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Re: [holistichelping] Tom Ochuka: lost my brother/ UPDATES ON FUNERAL

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  • tom ochuka
    Am greatfull for you care and Concern, You are my brothers too,we are beggining to make Preparations for Burial next wekend. The Body is at Alpha Near Ahero,we
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 28, 2010

      Am greatfull for you care and Concern, You are my brothers too,we are beggining to make Preparations for Burial next wekend.
      The Body is at Alpha Near Ahero,we have the body Embalmed before burial ,We will meet as afamily,we will have to get the Neccesary like Coffin,Transportation ,Mortuary bills too,We palced the Deposit so we are required to make the fila payment by Wednessday.they cahrge each day separately.
      We are expecting abour 300 people to atend our culture is so diverse and we are usualy expecting ahuge gathering of friends and relatives.
      Burial wil be in the village.

      From: Denis Kimambo <kimambodenis@...>
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      Subject: Re: [holistichelping] Tom Ochuka: lost my brother


      Dear Tom

      My prayers are with you and your family may you find strength from Edwin and keep on the good spirit that he had.

      God Bless you in this difficult times

      +254-722-388- 275
      PO BOX 17382 20100
      Kipchoge Keino Avenue
      Nakuru Players Theatre behind Bontana Hotel

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      Subject: [holistichelping] Tom Ochuka: lost my brother
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      Date: Wednesday, April 28, 2010, 12:31 AM


      Tom, I am sad to hear that you lost your brother Edwin. I am sure he
      will continue to inspire you and all who knew him. Peace and love, Andrius

      Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@..., Vilnius,

      tom ochuka wrote:
      > Dear Pamela and all,
      > Greetings to you,this is awonderfull session ,i attended one and it
      > was great,i may not attend the one tomorrow,have lost my younger
      > brother Edwin,whom have been taking care of he was orn epileptic and
      > so has been veery unfortunate, born very bright he was good in
      > mathematics and scinces,but his condition kept him on and off from school.
      > We have been strugling to get him on medicines and he recently
      > improved but last evenning his condition worsened and he died.
      > We are making fueral arrangemets like gettiing funeral arrangements
      > like mortuary bills ,buying cifin,transport etc.
      > Keep praying for us all.
      > Bye
      > Tom Ochuka
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      > *From:* Pamela McLean <pam54321@googlemail .com>
      > *To:* learningfromeachoth er <learningfromeachoth er@yahoogroups. com>;
      > post@posterous. com
      > *Sent:* Wed, April 28, 2010 1:51:22 AM
      > *Subject:* [learningfromeachot her] First Thursday continuation session
      > - April 29th
      > Thursday 29th is the continuation of our discussion on the "sawdust
      > (or bio-mass) stove". Usual time and log in details (see "Essential
      > information" at the end of this email)
      > This date was agreed by Bala, Graham and Clement when we ran out of
      > time on April 1st. I spoke to Graham today, and he and Clement had
      > just finished a yahoo chat in preparation for Thursday.
      > The meeting has been arranged to enable these activists to continue
      > their discussion, but it is not only for them. We can all learn
      > something by listening to the discussion, and we are all able to chip
      > in to ask questions and share relevant experiences.
      > Discussion areas
      > My personal hope is that we will get enough information about the
      > simple prototype "bucket" version of the stove to see if it is worth
      > trying out at Fantsuam - just to get some experience of how well
      > sawdust and other available biomass fuels perform.
      > I hope we will also touch on the "proper" (purpose built) version of
      > the stove. If the biomass fuels perform well in the "bucket stove",
      > and if people thought there would be a local demand, then we could
      > explore possibilities for a small business producing the proper stoves.
      > Local relevance
      > We should be aware that this idea for the stoves has been offered to
      > Bala and the appropriate power Special Interest Group (SIG) in Nigeria
      > as an idea that is working elsewhere and may be of interest. The SIG
      > in Nigeria is interested in exploring new ideas about power, but did
      > not specifically ask for a way to use biomass for fuel, and did not
      > ask for an alternative cooking method to the ones currently being
      > used. This means there are many practical issues to be considered
      > around the stove's possible use.
      > Electricity from biomass
      > More sophisticated biomass burners are being used to generate gas, and
      > hence electricity, but that is a different level of complexity and
      > best looked at on another occasion.
      > Apologies - Lino and Marcus would have liked to attend but Lino will
      > be flying and Marcus will be working. We will try to publish the chat
      > archive for them.
      > ****
      > *Essential information*
      > *Date:*Thursday April 1st.
      > *Time:* I have put the local start times below for the places that
      > "First Thursday people" are most likely to log in from.
      > 08.00 EDT - Eastern Daylight Time
      > 12.00 UTC - Coordinated Universal Time
      > 13.00 WAT - West African Time
      > 13.00 BST - British Summer Time
      > 14.00 CEST – Central European Summer Time
      > 15.00 EAT - East African Time
      > 15.00 EEST - East European Summer Time
      > 17.30 IST - Delhi for Vijay
      > 20.00 MYT - Kuala Lumpur for Dary
      > *Logging on* - log on at http://www.worknets.org/chat/base/ If you are
      > new then this additional information on using the chatroom
      > <http://learnbydoing uk.blogspot. com/2008/ 12/using- worknets- chatroom. html>
      > may be helpful.
      > *Come earlier or later for informal chat*
      > The main session lasts about an hour. You are welcome to turn up
      > earlier to meet and greet other early arrivals and to stay on later to
      > continue chatting. During the main session we are aiming for a more
      > focussed discussion - not quite as formal as a meeting with an agenda
      > - but heading in that direction.
      > First Thursday in May
      > The First Thursday in May will be May 6th (general election day in UK!).
      > If you have a preferred topic please let me know beforehand. I plan to
      > select one topic at the start (depending who arrives first) and focus
      > on that topic for the first part of the session. About half way
      > through we will agree the topic for the rest of the session (something
      > different or continuing the same). Topics that have not been
      > discussed, or that people want to continue discussing can be carried
      > forward. Either they can go on the suggestions list for June First
      > Thursday, or we can repeat what we did in April and have some extra
      > Thursday sessions in May. (In April we agreed two sessions where the
      > topic was twitter, and one for the sawdust/biomass stove).
      > Meeting structure (for "First Thursdays" and "Topic Thursdays")
      > We try to start the session on time, but the chatroom is open earlier
      > if you want to meet and greet any friends there beforehand.
      > There is also the possibility of continuing the core discussion after
      > the main one-hour session... but informally because the chairman
      > probably needs to leave soon after the hour is up.
      > Once the main session ends it is a good opportunity for everyone to
      > chat informally before leaving the chat room.
      > I look forward to meeting you in the chat room.
      > Pamela

    • Janet Feldman
      Dear Tom and All, Pole sana for your great loss, and our deepest sympathies to you and your family, Tom. Your brother sounds like a wonderful person whose life
      Message 2 of 4 , Apr 28, 2010
        Dear Tom and All,

        Pole sana for your great loss, and our deepest sympathies to you and your family, Tom. Your brother sounds like a wonderful person whose life was tragically cut short. But he will continue to inspire you and give you courage each day, and in that way, Edwin will truly live forever.

        With love and greatest support in spirit, Janet
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