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Re: May 6th First Thursday

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Thank you, Pamela, for organizing these chats. Andrius
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2010
      Thank you, Pamela, for organizing these chats. Andrius

      On 05/05/2010 03:26 AM, Pamela McLean wrote:
      > Another First Thursday coming up - so time for our "open house"
      > meeting at the worknets chat room
      > http://www.worknets.org/chat/base/home.php?arsc_language=english.
      > This is our plan for May 6th First Thursday.
      > *Informal chat before and after the main session*
      > We can chat informally before and after our main session, but in the
      > main session we will focus on two set topics. If people arrive during
      > the main session then our "usher" will greet them on behalf of all of us.
      > *Set topics for discussion*.
      > The plan is to select one topic at the start, and then reconsider our
      > topic choice half way through. The first topic will reflect the
      > interests of people who arrive first - and if they have already told
      > me what they hope to discuss then so much the better.
      > Nothing is set in stone yet, but interesting probable topics are
      > emerging. So far this week I have had discussions with two people who
      > definitely plan to attend (Graham Knight of DIYsolar and BioDesign and
      > Shubham Nagar - http://www.infoaxon.com/web/guest/team ). Their
      > interests range from Appropriate power and biochar (Graham) to Open
      > Source Applications, HIV/AIDS programmes, and comparisons between
      > rural India and rural Africa (Shubham).
      > I will know who to expect from the Dadamac Nigeria team after our
      > regular Wednesday Dadamac UK-Nigeria team meeting. *
      > *
      > *Joining in the discussion*
      > * Anyone can join in the discussion
      > * People can type in at the same time - you do not have to wait to
      > "take your turn"
      > * It is okay to have some conversations in parallel, but please
      > stick to the topic under discussion.
      > *Follow up and looking forward *
      > * Towards the end of the session we will try to collect up Any
      > Other Interests (topics we haven't had time to discuss)
      > * We can carry these other interests forward for the next First
      > Thursday meeting (June 3rd)
      > * Alternatively we have additional Thursday meetings in May -
      > "Topic Thursdays" - for people who want to continue discussing a
      > particular topic and can agree on a date.
      > *Time:* I have put the local start times below for the places that
      > "First Thursday people" are most likely to log in from.
      > 08.00 EDT Eastern Daylight Time
      > 12.00 UTC Coordinated Universal Time
      > 13.00 WAT West African Time
      > 13.00 BST British Summer Time
      > 14.00 CEST – Central European Summer Time
      > 15.00 EAT East African Time
      > 15.00 EEST East European Summer Time
      > 17.30 IST - does that stand for Indian Standard Time I wonder - it is
      > Delhi - for Vijay and Shubham
      > 20.00 MYT (Kuala Lumpur for Dary)
      > *My usual thanks to Andrius for making the chatroom available for us.*
      > Pamela*
      > *
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