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Re: [holistichelping] Idea planned in Dar es salaam Visit

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  • Maria Agnese Giraudo
    Dear Samwel, Andrius, Janet, William, Rose, Helen, Mwanaidi, Jeff, Leonard, Pam, Synnove and all, I enjoy looking at great work done by Samwel as
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 1, 2006
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      Dear Samwel, Andrius, Janet, William, Rose,  Helen, Mwanaidi, Jeff, Leonard, Pam, Synnove and all,
         I enjoy  looking at great work done by Samwel as  coordinator of  youth in Dar.   African youth is so intelligent, creative and sensitive  regarding human and social issues ...So, it is crucial to join energies, know how, information  to make  an hug impact on life  in Africa as well as in Europe and  everywhere. 
      I hope MS and OVF  act  decisively to connect NGOs, community initiatives and so on... Therefore I appreciate a lot what   Janet wrote "Andrius has mentioned elsewhere abt Pam and I (and others hopefully) linking our partners-networks- friends in Kenya and Nigeria more closely, and that will be terrific!  In fact, we do each have a circle of contacts in both countries, and in some cases know the same people and orgs, so that's a great start. I would also like to bring in Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Ghana, and anywhere else that we can make linkages....  I would also like to say now that there is a grant opportunity from The Commonwealth of Learning--called COL-PROTEIN ..... GRASSUP NOW initiative..."
      I don't know what I have to do, I can say that I would like  to be a partner,  to collaborate and share. I hope that youth can easly learn ICT to organize services  for  Africa and  and to sell them  in  Europe too, I don't mean  delocalization but  developmet of new skills and  work capacity.
      All the best! 
      Maria Agnese

      samuel kongere <samkongere2004@...> ha scritto:
      Dear Hellen, Josephat, Willy and all
      Thanks to MS and Maria Agnese Giraudo through our holistic helping working group to organize a meaningful visit to Tanzania- Dar es salaam. This was a fact-finding mission to find and work with the youths in Dar es salaam . We were of the opinion, to expand our network in the MS and create a community based organization approach to the youths there in Dar es salaam .
      The ringing message in this world of science and technology are; we must change, we must sacrifice, we just cannot continue as a routine …..…but we can change through network, through reaching the under reached and must change through technology network. Other people are changing over the world because of the technology awareness.
        The approach therefore was to see and understand some aspects for bringing Dar youths as a working board over there for our expanded network. In life there is no short cuts; and if there is some, then know that they are expensive at times, dangerous or tricky. Therefore, we have to be on the alert as you can take any shortcuts in life or else you may end up creating more problems than you were planning to achieve. Yes, Maria Agnese had known youths in Dar but working with them had to take a different mode, which applied understanding, where MS comes, we are one in the network and a team. We are working with Maria as my partner, in the Dar situation; I play the coordinator while Maria is a collaborator.
      Our focus was to have an entry point for them, which was through known members of our network as Hellen Mahoo, William Wambura and others. Our meeting with Hellen Mahoo as the incumbent leader of the group was to lay down the schedule and arrange the focus and means of reaching the other would be members. I had a good reception even though after meeting William, who was very ready to care of my stay, had an attack from thugs on his way home the first night of my arrival. Although it was a bad seen, I thank God for his recovery and we were able to finish the last two days introducing him to the other forum members in Dar. I hope he recover well to do the Exams and prepare the task of coordinating the activities of the youth group in place.
        When we met with Hellen Mahoo on 22 November 2006 , we laid down the Aims, Focus, strategies, plan of work and meetings.
       Aims: To develop youth communication center for ICT for skills transfer through a youth organization that could help the community as an entry point with the purpose of-
      • Developing education level and building capacity of the youths.
      • Help community through networking with other Associations in sharing information globally over the internet.
      • Creating stories for web pages and other related computer services to the community.
      • Create an income generating activity for members.
      Focus: In planning we focused the following:-
      <!--[if !supportLists]-->Ø      <!--[endif]-->Work force development and integrated development approach within the community.
      <!--[if !supportLists]-->Ø      <!--[endif]-->Capacity building; through training in computer and information handling.
      <!--[if !supportLists]-->Ø      <!--[endif]-->Further integrated agenda for rural development.
      <!--[if !supportLists]-->Ø      <!--[endif]-->Networking with other partners, groups, associations to bring information coalition and collocation building.
      <!--[if !supportLists]-->Ø      <!--[endif]-->…..And try to attain participatory development approach where youths are involved to bring change to the community with the hidden talents.
      <!--[if !supportLists]-->                                                        I.      <!--[endif]-->Find local partners in Tanzania & Kenya in organizations, groups, NGOs, experienced to assist.
      <!--[if !supportLists]-->                                                     II.      <!--[endif]-->Identify what types of assistance these organizations can provide to the youths.
      <!--[if !supportLists]-->                                                   III.      <!--[endif]-->Have a working collaboration with Udogo youth development group( Kenya )...For- creative solutions, taking participation at courses, sharing materials and visiting the two communities in the two countries for experience as volunteers.

      Maria Agnese Giraudo collaborating and Samwel Kongere co-ordinating the projection of the activities.
      Further; We proposed a working group with officials, stationed to start mobilization of youths in Dar and whole Tanzania if possible.  
      Lastly, the meetings planned were to make us get the real picture and see how to come up with an action plan for activities.  
      Discussion: between Hellen Mahoo   and Samwel Kongere

      Samwel Okech kongere
      Nyamuga primary school
      P.O BOX 191,
      MBITA  040305-KENYA.
      Cell: +254 725 600 439
      Community Development
      UDOGO youth development group-coordinator

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