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News from Agnese and Andrius

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  • ms@ms.lt
    Hello Agnese! Thank you for your letter, which I share with Janet Feldman s Holistic Helping. Yes, please feel free to unsubscribe from groups if there are
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2006
      Hello Agnese! Thank you for your letter, which I share with Janet Feldman's
      Holistic Helping. Yes, please feel free to unsubscribe from groups if there
      are too many for you. You can always see all of our groups at
      http://www.ms.lt Different people are in different groups, but there is
      overlap and so we are able to help each other. Of course, we can't all fit
      in one group!

      I am currently in Nablus, Israeli-occupied Palestine, and so it is difficult
      for me to communicate by Skype. I am developing a course for nonviolent
      engagement, both theory and practice. A few days ago I engaged a little boy
      with a rock in his hand to see if he might give me the rock. Soon a crowd of
      boys surrounded us. I don't speak Arabic but I let him know that he was smart
      and strong and that he didn't need the rock. Then I showed him that I could
      do thirty push-ups and that I didn't need a rock. They were very excited and
      put down their rocks and started chanting gloriously as we marched along.
      Yesterday I went to the security checkpoint with a letter which I wrote to
      the checkpoint commander. It was delivered and then I was told to come and
      we discussed for about fifteen minutes the various kinds of "fighting
      peacefully" that they might allow by the Palestinians. So that was exciting
      to see that indeed, if approached "from their point of view" it is possible
      to do what many people think is impossible. Today I gave a three hour
      lecture in the Mathematics Department about my mathematics work and also
      nonviolence and our lab. I will be here for another two weeks.

      Yes, I'm excited by Samwel's great work in Tanzania. I am sad to hear about
      William's cruel misfortune and I wish him a quick recovery. I am glad that
      they are all working well together. I share my letter with Samwel's new
      group Mendenyo@yahoogroups.com for "motivation through sacrifice" ("men
      without food"). We're all welcome to join, send a blank message to
      mendenyo-subscribe@yahoogroups.com It's exciting to have a group led from
      Africa. Thank you to Janet, Pamela, Agnese and all for making this possible!
      Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@...


      Data , "Maria Agnese Giraudo" <mariaagnesegiraudo@...> Rašyta:
      >Dear Andrius,
      > I trayed to chat with you through Skype. I really would like to
      communicate with you, lately I couldn't read all messages and I refuse this
      kind of fragmented communication. Anyway I read the majority of messages. I
      can't follow messages of Karagal and Arabic groups.Although I'm very
      interested in developing contact with muslim people and culture. I would like
      to be more informed regarding the project set up by Mayor of Rome to join
      together the main religions into a cultural program for Rome. It
      > should be edited a magazine and organized meetings. When I'll be informed
      I'll update you.
      > Regarding the visit of Samwel in Tanzania, it is progressing well. I don't
      want to interfere into it and I see it as a Tanzanian-Kenyan initiative. I'll
      support this visit and i'll see what they decide.
      > I'm very enthousiastic of collaboration with Jeff in IFS. He is very
      expert and active..therefore I got new ideas...
      > I'm worry for William who was wounded by robbers with knife on this
      > I always in touch with him and Samwel regarding William condition , I'll
      try my best...
      > I would like to call you. Are you still In Palestine? it should be very
      interesting to know more of your trip in that area.
      > I appreciate a lot what you are doing and I'm very grateful with you.
      > All the best!
      > Maria Agnese
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