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Re: [holistichelping] Re: Responses to Kenya: Saitoti's death and the coming battle - Chilling analysis by Richard Dowden - Director, RAS

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  • Kenneth Chelimo
    Ken Owino,   I appreciate your  efforts in peace building among the youth in slum areas. The documentary you have attached is  indeed a good example of how
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 26, 2012
      Ken Owino,
      I appreciate your  efforts in peace building among the youth in slum areas. The documentary you have attached is  indeed a good example of how Kenyans from different communities should co-exist and live together in harmony. More of these activities by the acrobats should go to rural areas where we witnessed tribal tension during the 2007/2008 post-election violence. Cheers Ken for your great work.
      Ken Chelimo

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      Subject: [holistichelping] Re: Responses to Kenya: Saitoti's death and the coming battle - Chilling analysis by Richard Dowden - Director, RAS

      Pamela, Ken, Dan, I appreciate and share your concern about preparing for
      the upcoming elections in Kenya. Andrius Kulikauskas, mailto:ms%40ms.lt

      > Ken and Dan (I have copied your emails below - and my original one)
      > Your responses go to my heart.
      > When is the election? How much time do we have?
      > We know the enemy - it is political division on tribal lines. (plus the
      > continual underlying enemies - poverty, unemployment and ignorance).
      > We know our weapons from last time - they are trust and communication
      > across tribal divisions, plus many extra ingredients of personal courage,
      > resourcefulness, and other attributes.
      > We know from last time that we need allies and resources.
      > Forewarned is forearmed. We should not waste whatever time is left to us.
      > How can we best prepare our weapons? Where do we find our allies and
      > resources?
      > Pam
      > On 23 June 2012 15:57, <mailto:nafsiafricaacro%40yahoo.com> wrote:
      >> **
      >> Dear Pam,
      >> I read your posting and gets a deep gut feeling and fear of the nearing
      >> General election in Kenya.
      >> As the late Honourable Saitoti said " if we let Kenya succumb into the
      >> blood shed like it happened in the 2007 post election violence, we will
      >> be
      >> a shame to the whole world and will be a constant blame by the future
      >> generations".
      >> His words and such articles shared by you, should echo a reminder to us
      >> that we lost most of our fellow brothers and sisters (killed by their
      >> own)
      >> and we survived the skirmishes.
      >> Giving a chance to another one would be opening a death hole to our own
      >> selves.
      >> I may be a victim of the next one, my life would be claimed in the next
      >> one!
      >> It is our deep prayer that peace prevail in Kenya.
      >> Peace,
      >> Ken Owino
      >> Nafsi Africa Acrobats
      >> www.nafsiafrica.webs.com
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      > From: Dan Otedo <mailto:dotedo%40yahoo.com>
      > Date: 18 June 2012 09:32
      > Subject: Re: [learningfromeachother] Kenya: Saitoti's death and the coming
      > battle - Chilling analysis by Richard Dowden - Director, RAS
      > To: "mailto:learningfromeachother%40yahoogroups.com" <
      > mailto:learningfromeachother%40yahoogroups.com>
      > Very very true.
      > Its always nice to have someone from outside Kenya helping us to reflect
      > what could very possibly happen.
      > I DREAD the election year.
      > Dan OTEDO
      > *Kenya ICT Trust Fund**.* P.O box 8475-00100 Nairobi.
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      >> Den 17/06/2012 kl. 16.49 skrev Pamela McLean <mailto:pam54321%40googlemail.com>
      >> I'm sharing this article on Kenya: Saitoti's death and the coming
      >> battle<http://www.royalafricansociety.org/component/content/article/1015.html>with
      >> a heavy heart
      >> I have copied parts of the article below which struck a particular
      >> chord,
      >> reminding me of all that happened in 2007/2008:
      >> - the straight-from-the-heart response of the Minciu Sodas community
      >> when we discovered that our friends in Kenya were in trouble
      >> - the amazing courage, fortitude, creativity and determination of the
      >> Kenyans, in Minciu Sodas and the wider Pyramid of Peace network,
      >> during the
      >> post election violence.
      >> Pyramid of Peace activists played an unacknowledged role in reducing the
      >> impact of the violence, and in peace building and conflict resolution.
      >> The article states "In 2008 the main wars were in Western Province
      >> (Luoland) where (Kikuyu) police shot down Luo protesters, around Eldoret
      >> where Kikuyu immigrants were burned out of their homes and murdered by
