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Samwel, how will you spend your team's money?

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  • ms@ms.lt
    Samwel, Thank you for your letters and your energetic work at our lab! http://www.ms.lt/?thinker=Samwel_Kongere Thank you for your connections in Nairobi and
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 18, 2006

      Thank you for your letters and your energetic work at our lab!
      Thank you for your connections in Nairobi and also in Tanzania. Please get
      permissions from people who would like to sign up for your new working group

      Samwel, thank you for your information about your new bank account which I
      received from your address skongere@...

      Samwel, How do you plan to spend your team's money - about 400 USD? Will you
      give it to individuals? and who are they? Or will you use it for something
      for your community? Or will you do both? Please tell me more so that I can
      approve and then send you the money.

      Also, when do you need the money?

      As we discussed, $500 is for you and your family so that you can provide for
      yourself until March 31, 2007, and $400 is for your team. I ask us all for
      ideas how we might help Samwel Kongere get wireless Internet access set up
      somewhere in his area so that he would not have to spend so much for
      Internet. Samwel will be coming to Europe in the fall of 2007 and he is
      interested to train regarding that. Or do we have other ideas? What would
      be most valuable for you and your community? Please know also that if you
      meet your targets then you will receive up to 500 USD bonus and also I will
      be giving bonuses to our online community for helping and they may provide
      you with more work in the future. So we can think about a bigger project if
      you are thoughtful regarding what is the smartest investment.

      Samwel, let's consider also how you could go to the World Social Forum,
      January 20-25, 2007, http://wsf2007.org/ Maria Agnese Giraudo is
      contributing to you $100 that she is earning from Jeff's team. Would you
      agree to apply that for your travel to WSF? Also, when will you send the
      translation for ProWiki? When we get that we should be able to send more
      money to you.

      The transporation costs are: Mbita- Homabay- Nairobi (USD 85) x two rounds)
      = USD 170. There is also a 5 euro registration fee.

      There is also an activity registration, which might be a good idea. Could we
      do a MinciuSodas and/or MyFoodStory activity? What do you think? Our lab
      could be part of the regular process. http://www.wsfprocess.net The deadline
      for activity registrations is November 30th 2006.

      Samwel, I don't know if you qualify as a "youth", but there will be
      accomodation for youth at the "international youth camp", see:

      There is also information about accomodation here:
      Possibilities include campgrounds and also homestays. Perhaps while you are
      in Nairobi you can find somebody who would let you stay with them and learn
      how much they might charge you or how we might best help them.

      Samwel, also one project that might be good for the World Social Forum would
      be if together we all wrote a short workbook about our lab and our network
      and how people can join our activities. You could print and distribute
      perhaps 100 booklets and also we can make them available as PDF files. Let's
      think about that! It would be great to get out a first version and then keep
      improving it.

      Samwel, Greetings to William Wambura, Helen Mahoo, Leonard Boniface, Ibrahim
      Halkano and all in Tanzania! Please tell them all that we're finding many
      good opportunities for them to help build simple websites. The need that we
      have for MyFoodStory is to take a story such as your interview with fisherman
      Tobby Manuela:
      and make a nice web page to present that information, as you have at your own
      home page. Samwel, please know that your interviews - the "raw material" - is
      the most precious thing that you can give us. It is best if people tell their
      own story, and interviews can help them to do this. Also, it is best to focus
      on one individual at a time, so we can appreciate each point of view. The
      "raw material" is most valuable, others can analyze it and study it, and
      consult with you, that is not so important. Once you collect such raw
      material, then your team in Tanzania can create pages from it, for example,
      for Janet's website http://www.kaippg.org That would be good practice, to
      try to make a page that she could add to their site. Please also let us know
      how we can help our colleagues in Tanzania, how we can help them with web
      design and other skills, and what would they like to contribute?

      Samwel, Thank you for all your great energy with which you lift us!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 (699) 30003



      The Organizing Committee has allocated a youth only sleeping bag tented area
      or camp for youth that will be available at minimal cost that covers the hire
      of the tent and ground charges. An adjacent solidarity accommodation area with
      similar facilities will also prioritize young people, should the other camp
      exceed capacity.

