill Clinton and Al Gore to steer the fundings of the Recovery Road as I propose to embody?
      I for one, think that Minciu Sodas and all of its partners and affiliates are ready to respond and to assemble a team to ground the local-global emergency response to humanity's sustainability crisis. 
      The ignition of the launch is in the resolve of the Aboriginal plight, directly involving the French and English educational-correctional populations in siding along with one another for the socio-cultural transforming journey of econo-political dynamics from Alberta to Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
      Once solidly rooted with our documentation in hand on the initial scale of measures, we move to scale up the Pro-Motion with the docu-dramatization of what we've accomplished with the help of CBC-BBC-PBS in accordance to the educational dream being pursued with Be the Change movement.  
      Then the wave swings back to BC so as to bounce off the coast, sending the Pro-Motion to go North-South and from there, East to the rest of Canada while United States awakes to the reality offered by such a dream investment opportunity. 
      By then, the drive will be sufficiently grounded to invite the rest of the Americas, drawing along all of Europe in the recovery's focus and innovative building, while at the same time that the spreading from Canada to the whole of the Americas lights up, the remaining States like Russia, Japan, China and India join in the cause to reach Africa and the Middle-East with the socio-cultural developmental support of Health-Education-Correction.
      The main problem is not in finding solutions but on how to apply them in such a renewing way that each application is a step forward into the deployment that leaves behind the old ways."  The complete thread is at:  http://groups.yahoo.com/group/globalvillages/message/1618
      How does that all relate to Minciu Sodas? 
      I pray that Minciu Sodas weaving becomes an integral renewing force in Canada's complete socio-cultural infrastructures' move to emerge as I described above from Alberta to Qu├ębec, from upon "The Land of Immanuel" by hosting the unity centres, where we cultivate the passage of "The Perpetual Celebration of Easter", offering to humanity the ground to bring in full view The Faculty of Living, radiating eternal life from the organic experience of spiritual unity, ready to host the complete trainig into the stability of the One Village, getting ready to spread the service of Global Villages to humanity diverse landscape by completing our national armed forces with the Canadian Heart Forces." 
      My personal language describes that with the mission to build the Recovery Road from self-destruction to self-control and community self-government, by growing the opportunity to take part in the connectivity of the trans-generational youth of all ages.. "  This is how I promote my dream with Taking It Global with a group and a project called The Ancient Voice of Humanity's Youth.  
      On January 3rd, 07, I have an interview with the two front line people of the clinical psychology department at the University of Alberta.  I hope that this opportunity may be the opening of the door where our family will find the support to build the first unity centre that gets rooted in the alliance of community mental health and restorative justice.
      When I came up with the word Flowcalization, I was trying hard to convince the EU Knowledgeboard community to help in finding that passage in a scalable way.  To view the pratical context that I was addressing see:  Flowcalization  The word seems to adapt with the practical application for the passage we seek?  This letter is a nutshell that I hope to be a seed of the dreaming for which I live to find the passage into reality...
      ...all blessing be with us all...
      Benoit Couture

      --- In holistichelping@yahoogroups.com, <ms@...> wrote:
      > Hi! Greetings from Tel Aviv! Tomorrow I fly to Istanbul. I am exhausted, I
      > had a wonderful bike ride along the Sea of Galilee from Tiberias to the Mt.of
      > Beatitudes and back. And some fried fish for dinner, too!
      > Lots of great activity! I'm especially happy that Jeff Buderer and Steve
      > Bosserman got to meet. That is fantastic!
      > I ask us to think, what are our dreams for 2007? What would we like to work
      > on and achieve? How might we support each other?
      > Jeff, Franz and others have started writing. John Rogers alerts us to the
      > World Cafe European Gathering (any info on costs?) in Dresden, Germany in
      > early May which I think would be a great opportunity for us to be together
      > and learn how "local conversations" might link with our "global
      > conversations".
      > I'm thinking for myself that I am very happy with the great leadership shown
      > by so many people at our lab - and I am also happy with our long list of our
      > "deepest values in life (that include all our other values)" and our
      > "investigatory questions (that we don't know the answer to, but intend to
      > answer). In 2007, I want to help us work out "investigatory plans" for
      > wholeheartedly engaging our questions. I have a variety of techniques for
      > that but they all make good use of accumulating "personal accounts", our own
      > as well as those of others. So our work at MyFoodStory is fantastic because
      > the collections of personal stories are a great base for drawing conclusions
      > about people's real lives. This includes our interests in pattern languages,
      > global villages, the money mind, nonviolence and more. We'll need to think
      > fresh about what web interfaces will be most helpful, as Franz Nahrada has
      > written, and I'm excited to see his exchange with Thomas Kalka in our German
      > group! We also want to coordinate with Helmut Leitner and his ProWiki
      > developments. And I think that "helping people see and share personal
      > stories" may be a "use case" that makes video bridges especially meaningful,
      > as I saw they were in connecting a Chicago high school's students with An
      > Najah National University students.
      > I'm also glad for all - Janet, John, Markus and others - who have alerted us
      > to business and funding opportunities.
      > I'm very excited that we might think boldly, share openly so that we might
      > influence each other to multiply our possibilities.
      > Please dream and write!
      > Andrius
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > Minciu Sodas
      > http://www.ms.lt
      > ms@...

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