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Be my angel! Update from Andrius

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Janet, Mark, Joy, Thank you for your support for my vision and my efforts to start my business. I share a letter that I wrote to Diane Bock who is familiar
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 18, 2011
      Janet, Mark, Joy,

      Thank you for your support for my vision and my efforts to start my
      business. I share a letter that I wrote to Diane Bock who is familiar
      with Minciu Sodas and who I met in San Diego seven or so years ago.

      Andrius Kulikauskas, http://www.selflearners.net, +1 (773) 306-3807,

      Diane Bock,

      I write you because you are an understanding person. I would love for
      you to be my champion.

      I share with you my vision and then the obstacles I face to make a
      living. I appreciate your thoughts. I share my own more broadly,
      starting with my working group, Living by Truth,

      I wish to nurture a culture of self-learners. I think that in our short
      lives we can choose to live, grow, learn forever. We can choose such a
      life here and now. I think that is the will of God who loves us.

      I aim to inspire such a culture in the way that Robert Baden-Powell
      inspired scouting. You and Community Cousins http://www.cuzz.org
      inspire a culture. You also know of my work with Minciu Sodas,
      likewise, http://www.ms.lt although I've had to move on, as I write
      http://www.selflearners.net We do manifest the ideals that Jesus
      declares as the kingdom of heaven. The Pyramid of Peace
      http://www.pyramidofpeace.net is a wonderful example.

      I am contributing hundreds of ways of figuring things out that I've used
      in my philosophy and my personal life http://www.selflearners.net/ways/
      I've sketched a theory of how they fit together into a "house of
      knowledge" http://www.selflearners.net/ways/ways.php I want to write
      them up, but also share others' accounts of how they have figured things
      out. People may not care about the questions we've asked or the answers
      we found, yet they may care about the ways that we have figured things
      out, because they can apply them in their own lives as they think best.
      We can help each other find our own answers. This is a culture of the
      "poor-in-spirit" who would rather take many small leaps of faith than
      one big one. We remake our lives and our world so that all truth is
      right at hand.

      I want us to express these ways as games so they are easy and fun to
      use. Robert Baden-Powell transformed "Do unto others as you would have
      them do unto you" into a game: "Do a good deed every day". Similarly, I
      think that we can remake all of learning by illustrating deep ideas at
      play. We can find Truth and vouch for it. We can engage God through
      every way of figuring things out, starting with our favorite ways. We
      can express every aspect of our culture as games so that everyone may play.

      I'm currently living in Black America, in Chicago's South Side. This is
      the most distraught and most inspiring place I know. Here is where the
      culture of self-learners can truly prove fruitful. June Terry, who
      sings with me at St.Benedict the African, dreams of starting a day care
      for the learning disabled. She's very excited about my Face-the-Facts
      Phonics Flash Cards http://www.face-the-facts.com We've started to pray
      in twos-and-threes to make our dreams come true.

      I wonder how to make a living. I failed at that with Minciu Sodas. I
      have about $140,000 in debt. From 1998 to 2010, I had about 30 clients,
      but I could never make it work. I came back to Chicago to work as a
      tutor. I thought I would work for a few years. However, some students
      and parents complained because I told them what I think, which is that
      studying for tests and getting help with homework is generally
      counterproductive. My boss wouldn't give me students anymore and soon
      I'll have none. I'm morally very sensitive. I doubt if there is honest
      work for me. The education system, academia, the finance system, the
      health care system, the government, the nonprofit sector and the
      corporate world in general all seem to be at odds with their purposes.
      I ask God if he wants me to look for such work, and he says, No. He
      says I should apply my creative talents. He has a lot invested in me.

      I therefore thought through what I want to do, as I wrote above.

      I can be flexible as I pursue my vision. I therefore seek customers or
      sponsors for whom I would document "ways of figuring things out" in
      their domain of interest, such as math, science, engineering, computer
      science, biochemistry, genetics, medicine, law, finance, administration,
      security, journalism, fashion, cooking, agriculture, music, art, dance,
      theater, ethics and so on.
      http://www.selflearners.net/Business/Proposal There are so many
      domains. I would do great if I could find 5 or 10 customers a year who
      would each contribute $5,000 or $10,000. I think they would benefit as
      I reach out to online communities, thanking them along the way, as I did
      for Mornflake cereal's video contest, see the links here:
      http://www.selflearners.net/Network/KindWords I think the benefits will
      grow clear as we share the many "ways of figuring things out" from the
      many domains.

      Who would want to be such a customer? I seek "angel customers" who'd
      start me off.

      I imagine they would be individuals with the heart, mind and means to be
      my angel. I think of your husband, Larry Bock, who I learned of through
      you. I admire him as the founder of the USA Science & Engineering
      Festival http://www.usasciencefestival.org @USAScienceFest I would
      love to document and share ways that the scientific method is used (so
      differently in astronomy, geology, genetics...) and also how scientists
      come up with their ideas. I could interest all kinds of online groups
      in the festival. I did contact him, but please, you may be able to
      explain best.

      I have a list of people who I imagine might fund my services.
      I think of inventors such as mathematician Stephen Wolfram of Wolfram
      Alpha, Mathematica and "A New Kind of Science". Larry alerted me to
      "How Stuff Works", and the leader Jeff Arnold has now co-founded
      ShareCare for health care questions, where I could share how doctors
      figure things out. Dachis Group includes Dave Gray's XPLANE, and Dave
      is a co-author of "Gamestorming", which is central for my vision and for
      which I created a "cheat sheet" http://www.gogamestorm.com/?p=536 Kevin
      Jones is a "thought leader" in the venture capital community. I live
      about four blocks away from the Gary Comer Youth Center
      http://www.gcychome.org which is funded by the Comer Science and
      Education Foundation (Gary Comer was the founder of Land's End) but I
      can't get in the door there, even as a volunteer.

      In principle, this should all be possible. In practice, I will find out.

      I think that our culture will have a playful economy.

      I'm trying to learn that.

      I look forward to your ideas!

      Thank you,


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      +1 (773) 306-3807
      Twitter: @selflearners
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