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Philosophical portrait of Pamela McLean

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    Pamela McLean and I spoke and chatted this week. She sparked the idea that I do philosophical portraits. She agreed to be my first alpha customer . Pamela,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2011
      Pamela McLean and I spoke and chatted this week. She sparked the idea
      that I do philosophical portraits. She agreed to be my first "alpha

      Pamela, today I read through your post:
      and I noted 26 ways of figuring things out (!) that you reference, see:
      I will collect more and try to relate them to the rooms of the House of
      Knowledge. Also, I can interview you by Skype as you talk about them and
      other ways you think of. I'm especially curious what each way yielded for
      you. For example, your way "don't share an idea - show a prototype" led
      to your online workspace Dadamacadamy.

      I also look forward to creating philosophical portraits for others who
      might like to learn my House of Knowledge system and be part of my panel
      of expert self learners, including Ben de Vries, Perry Recker and Samwel

      Also, tomorrow I hope to set up at http://www.indiegogo.com my first
      crowdfunding initiative, which is to do a philosophical portrait of Jesus.
      I will seek $1,000 in one month's time. I hope that there might be
      people who would like me to do that. I've started on it already here:

      Thank you, Pamela! and also for telling me about http://www.flattr.com
      which I think is a very sensible approach to micropayments and I've
      included a button at my directory http://www.selflearners.net/ways/

      Pamela, I appreciate very much your thoughts that "philosophical
      portraits" might be "CVs" for the interdisciplinary people, the specialist
      generalists like many of us who can understand specialists and help them
      understand each other, as you say, cross culturally. Indeed, my goal with
      the House of Knowledge is to facilitate such translations of mindsets
      across domains and among people.

      Andrius Kulikauskas
      (773) 306-3807
      Twitter: @selflearners

      peace and reconciliation... adaptation to climate change... educational
      systems... http://www.flattr.com... a signal for direction... people?...
      philosophical portrait... very valuable, ties into the knowledge
      economy... people tended to have their CVs and their referees from their
      previous job... now what we need much more is... our trusted networks...
      what we're able to do... what we like to do... who we are... alternative
      to the CV... David Pinto could do with that kind of CV... various people
      in Coalition of the Willing... particularly people who straddle several
      disciplines... there was expected to be a need for such people... but
      people who succeeded previously where specialists... whereas people who
      have a done a bit of everything... specialist generalists... they can
      stand between people who are narrow specialists... they throw back some
      comments and the specialists say, yes, you understand... a system for
      cross cultural mediators... for specialist languages... a strong role
      now... particularly at developing new computer applications... computer
      specialists don't quite know what it is... that the users want to be
      doing... and the users don't understand the potentials and limitations...
      "I'm having to work for it instead of it having to work for me... because
      it wasn't designed properly"... you go from one culture to another... and
      people assume that everybody behaves one way... what people assume is
      normal but is culturally specific... creates all kinds of problems... when
      people go outside of their culture to work together... she's written about
      the role of the crosscultural mediator... trying to break into the
      academic arena... but it's incredibly difficult to do... have friends in
      academia... and some academics were editing a book... about pattern
      languages in education... offered a contribution... wrote about Teachers
      Talking... and what she extended from that... in crosscultural groups...
      as in with Minciu Sodas... where she learned... (her post-graduate
      studies!)... and she's very appreciative... Would dearly love somebody...
      "don't write an idea, show a prototype"... the Dadamac webspace... explain
      some of the things it illustrate... her interests are interwoven... and
      difficult to explain... like a glitter ball in a disco... with so many
      facets and mirrors... nobody has the time to go through the whole thing...
      show them one little facet... see themselves and their own interest... the
      House of Knowledge is a way of relating glitter balls... go inside the
      glitter ball through one of its facets... loved the name of the group,
      Orchard of Thoughts... each group was a tree... the wiki is what you
      planted them in... like trees dropping their leaves... and they are rooted
      in... and drawing from... and Andrius's role was the farmer... to help
      shape the individual trees... and crosspollinating... owner of the
      orchard... the availability of the chat room... was the air, the sunshine,
      the environment, water... Michael Miranda... in Chicago... some digital
      divide outreach that he does... between the haves and the have nots...
      like the philosophical portraits... because believes people will work
      through their digital history... and their trust networks... and find a
      way to encapsulate... what they can do... so when people want to swarm
      with other people... groping towards philosophical portraits... a
      short-cut of getting to know people

      Dadamacadamy - Don't share an idea - show a prototype

      Dadamacadamy - dream or reality - an action research project

      ref earning money - acting as consultants - Why Dadamac? - Dadamac - the
      Internet-enabled alternative to top-down development

      why we need collaboration - Pam - we want street lights

      how I see the future - Future We Got - Earth Date Zero Plus 20 -

      Pattern book - Case story

      Pattern: Course design and delivery at a distance.

      Pattern: Cross-Cultural Mediator

      Pamela: thank you! ... thank you for listening and being interested ...
      and for the possibility of the philosophical portrait ... I have some
      thougths on how his fits into other dadamac things adn whreer you may like
      to slot in regarding all of that - perhaps we can explore that next time
      we chat
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