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RE: [holistichelping] Survey on women's representation in decision making

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  • Sherrie Noble
    I do not have time for a survey but will grant a few suggestions: Follow the money through inheritance and count the people of each gender with public
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      I do not have time for a survey but will grant a few suggestions:

      Follow the money through inheritance and count the people of each gender with public positions or accountable, transparent power. Look around the General Assembly of the UN and you will have all the proof you need. Policy and diplomacy control where guns cannot reach and both take money. As men are often taller than women they can see each other across rooms and communicate in many ways not easily recognized. No survey will pull this data but the inheritance and government/policy/educational positions will. Be certain to include religious leadership as well.


      Your work is important. I wish you the best. In India how many men are killed in the “honor killings”? They must be stopped and culture/tradition are no longer internationally acceptable justifications for murder. Arranged marriages are a kind of slavery and the women risk their lives in the pregnancies(with the most modern medical care there are still risks). No human being is ‘better” or “more entitled” than any other when factual reality is the underlying analytic.


      Life is real, we all share the same home and we must find new ways to live together in peace and wholeness. If you have followed medical research you should realize we are entering the age of the enhanced human, be it biochemically, through technological implants or a combination of the two. There is no roadmap for this and a good outcome is neither assumed nor guaranteed.


      Sherrie Noble


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      Subject: [holistichelping] Survey on women's representation in decision making



      Politics is still a male domain that many women have found unwelcoming or even hostile to. Societies in which traditional or patriarchal values remain strong may frown on women entering politics. On the other hand women are often more likely than men to face practical barriers to entering politics, including a paucity of financial resources, lower levels of education and access to information, greater family responsibilities, and a deprivation of rights that has left them with fewer opportunities to acquire political experience. Women also generally lack the political networks necessary for electoral success.

      Such barriers to women’s political representation are often magnified in crises societies; characterised by militarism, volatile security, political dominance of small groups of typically male élite, absence of well-established political parties, failure to include women in peace negotiations and in peace implementation structures. When political parties are based more on prominent personalities associated with a faction in conflict than on issue-focused platforms and programmes, it is harder for women to emerge as political leaders.

      I would like you to take a short survey to know your opinions to help me on my research in this link an mail it back to costy@costantinos. net 

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