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1 st march Antirascism

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  • chrispinus ouma
     Dear friends  First i would like to thank all people in this forum , i would  like to apology for not been active writing on what has been happing around
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2010
       Dear friends
       First i would like to thank all people in this forum , i would  like to apology for not been active writing on what has been happing around esp here in italy on immigates . Maria has played a very big role to try to make us informed on any many issus by connecting to many Groups and Individulas
        the  1 st march event  In lecce - Puglia ( south of italy ) co-ordinated by Network Antirascism Salentina , the  security package which immigates we are agenst in italy 
      Permission to stay in points,
      the crime of illigal immigration,
      detention in CIE- increases by two months of the first 60 days.
      obligation to reside in italy for at least two year to obtain the right to citizenship for those who have married an italian
      medical  camp exposing the sick kids or in need of care, without a residence permit
       Employees, Migrates , Unemployed, Student , United in the Fight for  A world without Racism and Borders
         thanks to French  Sans Papie who launched the slogan " 1st march General Stricke Of  Migrates In Europe
      Spread these news
      stay well
      chrispinus Ouma Pamba

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      Sent: Sat, February 27, 2010 10:06:06 AM
      Subject: [holistichelping] I: Updating on corruption in Italy

      Dear friend,
      I would like you to be informed that Italy democracy is in worse situation and serious danger due to corruption and overpower of Berlusconi and right xenophobe people in his government (Lega party). We need a big change, we need to protect and develop our democracy in a multiethnic country!
      The case of Lawyer Mills  bribed by Premier Silvio Berlusconi has stopped due  bureaucratic reasons of time duration of this case.
      http://www.ansa. it/web/notizie/ rubriche/ english/2010/ 02/26/visualizza _new.html_ 1708176751. html

      Berlusconi lawyers are working to present new  laws in the parlement to prevent him to go in front of the court.
      I forward you below  information about recent cases of corruptions.
      What happens is a national mobilization of  Civil Society only by  Facebook and Blogs/Email/ sms since December 2009.  Today demonstration in Rome, A self financed mobilization! 

      To ask for EQUALITY BEFORE LAW!



      We would like to unify our mobilization with the Strike of foreigners working in Italy  on the 1 March 2010.  http://www.primomar zo2010.it/ 2009/12/1st- march-2010- strike-of- foreigners- in.html, together with  foreigners working in France.  

      Thanks for your  understanding and participation!

      Please spread these news!

      All the best!

      Maria Agnese Giraudo

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      Inviato: Gio 25 febbraio 2010, 18:16:33
      Oggetto: Corruption in Italy

      Some update about corruption in Italy
      Mr Di Girolamo elected by Mafia to help Mafia
      Corruption of Civil Protection
      Money laundering  by Telecom -Fastweb company 2billioneuro! !!
      Is it  enough?
      I go to demonstrate against Berlusconi goverment saturday 27 Febr http://www.27febbra io2010.org/
      01 I go to demonstrate for immigrates working in Italy
      Please spread these news! We need to be colonized, invaded! Or we need now people inside the country have more power, like immigrants, they can push for a revolution!
      Maria Agnese

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