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Fwd: "First Thursday"meeting on June 2nd and the "First Thursday Club"

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  • Pamela McLean
    You are invited to join me for the next First Thursday meeting on on June 2nd - http://etherpad.openstewardship.net/VK1tei6Bws (details also in forwarded
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2011
      You are invited to join me for the next "First Thursday" meeting on on June 2nd - http://etherpad.openstewardship.net/VK1tei6Bws (details also in forwarded email below) . You may remember that we used to hold "First Thursday" in the worknets chatroom, but when it closed we could not find another place that was so easy for everyone to access.

      For a while the only way I could find to run First Thursday meetings was by using Skype, and simply including people who had confirmed before hand that they wanted to attend.

      Now we have a new approach using etherpads, thanks to Gerry Gleason of COTW , on whose server our etherpads are running.

      You can go to the link where the etherpad is at various times:
      • Before the meeting - to see what is on the agenda, to add items to the agenda, to leave a greeting in the chat box
      • During the online meeting - to discuss the agenda with other people (and to chat with them informally before and afterwards)
      • At other times during the rest of the month - to read the archives, and leave a greeting in the chat box. You may even find someone else there at the same time and hold a mini First Thursday follow-up meeting with them.
      I hope you will be able to join us at our new style First Thursdays - either this moth or at some time in the future. I hope the fact that we can go there at any time will make it easier for more people to be included, one way and another. I hope that, over time, people will get to feel very much "at home" at the First Thurday etherpad sessions. I hope people will gradually get a feeling of "belonging" and knowing each other. I hope it will become similar, in an online way, to the face-to-face situation of belonging to a good local community group or club.

      Welcome to the "First Thursday Club"

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      Subject: "First Thursday"meeting on June 2ndTo: dadamac-collaborators-connect@...

      You are invited to our next First Thursday meeting. This is where we will meet for "First Thursday"meeting on June 2nd - http://etherpad.openstewardship.net/VK1tei6Bw.s We will put an agenda in this area and will have our chat over in the chat box on the right hand side of the screen

       Time - 13.00 GMT 14.00 Nigerian and London time, (16.00 E African time I think - can someone check and confirm?)
       In addition to the stated agenda it will be a session to continue introducing people to the use of "EtherPad" as a place to meet for First Thursdays
       Agenda Items
       Exploring overlapping interests
       - meet and greet

      Items of current concern regarding agriculture
      - Irrigation, drought, climate change

      Professional development for teachers and others
      Ken's Teachers Talking link up - and wider relevance regarding  ongoing professional development for teachers and others - and how dadamac.net profiles and ongoing support can help.

      Suggested topics from Steve Bosserman for this or future agendas:
      • Business ecosystems development
      • We  have several small businesses starting and expanding in the  northeastern area of the U.S. that are taking advantage of the  technologies and know-how several readers may be interested in pursuing
      • We  are encouraging the development of those enterprises in advanced energy  and waste stream management because they contribute the most to the  vitality and sustainability of the natural and business ecosystems.
      • Water Management
      • We have water problems throughout the U.S. all along a continuum of too much to too little to too unpredictable.
      • Waste stream Management
      • Common solutions
      • I  see a common framework we can use from which solutions develop that  have meaning for people in specific areas. Definitely not one size fits  all.
       (We can also continue the discussions from May's First Thursday - see http://etherpad.openstewardship.net/0w8jG05iwR
       AOB - Any Other Business
       Informal chatting and farewells

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