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Congrats on Meaningful Inclusion/focus on women and Actwid Kongadzem

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Markus and All, M is for Magical Markus=Meaningful for Minciu , as you have been invaluable to us all. I look forward to your work on the FoodStory
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2006
      Dear Markus and All,

      "M" is for "Magical Markus=Meaningful for Minciu", as you have been invaluable to us all. I look forward to your work on the FoodStory project (and in your forum), and want to say that "women" as a population--as well as youth--are what I would most like to focus on myself in any work I do on this, made easier because KAIPPG in large part serves women (a large number being farmers and HIV/AIDS-related widows).

      KAIPPG also has a partnership with a Kenyan tea business, located in the USA, which donates some of their profits to us, so there's a good link if it would be helpful. On artemisia, it is a plant which can be brewed, and is used to help combat the effects of malaria, and now HIV/AIDS. The women (4000 strong!) of Actwid Kongadzem in Cameroon grow this, and have done groundbreaking work in this regard. I'd love to see them involved in this, and am sure Franz would too (fyi, in a small-world scenario, Franz and I both knew and worked with AK before we knew each other, which happened via Minciu!).

      I'll be happy to be helpful in any way I can, and will be gathering stories in any case, whether or not I am leading or part of a team. I had proposed that the women of AK might work through Holistic Helping on this FoodStory project, but am sure they would find resonance with the theme of meaningful inclusion, as this is just what they most need and have much to offer in that regard.

      With all best wishes and appreciation, Janet

      Andrius writes:

      Yes, you are so right that we should seek out more women. What do we suggest? I'm glad that we do have some great examples but they should not have to stand out so! Also this is an issue in our work in the developing
      countries, perhaps our colleagues can help us make an effort. One idea is to focus on our colleagues in Cameroon who Franz Nahrada has linked us to. http://www.ms.lt/?thinker=ACTWID_KONGADZEM Janet had some thoughts regarding Cameroon (and a tea-like plant?) But please move in the direction of what's most exciting for you.
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