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DuSable Museum and the Moorish Cultural Workshop

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Dee Ward, I am glad to learn that you are on DuSable Museum s Women s Board. http://www.DuSablemuseum.org I ask for your assistance to present to the DuSable
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2011
      Dee Ward,

      I am glad to learn that you are on DuSable Museum's Women's Board.

      I ask for your assistance to present to the DuSable Museum the idea that
      it purchase the home of David Ellison-Bey in Englewood and include his
      home as an affiliate.

      David Ellison-Bey is the founder of the Moorish Cultural Workshop. He
      has participated in many Black American nationalist movements. He
      served as Grand National Sheik for the Moorish Science Temple of America.

      David's home at 6726 S Parnell Ave is an archive of the Moors, but also
      many other organizations that he has been a part of. For example, he
      brought Frederic H.H. Hammurabi Robb to the Moorish temple to sell House
      of Knowledge publications on Saturdays, and Hammurabi left him his

      David has lived at his home for decades. Disturbingly, as a vulnerable,
      elderly man in a depressed neighborhood, he fell prey to unscrupulous
      lenders. In 2008, his home was foreclosed. Last year it was sold and
      the sale was confirmed. He has been ordered to leave his home, yet he
      remains there.

      David's home is his mind! He is a Renaissance man who, even in the
      1960s, studied computers, yoga, sewing, health food, recycling,
      philosophy, religion, administration, taxes, history, gardening,
      networking, entrepreneurship, economics and home economics. He
      practiced all of that and shared that, especially with the children. His
      home is organized in his mind to reflect all of his interests, although
      it may not be immediately apparent, given his stacks of books, LPs,
      videos, magazines and papers.

      David grew up in New York with people of all ethnic backgrounds. He
      served in the Air Force in Georgia and Alaska, and to the surprise of
      many black nationalists, he went out of his way to include people of all
      races and backgrounds. He radiates a dignity that immediately puts
      people at ease.

      Dr. Margaret Burroughs and David Ellison-Bey knew each other and were
      birds of a feather. They both belonged to the All Souls First Unitarian
      Society. "Sister Margaret" gave him a tour of the DuSable Museum and
      told him that they had documents about the Moors in the basement. He
      used to bring children to the museum.

      DuSable Museum started out at the Burroughs' home. David has just such
      a museum today, complete with a workshop, a program for lifelong
      learning. He is a righteous man, an observer of society, and an
      independent advocate of dismantling the racial caste system. He is the
      reality at the bottom of things that few people get to know. His
      righteousness is why he is losing his home.

      His home could easily be purchased by DuSable Museum, however. Such
      homes are being sold for $5,000 or $10,000. This may be an opportunity
      to restore justice. It may also be an opportunity for the museum to
      bring people to see a real life, independent museum indigenous to one of
      America's most distraught neighborhoods, and ever uplifting it with the
      spirit of "love, truth, peace, freedom and justice".

      It would be more than justice to see David visited by interns who might
      come to study with him and work to realize his Moorish Cultural
      Workshop. They might video him, create websites with him and extend our
      living history into the future.

      David and I have been friends for more than 15 years. Over the years, I
      have lived at his home for more than a dozen months. As a Knight News
      Challenge award winner, I blogged at the PBS website about a murder that
      took place at the lot next to his house (we heard the shots):
      I also blogged his hardship letter to Aurora Loan Services:
      This was several months before the mortgate industry crashed! As a
      result of such posts, which were considered "too personal", I was banned
      from blogging at the PBS website.

      David is a most independent man, and a most righteous man. This makes
      it all the more worthwhile to engage him. He agrees that I write this
      letter to you. He invites you to visit, to get to know him and to share
      ideas. Certainly, he is an important person to document. As you get to
      know him, you will get ideas!

      Please do visit him! His phone number is: -------. I would be glad to

      I share with some online groups where David's letters are read with


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      (773) 306-3807
      Twitter: @selflearners
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