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Full Belly Project: Am Interested for Kenya and Africa/Kenya-Nigeria links/COL-PROTEIN

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  • Janet Feldman
    Hello Dear Pam, Synnove, Steve, Andrius, and All, Great to see this interchange and link, and I did check this out myself briefly after Synnove (I think)
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2006

      Hello Dear Pam, Synnove, Steve, Andrius, and All,
      Great to see this interchange and link, and I did check this out myself briefly after Synnove (I think) posted it. It does look excellent, and I'd love to work on pursuing this for my partners and others in Kenya, Nigeria, and further afield. I do agree with Pam abt being cautious in terms of raising hopes which might not be realized, so it would be wonderful if you can check on how we might link up with them Synnove, as that is not completely clear to me when I look at the info on the site.
      Andrius has mentioned elsewhere abt Pam and I (and others hopefully) linking our partners-networks-friends in Kenya and Nigeria more closely, and that will be terrific!  In fact, we do each have a circle of contacts in both countries, and in some cases know the same people and orgs, so that's a great start. I would also like to bring in Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Ghana, and anywhere else that we can make linkages.  OVF will be most important to work with in this respect too, as well as Maria and others.
      I would also like to say now that there is a grant opportunity from The Commonwealth of Learning--called COL-PROTEIN (speaking of My FoodStory, haha!)--which I have passed along to some of you already (Sam, Maria and Tanzania contacts, Tom Ochuka and Sam in Kenya). This would revolve around distance learning, with a specific focus on nutrition/food-security and poverty reduction.
      Perhaps we could consider a joint proposal which would involve several countries, linked to local and regional nutrition programs of our partners, and to the MyFoodStory project?  I can run this by my COL contact, who has been instrumental in helping Kenyan partners in the GRASSUP NOW initiative, and see what his feedback would be.  Pam, in fact, knows him too, and he has interacted as well with OVF (this is Dr Krishna Alluri, a nutrition and education specialist).
      My timeframe for this will be somewhat constrained, but the proposal is not due until the middle of January. I will start the ball rolling around mid-December if I can and there is interest in doing so, and hope we can jointly develop something which will grant-worthy.
      With all best wishes and appreciation, Janet
      Hi Pamela,
      I apologize for my delay but like I didn't know your organization before so I have been looking your web site.
      If you want I can contact with full belly project and after I will tell you the results.

      Pamela McLean <pam@...> escribi�:
      Hi Synnove

      It would be great if you would collaborate with us.

      If the Full Belly Project is appropriate for "Cawdnetters" (people in
      the CAWD network) in Nigeria, Kenya and elsewhere then I will happily
      help to link them in with the project. However I don't want to raise
      hoped unrealistically , or send people off down blind alleys.

      The first thing that needs doing is to check the site out in detail, and
      probably write a few emails to dig out missing information. Is the
      website giving information that would enable us to replicate its
      innovative work, or is it simply fundraising for an existing project
      with no interest in replication, or is it somewhere in between those

      The Full Belly Project looks good but can we *do* anything in practice,
      on the goround, as a result of reading the website and writing
      follow-up emails? If so, *what* can we do and *how* do we begin?

      If you can find answers to those kinds of questions then we can start to
      see if Cawdnetters on the ground would like to try anything out. It
      would be great if they could benefit in a practical way from the Full
      Belly Project ideas.

      I hope you will consider finding these things out for us. What do you think?


      Synn�ve Math� wrote:

      > Hi Pamela,
      > It's so possible I could colaborate with you, please feel free to
      > contact with me here or personally at synnove.mathe_ at_gmail. com
      > Synn�ve
      > */Pamela McLean <pam@...>/* escribi�:
      > Synn�ve Math� wrote:
      > > http://www.fullbell <http://www.fullbell /> yproject. org/index. asp
      > > <http://www.fullbell yproject. org/index. asp
      > <http://www.fullbell yproject. org/index. asp>>
      > >
      > > Hi, Do you think that project would be usefull??
      > This looks very interesting. I would like to connect my contacts in
      > community centres in rural Nigeria and Kenya with projects like this.
      > Sadly I am really overstretched at present and only managed a
      > quick look
      > at a couple of the web pages. - and didn't get to any place where I
      > could explore collaboration with our centres. If anyone else has
      > time to
      > check this out and help me make contact with someone interested in
      > working with us it would be much appreciated.
      > Pamela McLean
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