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First Thursday Chat. Occupy Chicago!

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  • ms@ms.lt
    Pamela, I will try to join you for your Dadamac etherpad chat today, Thursday, http://etherpad.openstewardship.net/October-First-Thursday at 14.00 GMT 15.00
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 5, 2011

      I will try to join you for your Dadamac etherpad chat today, Thursday,
      at 14.00 GMT 15.00 Nigerian and London time, 17.00 East Africa Time, New
      York 10.00, Chicago 9.00 for approximately one hour

      We all worked so wonderfully on the Pyramid of Peace
      http://www.pyramidofpeace.net to avert genocide in Kenya in 2008. I'm now
      surprised to be dedicating myself to something similar here in Chicago.

      Today I went to Occupy Chicago for the fifth time. When I first went, I
      was impressed that people there are truly caring that our system is flawed
      overall, and not so concerned about particular issues. However, I noticed
      that most people weren't getting included in a way that would make the
      most of them. The online groups made that all the more clear, especially
      because they generally don't have public archives. I brought this up with
      some of the most active organizers and I realized that they were swamped.
      They encouraged me to be as bold as I can be in organizing volunteers.

      I'm therefore setting up http://www.occupyme.net I appreciate any help
      we might provide in creating and staffing a responsive online space for
      supporting volunteers, much as we did with Pyramid of Peace. I'm
      starting tomorrow by setting up PmWiki. I'm focusing on Occupy Chicago
      but certainly we can support sites across the US and the world.

      Thank you!


      Andrius Kulikauskas, ms@..., (773) 306-3807


      I'm taking initiative to help people get more involved in Occupy Chicago.

      The more leadership we show, the more opportunity we open up for others to
      be leaders, as well.

      I spoke with Todd, with Sarah Wittford and with Mark Banks, and they all
      agreed that any such initiative we show is much appreciated.

      I've started to set up http://www.occupyme.net I invite help especially
      from anybody who would like to help online as website builders, online
      networkers and onsite liaisons. I'll be setting up a wiki.

      Lots of people are coming with great ideas. I want to help us embrace and
      support them. Some examples include:
      * Zax and Serena brought up the Chicago Marathon
      * Tieg and others are setting up a library

      It's important that the committee group correspondence be publicly
      visible. This can be done without revealing people's emails. Public
      archives allow people to link to our efforts and help others find them.
      They create a culture of inclusion and quick integration of all our best

      I include below a letter of Sarah's that we take initiative!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      (773) 306-3807


      I think we need to be careful about Bureaucracy. In the past two days
      since this google group has started I've read a lot about what people want
      to do and people afraid to step forward and do it. So I have a proposal.
      If you want to make flyers and go in a neighborhood- do it. If you want
      to go stand on an el and talk to the entire el full of people about the
      movement, do it.

      In my humble opinion, the only things that should go to general committee
      are things that affect everyone, like spending the Occupy Chicago funds
      for flyers or buying printers or having other organizations join in
      solidarity with ours.

      I also think we do need to work out some sort of worksheet of who we have
      organized, but honestly, who cares. If ten different people call the same
      group ten different times, then maybe they will realize we are serious and
      join us.

      Let's not get caught in bureaucracy and get some direct action going out
      here. That's what I've been doing since Day 1. So don't get caught up in
      the details or in the committees. Just go out there and outreach with
      people, talk to people, flyer areas. In my opinion, you do not need
      permission to do any of these things and if we, as a group decide that we
      need permission to do this, then it will make our mission one thousand
      times harder.

      That is just my opinion.



      P.S.- Remember we are a not a political group, we can not allow this to
      be used for any political agendas and we need to be careful about other
      organizations coming into our movement and trying to distort our message.


      Reminder: You are invited to October 6th First Thursday

      I'm happy to say that William Wambura has already been to the link for
      October First Thursday to say that he hopes to be with us.

      On 29 September 2011 21:31, Pamela McLean <pamela.mclean@...> wrote:

      October 6th - You are invited to First Thursday - even if you have
      never joined us there before.

      Time - main session is a bit later than it used to be - 14.00 GMT
      15.00 Nigerian and London time, 17.00 East Africa Time, New York
      10.00 for approximately one hour (the main session s the time I plan
      to be here and will help people to get to know each other and agree
      topics for discussion.)
      For your local time see The World Clock – Time Zone Converter

      Joining in - All you need to do is click on the link for First
      Thursday October 2011
      http://etherpad.openstewardship.net/October-First-Thursday - no need
      for any logging in. The link is open from now on, so you can go and
      get familiar with the space beforehand. Full instructions are there.

      What happens? If you visit First Thursday September 2011
      http://etherpad.openstewardship.net/September-First-Thursday you can
      see what happened last time.

      By the way - I am still experimenting with etherpads, so I do want to
      know about any problems that people have. If you do have any
      difficulty joining First Thursday please send me an email at
      pamela.mclean@... so we can explore the problem together

      I look forward to meeting up with you on October 6th.

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