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Hi from Andrius in Chicago

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  • ms@ms.lt
    Hi, I ll write about how I m doing. Thank you to Janet Feldman for your distressing but positive update which I include below. Samwel Kongere, Tom Ochuka, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 15, 2010
      Hi, I'll write about how I'm doing. Thank you to Janet Feldman for your
      distressing but positive update which I include below. Samwel Kongere,
      Tom Ochuka, I add my sadness to Kennedy Owino's touching letter about your
      losing your parents:

      Franz Nahrada, thank you for your letter about your thoughts for your
      Global Villages server:
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/globalvillages/message/4353 Kiyavilo, thank
      you for offering to help as well:
      http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/learnhowtolearn/message/811 My own
      wish is to make available in the Public Domain the materials that I and
      others have created these last 12 years, but make a fresh start. This
      means that I would like to have the worknets.org/wiki.cgi? pages hosted at
      the Global Villages server, but without any more writing there. If I
      could be given SSH access then it would be I think straightforward for me
      to migrate those pages there. I could use whatever ProWiki installation
      you have because the changes that I made for myself were minor and only
      affected things like logging in. I would create a read-only template with
      links to the new, active pages, wherever they may be. I don't want to use
      ProWiki in the future because it doesn't meet my needs - it is overly
      complex - it isn't open source - it doesn't have an active community of
      developers - and, perhaps most importantly, it doesn't have a leader for
      such a community. I hope that the Global Villages server might host, free
      of charge, the archives for the Minciu Sodas websites. I think this would
      be fair given that setting up the Global Villages server split our
      resources and made it untenable for me to host my own server, where I have
      been hosting many websites free-of-charge for many years, including
      globalvillages.info Otherwise, I will simply convert the ProWiki pages
      to HTML pages and have them hosted by whoever would be willing, perhaps
      Kiyavilo. Franz, please let me know if you'd like to host such an archive
      and, if so, please give me some kind of access, preferably SSH.

      Kiyavilo, I think that we could start by having me transfer includer.org
      to you. Please sign up for dotster.com and I will transfer it to you as
      the owner of the domain. The charge for the domain will, when it is due,
      be about $15 per year and you should be able to move it to another

      Pamela, thank you for your letters, and also for inspiring our chat room
      and making such great use of it over the years. I will be shutting down
      our server. But I can send you a zipped directory with the code. It
      should not be very difficult to set up on the Global Villages server or
      Dadamac server or else where. I'm in the process of reinstalling my own
      laptop - it's broken - so I hope that doesn't take too long.

      I'm writing from Chicago where I've been working for Ivy League Tutoring
      http://www.ivyleaguetutoring.biz for six weeks. Currently, I'm working
      about 30 hours per week, and earning about $3,000 per month, but starting
      this fall I hope to work about 40 hours per week and earn $4,000 per
      month. I must pay $1,800 per month for my loan payments, $300 for tax
      withholding and Social Security, $400 for rent, so my situation is rather
      tight, but if I get more hours, then I should be able to reduce my loans
      by about $24,000 per year. That means in two years I might be able to try
      again to work from Lithuania, which is my hope.

      I'm living with my friend David Ellison-Bey. His home was foreclosed in
      2008, and unfortunately, was sold just last week. At some point he'll get
      a notice of eviction, that he and I must leave in 30 days. So today I
      looked for places to live in South Shore, the neighborhood where I work.
      I'm encouraged that I can find a place, and in time, find other creative
      people who would like to live together in an "intentional community" and
      do creative projects together.

      I'm happy that I'm finding time for my goal in life, which currently is to
      do the research needed for organizing a culture of independent thinkers,
      and also, staying in touch with my loved ones in Lithuania, and creating
      in Lithuanian. I create a weekly video blog in Lithuanian
      http://www.ms.lt/tv/ which I post at Zenonas Anusauskas's internet
      television. Every week I record about 30 minutes of audio of my life
      experiences and latest philosophical ideas, then I add to that video
      footage from my life in Chicago's South Side.

      Philosophically, I'm studying the ways of figuring things out. Over the
      years, I've asked many questions and come up with many answers, but I
      think for our culture it's most important to share the methods that I've
      used to do that. I made a diagram relating more than 50 methods:
      My work is in Lithuanian. If there are people who want to commit to be
      investigators, then I can offer them some help in English, but my priority
      is to focus on Lithuania because that is the language in which I want to
      participate, especially given that I'm not paid. Thank you, Kennedy, for
      your letter and appreciation:
      I'll try to write updates in English once a month or so - I'm glad if
      others do, too - and I'm delighted to encourage other investigators - but
      in my mind, there was much too little devotion to investigation at Minciu
      Sodas, and this is perhaps the main reason why our culture was too weak to
      sustain an economy.

