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Re: [holistichelping] Emergency...Dear All, This is a SCAM (Janet)!

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  • Peris Jelagat
    Dear friends, Thanks all of you for the concern. As Janet mentioned, this is a scam ad I have witnessed it several times among others whose E-mail details are
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 13, 2010
      Dear friends,
      Thanks all of you for the concern. As Janet mentioned, this is a scam ad I have witnessed it several times among others whose E-mail details are intercepted by unscrupulous scammers who want to make a quick buck from friends of the contact person. I know Sam Kongere and Ken Chelimo whose E-mails have in the past been used by scammers to solicit for funds with the reason that they were stranded in the UK. Please be careful on this. It is advisable to always change your password say after 3 months and even change the e-mail address. Wendy should now be more careful and change her e-mail address. Have a careful communication.
      Peris Jelagat Kebenei

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      Subject: Re: [holistichelping] Emergency...Dear All, This is a SCAM (Janet)!


      My gosh! This is bad, How comes~ this implies that they got access to her password and read through her inbox communication.

      Janet! thanks God for you. in fact, the forum should be more observant and if possible lets have to know one another's phone number.
      gosh! i feel so bad.

      Stay blessed


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      Subject: Re: [holistichelping] Emergency... Dear All, This is a SCAM (Janet)!
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      Dear All,

      It would have been great to hear from Wendi and AK, but this is NOT her. This is a scam, one I have seen played many times. The wording is almost the same every time. Shameful!! Good thing none of us have any money :)).

      Wendi, dear friend, you may have to consider changing your email address. In fact, I am not sure it will be you reading this at all. This has happened to a number of friends, including our own Samwel Kongere, so perhaps he can give you advice as to what to do. I think he changed his email address, because the old one had been "corrupted".

      With all best wishes and blessings, Janet

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      >Hope you get this on time? Sorry I didn't inform you about my trip to Uk for a program, I am presently in Surrey and am having some difficulties here because i misplaced my wallet on my way to the hotel where my money and other valuable things were. presently my passport and my things are been held down by the hotel management pending when i make payment.
      >I need you to help me with a loan of (1,450 pounds= $2,200) to pay my hotel bills and to get myself back home. I will appreciate whatever you can afford to assist me with, I will refund the money back to you as soon as i return, let me know if you can be of any help? ASAP. I don't have a phone where i can be reached. I am so confused right now. please let me know immediately
      >Your help is much appreciated,
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