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Peace Training in Austria

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  • Kenneth Chelimo
    Dear Janet and all, First I would like to convey my greetings to you all and my condolence for the passing away of Maria Agnese Giraudo.. It is sad to learn
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2011
      Dear Janet and all,

      First I would like to convey my greetings to you all and my condolence for the passing away of Maria Agnese Giraudo.. It is sad  to learn about the unfortunate demise of our long cherished friend and benefactor  in this group Maria Agnese Giraudo- God rest her soul in eternal peace. I hope to meet those who Maria greatly helped in Tanzania when I attend the Elearning conference in Dar es Salaam next month. Maria was a kind, understanding and very helpful in so many ways especially to those who are disadvantaged in the society. Her legacy will indeed remain with us.

      As a member of Pyramid of Peace (POP) member which was greatly involved in peace keeping and reconciliation among fighting communities in Kenya during the 2007/2008 post election violence in Kenya, I wish to inform you that African Peace and Security Program (APSP) have recommended me to study peace building and media development in Austria from July to August 2011 at the Austrian Centre for peace located a few kilometres from Vienna, the capital city of Austria.

      The scholarship is in recognition of PoP efforts in Peace building and conflict resolution during the post election violence in Kenya. This is indeed a great honour to all of us who dedicated our time, efforts and resources in preventing genocide in Kenya by preaching peace in a volatile environment during that time. The scholarship covers tuition and living expenses while in Austria. I have therefore to meet the cost of travel, obtaining an international driving licence and visa. According to the training coordinators, the UN peace keeping program have in the past recruited those trained to serve in UN peace keeping missions worldwide and I see this as an opportunity for a PoP member to serve in the UN peace keeping mission.

      In order to have me attend this important training, I am requesting for support to meet the cost of my travel from individual friends, organizations etc. I also need to pay for visa processing and obtaining an international driving licence before the commencement of training in July. I also urge you to recommend me to prospective organizations or individuals who may be willing to support.

      Meanwhile, I am very grateful to all those international friends who were involved in PoP activities in 2007/2008 namely Andrius, Janet Feldman, Pamela Maclean, the late Maria Agnese and Ricardo to mention but a few.\as you may be aware, I am not in a position to meet these additional expenses as I have just been a volunteer and I am not in any gainful employment at the moment. With your help i also hope to see more of my Kenyan colleauges in PoP benefit too from this scholarship in future.

      In case you need more details concerning this scholarship, let me know and hope that I will be able to get support to enable me attend this important peace building and development training as Kenya heads back to the general election next year with current political tension building in the country. My training may hopefully bring in new tactics of combating war mongers during and after the electioneering period.

      All the best and have a peaceful time. Cheers.

      Ken Chelimo

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