      I'm making the most of the great freedom that Adrian Hunter of Ivy League
      Tutoring allows me. I'm teaching reading-writing-English in terms of
      writing activities that foster empathy (through the 12 questions)
      and I'm teaching mathematics in terms of datasheet activities that help us
      think in terms of patterns and how they break down:

      Business-wise, gradually I'll be thinking of how I can make a living from
      Lithuania. My goal these next two years is to right three slim but
      intense books (say 150 pages each) explaining how to teach oneself
      reading-writing, mathematics, and investigation. I think they could be a
      big part of launching a culture of independent thinkers.

      I'm glad for what we've achieved together - thank you all! - but I'm also
      happy to start from scratch in practically every way. Please know that
      I'll be doing as little social networking as I can. But I do care about
      all who might work as investigators on their own and with the hope of some
      day, working-in-parallel, developing such a culture.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +1 (773) 306-3807

      > Dear Friends,
      > My sincere apologies for not being here more often: the year 2010 has
      > proven to be one of the most challenging I have experienced to date, and
      > for those who know something about my life, you know that is saying a lot.
      > I have been hoping to write a longer letter, along the lines of what
      > Andrius has written about his situation, but it has been hard to find the
      > time, and linked to this is that I am not as comfortable with public
      > discussions about my life situation as Andrius is. I share and sympathize
      > with your concerns, struggles, frustrations, and longings, Andrius, and am
      > sending you "uplift" and "bon courage."
      > Suffice it to say for now that my father and I are in an extremely
      > difficult financial situation, and will most likely be trying to sell our
      > home of 50 years and move somewhere smaller within months. I will need to
      > find work that pays, too.
      > I have found it increasingly hard to sustain the energy and spirit needed
      > to do full-time caregiving, while also trying to keep my own nonprofit and
      > humanitarian work going. My health is being affected now, and I am
      > overwhelmed by the immediacies of family life and needs.
      > Tom, I am very sorry to hear about your father! I am lucky to still have
      > mine, but I am preparing--as much as anyone can--to someday say goodbye,
      > sooner than later, since my father in 91. I have lost my mother already. I
      > and we wish you deepest sympathies and are sending huge support in spirit
      > your way, and love and comfort to help you through these difficult days!
      > I have been doing one project that is close to my heart: working with a
      > group of women to help women and girls in Haiti. We are coming across some
      > of the same needs and issues that have been discussed in this forum, and
      > that seem to be universal: lack of equality and the need for same,
      > sanitary products, empowerment of women and girls in all spheres of life
      > (from the social and economic to the political), violence against women,
      > the positive roles men can play in helping to change all this,
      > disabilities now affecting a much larger number of people in Haiti,
      > post-quake.
      > Wendi, your letter is very pertinent in this regard: your need and desire
      > for a centre is hugely important, and I hope that you will find the help
      > you need to set it up. I cannot help at this time for one of the same
      > reasons Andrius has mentioned: lack of finances. If I see notice of any
      > grants or other resources, I will definitely let you know.
      > Mark, Sherrie, and others who have written about Haiti: there may be more
      > of a chance now for me, and also for "us"--as Holistic Helping, Minciu
      > Sodas, or as foreigners--to work on some projects related to rebuilding.
      > It would be great if you could share anything you have been doing since
      > January in this regard, and hopefully we can find a way to link our
      > activities.
      > I can't say right now what I can do for sure, because there are so many
      > shifts and changes that happen in my life on a regular basis, but I would
      > like to explore the possibilities, as well as linking some of the needs
      > and issues in Haiti to others around which we have previously worked:
      > peace in Kenya, sanitary products and other uplifting projects (like book
      > donations) in Zimbabwe, solar power in Cameroon and Africa, economic
      > development and environmental sustainability in Tanzania and Palestine
      > (and many other parts of the world), ICTs and a focus on preservation and
      > utilization of local knowledge in Nigeria, the struggles of farmers in
      > India and globally (perhaps linked to "My Foodstory"), and the challenges
      > faced by people with differing abilities, in Kenya and everywhere in the
      > world.
      > I look forward to connecting, sharing, and hopefully finding ways to
      > create, build, grow, and dream. I do read the posts at HH and other
      > forums, so please know that any silence on my part is not from lack of
      > caring and interest, only lack of time and physical wherewithal.
      > With love and blessings to all, Janet
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