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Re: [holistichelping] To denouce crimes in the Catholic Church

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  • Peris Jelagat
    Hi All, Maria Agnese has raised a very pertinent issue with what is happening in the catholic church despite the denials by the pope, bishops and priests. In
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      Hi All,

      Maria Agnese has raised a very pertinent issue with what is happening in the catholic church despite the denials by the pope, bishops and priests.

      In Kenya where I come from, many catholic priests and bishops are known to engage in relationships mainly with widows, divorcees or single women despite the fact that they vowed to live in celibacy. Some catholic faithfuls and children have fallen victim to the machinations of these wayward clergymen but they fear to come out openly. There is already an ongoing campaign to fight against this vice being waged by human right activists mainly comprising of women. They are advising victims to come out openly and shout for their sufferings. I hope this will discouarage theclergmen from engaging in paedepholia.

      I would urge more people and organizations to come out and help in this campaign. You can contact me for more details. Thanks


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      Subject: [holistichelping] To denouce crimes in the Catholic Church


      Dear friends,
      I 'm very much shocked by pedophilia in Catholic church.  I need to shout, to join the chorus denouncing  these horrible crimes against children by  many priests everywhere. I have been educated in Catholic environment and now I don't consider me Catholic anymore, but I believe in God in all manifestations: in life itself and in all religious. But  I pray mostly  in the way I have learned in Catholic church and  I know some very good people there.

      So I don't want to be silent and  I' have to take action. 

      Still there is too much silence here...still many bishops, priests and people defend  the Church and hidden the true. I hope that in Italy we start to talk openly   to encourage people to denounce. The Pope has hidden the truth and so he is responsible too, like all bishops.

       Today I have talked  with Ramadhan , my dear friend and partner  in "Maranye", our social enterprise. I have really appreciated his deep and empathic understanding and his suffering with  me. He is Muslim and he  has so  deep understanding of life that often  we share the same vision.
      I ask Catholic church to denounce all cases in front of the justice and  go back to Jesus Teaching: to respect Humanity,  stop too much demanding  everybody chastity,  recognize and respect human sexuality.  Stop to protect its reputation that  is lost now: because has worked in the name of power, not of Jesus, also  power on weak men, deprived of their  humanity. Catholic Church is over, we don't need to preserve it. But only God knows…We only need the Truth and Respect of all Human Beings. Thanks for your attention,
      All Blessings!

      Maria Agnese

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