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Minciu Sodas: Thanking and Forgiving

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    Greetings from Chicago! From 1998 to 2010, I organized Minciu sodas http://www.ms.lt as my business for serving independent thinkers around the world. My
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2011
      Greetings from Chicago!

      From 1998 to 2010, I organized "Minciu sodas" http://www.ms.lt as my
      business for serving independent thinkers around the world. My hope was
      to make a living from Lithuania. I've lived my life as an independent
      thinker and I hoped to serve others, likewise.

      As you know, I failed to make Minciu Sodas work as a viable business. I
      also failed to pay back my loans. I had about $130,000 in debt, mostly
      from credit cards, but also a business loan from a friend's father. Three
      months ago, I declared bankruptcy, and recently, my bankruptcy was
      discharged. I don't have to pay back those loans, but in the future, it
      will be hard for me to borrow money, should I need to. I hope I don't!

      I'm grateful that I was able to dedicate myself to establish Minciu Sodas
      as a venue for the widest variety of independent thinkers. Looking back,
      I'm glad that I can start anew. My goal now is to foster a culture of
      learning, growing, living forever, here and now. I've gained very
      relevant ideas from our work at Minciu Sodas. In particular, I value our
      "12 questions", such as: What is your deepest value in life, which
      includes all of your other values? and What is a question that you don't
      know the answer to, but wish to answer? I appreciate the variety of our
      answers: http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Values I think they help us
      speak heart-to-heart and thus live a culture where we are one.

      Thank you to more than 1,000 participants who contributed thoughtful
      letters over the years. Today, as I look back, I want to thank also Janet
      Feldman ("Holistic Helping"), Pamela McLean ("Learning From Each Other"),
      Franz Nahrada ("Global Villages") and Zenonas and Audrone Anusauskas
      ("Veikti Vis Placiau") for embracing my efforts, hosting Minciu Sodas
      activity and actively fostering a shared culture. I also thank all of us,
      many hundreds, for being there for each other during our Pyramid of Peace
      to avert genocide in Kenya in 2008 http://www.pyramidofpeace.net That was

      Please forgive me for the many times I may have hurt you over the years.
      Thank you for the slack you've shown me. Likewise, please know that I
      feel blessed by each and every one of us who participated. We all
      contributed genuinely of ourselves.

      My very large debts were forgiven. Likewise, I forgive any and all of our
      debts to Minciu Sodas. In particular, I forgive:
      * Tomas Cepaitis, who failed to deliver $170 to my bank account in
      Lithuania, as I requested.
      * Peter Ongele, who did not repay me a loan of $100 that he requested for
      his schooling.
      * Tom Ochuka, who did not repay me a loan of $75 for the water cart he
      * Samwel Kongere, who misappropriated $570 of money that I had wired for
      him to hold for me.
      We failed each other. Such failures ended my interest in having money
      relationships with the above individuals. This is unfortunate because
      they all had made notable contributions to Minciu Sodas, and our ability
      to work with money is important for us to function in our world. I hope
      that our feelings for each other can start fresh. Looking back, I think
      that making loans to people or having them hold money for me did not work
      well in Minciu Sodas. Whereas paid work and donations made for dozens of
      successful projects.

      I'm glad to look at life with new eyes. I'm glad for God's providence as
      we came together, as we brought Minciu Sodas to life, as we touched and
      moved each other, as we continue further in our various ways. I'm glad
      that I could go bankrupt so unambiguously.

      My best wishes for our best efforts in all we do!

      Thank you,


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      (773) 306-3807
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