      >> Kalenjin, and in Nairobi where battles took place in the poor slum areas
      >> between different ethnic groups."
      >> Dear Pyramid of Peace Friends in Kenya - I remember how you were so
      >> active
      >> in those locations. I remember the heart-rending details that you were
      >> sending the rest of us in Minciu Sodas about what was happening - and
      >> how
      >> you refused to be divided by tribal loyalties. I remember too how the
      >> relationships that you had between each other reached across tribal
      >> boundaries. When there were attempts to push you into tribal divisions
      >> you
      >> stood firm. Your deep trust relationships enabled you to plan together
      >> and
      >> then go to your own tribal elders and persuade them to influence the
      >> warring youths. On top of that you were working with displaced people,
      >> you
      >> were helping individuals, you were responding to whatever needed a
      >> response
      >> given the limitation of financial support that those of us outside Kenya
      >> could send you.
      >> Together we were making use of mobile phones, phone credits, the
      >> Internet,
      >> and established relationships of trust in wonderful, innovative and
      >> effective ways that maximiesd the potential of ICT (Information and
      >> Communication Technologies). We were a community collaborating acting
      >> with
      >> one heart and mind and doing what we could in our own locations in so
      >> many
      >> different countries across Africa, Europe, and America (if I have
      >> forgotten
      >> other locations, please forgive me - and remind me)
      >> What lessons did we learn my Minciu Sodas friends, and how can we draw
      >> on
      >> them - to help prevent the horrors that his article suggests could lie
      >> ahead?
      >> Even more importantly, how can we share those lessons? How can we use
      >> the
      >> practical experiences that we had of information sharing, practical on
      >> the
      >> ground responses, and true collaboration achieving results in
      >> conditions
      >> of terrible violence, horror and need? Who are the people who need to
      >> learn the lessons that we learned - and how do we tell them?
      >> I feel we can't just wait and let it happen again - but we are not in
      >> positions of power or influence - "we are no-one" - what do we do?
      >> *Richard Dowden - Director, RAS (Royal African Society) wrote:*
      >> "Appealing to and buying tribal loyalty became the name of the game.
      >> Kenya is probably now the most tribally divided nation in Africa. No
      >> wonder
      >> the 2007 election exploded into such violence....
      >> ... the Kenyan election is wide open. Victory will go to the person who
      >> builds an alliance of tribal leaders. One thing is certain: Luo and
      >> Kikuyu
      >> will be on opposite sides. Raila Odinga, the Luo leader, will run and
      >> elements among the Kikuyu will do anything to stop him becoming
      >> president.
      >> For a while I thought that in 2008 Kenyans had reached the edge of the
      >> cliff and looked down. They wavered and pulled back. The militants were
      >> called off by their paymasters. Kofi Annan was on hand to help. Kenyans
      >> had
      >> seen a future that looked like hell and chose a fudged alliance of
      >> enemies
      >> instead.
      >> That alliance is now falling apart. The new constitution has recreated a
      >> Kenya of 47 counties, whose elected governments will be funded by the
      >> state
      >> to spend as they wish. It is, however, likely that a local politician
      >> from
      >> the dominant ethnic group in each county will be playing the ethnic card
      >> to
      >> garner support.
      >> .... If politicians play the ethnic card in the next election, this
      >> winner-takes-all war could be fought in most of the new counties between
      >> any or all of Kenya’s 40-odd ethnic groups." Link to full article on
      >> Kenya:
      >> Saitoti's death and the coming battle
      >> <http://www.royalafricansociety.org/component/content/article/1015.html>
      >> *More about Pyramid of Peace: *
      >> An introduction via Phone for Peace
      >> <http://phone4peace.blogspot.co.uk/>
      >> A video of Pyramid of Peace
      >> <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vGTiRlR5Ak>Acrobats involved in Nairobi
      >> - with pleas for peace by two of the acrobats'
      >> leaders at the end , Kennedy Owino (a Luo) and James (a Kikuyu)
      >> The Pyramid of Peace Archive <http://www.pyramidofpeace.net/> - full
      >> archive of emails, chatroom meetings, forwarded text messages, reports
      >> of
      >> phone conversations and so on as the post election turmoil erupted and
      >> friends were caught up in it and struggled to help resolve the situation
      >> More about Minciu Sodas <http://www.dadamac.net/network/minciu-sodas>

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