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Organizing the Kingdom of Heaven

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Hi! I share news of what I m working on. I appreciate our help, ideas, dreams. I wrote up Organizing the Kingdom of Heaven . I sketch out 32 activities
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 21, 2011
      Hi! I share news of what I'm working on. I appreciate our help, ideas,

      I wrote up "Organizing the Kingdom of Heaven". I sketch out 32
      activities that I'd like to do with others.

      * Live with yourself (Enjoy Truth):
      Know yourself and others (answer 12 questions); Investigate; Share ways
      of figuring things out; Cherish truth.
      * Live with God (Draw Strength):
      Allow for God; Be alert to God; Listen for God; Take Jesus seriously;
      Reflect on God; Imagine God's point of view; Engage God; Love God; Serve
      * Live with friends (Support Each Other):
      Share our dreams; Learn our dreams; Pray for our dreams; Portray our
      dreams; Support our dreams; Invest in each other; Organize around
      leaders; Live together; Love truly; Respond to suffering; Learn
      together; Study cultures; Foster self-learning; Seek principles.
      * Live with enemies (Reach Out)
      Make peace; Worship God; Address evils; Learn from everybody; Create games.

      If you are interested in any of the above, please let me know which! I
      feel quite alone. I am looking for churches in Chicago where anybody
      might be interested. I spoke with priests and a nun at St.Benedict the
      African, St.Columbanus and St.Peter and I felt no response, no interest,
      no suggestions, no contacts, and worst of all, no concern for me, not
      even whether or not I stayed in the Church. God loves his Church and so
      I am true to it. Yet I feel abandoned by the Church and abused by its
      propaganda, which I took to heart as a child and as an adult. It is
      wrong to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and not care what happens to
      those who follow it. I did find one Lithuanian priest who was
      sympathetic, so that is good.

      I'm making progress sharing ways of figuring things out.
      My list includes 200+ of my own ways, 148 of Dee Guyton's ways and 80+
      Gamestorming games. I have organized them into 24 "rooms" in "the house
      of knowledge". Dee Guyton is our choir director at St.Benedict the
      African. I made a 40 minute video interview with her
      in which I then made reference to 148 ways that she has figured things
      out, see also the diagram:

      I'd like to continue this research in whatever direction I could find
      support for. I will write to Dave Gray of Gamestorming if he might have
      ideas. I will engage Maria Droujkova about the prospects of creating
      math learning materials in the Public Domain. I've outlined the main
      ideas for my book:
      and I'll try to relate that to the "ways of figuring things out".

      I think that the most meaningful "deliverable" that my research is
      yielding is to organize the "ways of figuring things out" of particular
      individuals (like Dee Guyton) or groups (like the Gamestorming
      community). In each case, I made a diagram of their many methods. Then
      I include that in my collection and show how it relates to the system of
      24 rooms. So, for example, I can show that the Gamestorming book has
      games that correspond to 21 of those rooms, but lacks them for defining
      a company's mission, reviewing its mission and aborting its mission.

      Some people whose methods I'd like to profile, directly or through their
      * George Polya, author of "How to solve it" and "Mathematical Discovery"
      * Paul Zeitz, author of "The Art and Craft of Problem Solving"
      * Maria Droujkova of the Math Future community
      * Jerry Michalski (Last year he answered my 12 questions in a video
      Skype interview)
      * Jesus Christ in the Gospels
      * Jeff Hawkins' "On Intelligence", his theory of how the brain works
      * Malcolm Gladwell's "Blink" about "thinking without thinking"
      * Ben de Vries, permaculture
      * David Ellison-Bey
      * John Harland
      * Thomas Chepaitis, Foreign minister of the Republic of Uzhupis
      * Sarunas Raudys, neural networks and pattern recognition
      * Norman Anderson, information integration theory
      * Robert Baden-Powell, founder of Scouting

      I appreciate our thoughts about what I might do that would be
      meaningful, whether or not commercial.

      What are we up to?


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      (773) 306-3807
      Twitter: @selflearners
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