      The youth accommodation area is located within the WSF terrains enable young
      people to save costs on expensive accommodation and transport. It is hoped
      that the proximity of this area to the terrains will enable young people to
      fully engage through creative means in making deeper connections and
      consolidating alternatives at the IYC.

      A fee schedule, how to apply for accommodation and other pertinent
      information will soon be posted on this website.



      All participants in the World Social Forum 2007 event will have to make their
      own arrangements regarding accommodation during their stay in Nairobi. This
      means that all individuals, groups and organizations will have to make their
      own reservations, as well as take care of their own expenses.

      To accommodate the number of people expected to take part in the WSF2007
      event in Nairobi, many different types of accommodations will have to be
      used. The variety of accommodation is also intending to take into
      consideration that the participants come from all walks of life – even though
      all part of the world wide social movement.

      Hotels/Hostels/Guest Houses
      The WSF2007 secretariat has published a list of hotels, hostels, and guest
      houses in the city of Nairobi. The list includes the name and address of the
      hotel/hostel/guest house as well as basic contact information such as phone,
      fax and e-mail. Websites, where available, are also listed.

      The list of hotels is divided into tree separate sheets (top end (above US$
      100), middle (US$ 20-100), budget (below US$ 20)) according to their
      accommodation rates in US$ for single rooms. You will find the standard rates
      for single and double rooms.

      Download the list of hotels in Nairobi (xls document).

      Besides traditional accommodation in hotels and the like, WSF2007 in Nairobi
      is also providing accommodation for the participants in a number of different
      campsites. Rowallan Campsite is situated west of Nairobi City Centre and
      another campsite is found in Machakos (a town east of Nairobi). These
      campsites are open to everyone. Read more about them, and find out how to do
      you booking, here.

      International Youth Camp & Solidarity Campsite
      At the WSF2007 venue in Kasarani (Moi International Sports Centre) a specific
      youth camp (capacity of 1.000) will be established, as well as a solidarity
      campsite (capacity of 2.000), providing cheap accommodation. More information
      on these campsites, including information on rates and how to book, will be
      available soon.

      Finally WSF2007 is providing access to family home stays - where participants
      can book rooms in private homes in Nairobi. More information on this
      accommodation option, including information on rates and how to book, will be
      available soon.
    • samuel kongere
      Dear Andrius, As i have no considerable time to reply your mail, i will take afew informations here. Good I prefer as I had said before that starting up a
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 19, 2006
        Dear Andrius,

        As i have no considerable time to reply your mail, i will take  afew informations here. Good I prefer as I had said before that starting up a wireless connection in my area is the possible development my community may be hoping for. I have talked with all corresponding members of my team contributors and  concluded; a simple budget for wireless internet connection. As we were opening up an office for our local work here we compromised to get the internet wireless component and enable me to train as an expert when i visit Europe in the next fall,

        We have therefore agreed to support this and we had to change our initial thinking of the T-shirts. The group members from Udogo youth, Kinyagi women,
        Kawala women, and Rusinga Island youth development forum initiative are of the  opinion to get this 400 $ to pay initially for some more computer and start the road map for installing a wireless internet connection acros Rusinga Causeway. This in itself will allow this information interested community members get connected to the world through internet. Your thought is taken and I will send you other information needed later. We want to create a small centre for ICT here.

        Going to the World Social forum I'm looking for a place to put up when I am  there in January. I will leave Ken Owino one of us In nairobi to book for me a cheaper place. There we have to get some write ups to help in introducing people to our Lab. You can go on to print the short word book about our lab and this is a bright idea.

        I am also in need of the logo of our Lab while there I will have an official T-shirt from our Lab to help me sign up members and one lady here in nairobi is going to make me two Wonerdful MINICIU-SODAS LAB T-shirt. Let's Communicate later and remember to write me.


        Samwel Okech kongere
        Nyamuga primary school
        P.O BOX 191,
        MBITA  040305-KENYA.
        Cell: +254 725 600 439
        Community Development
        UDOGO youth development group-coordinator

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