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Re: [holistichelping] Re: Public Domain Art in Support of Self-Learning/thanks Ricardo!

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Ricardo and All, It s great to have you back among us, and I always so much appreciate your feedback, as well as your expertise and caring! It s very
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2010
      Dear Ricardo and All,

      It's great to have you back among us, and I always so much appreciate your
      feedback, as well as your expertise and caring!

      It's very exciting that you, Ken, and Tom are working together on this Sneakernet project, and that it has taken on an international dimension--and perhaps greater tech
      and communications capacity--because Ken is now in Denmark.

      It would be great to hear more about the results of the immediate work you are doing, and to see how that can be applied more broadly (in this case, among ActALIVE members).

      I am also still very interested in creating "books" and other forms of communication that can be shared broadly too, so would like to cycle back to that conversation at some point this year.

      I personally would love to be in the loop of what's happening in terms of Tom Ochuka and outreach to other deaf groups, and there may be an opportunity to work with Gallaudet University in the USA in terms of communications among groups, or at least with their database (unveiled last fall), which has names and contact info of deaf groups around the world. I tried to get a listing for Tom, but had just missed the cut-off time for the original database. I/we can submit that info now, however.

      With excitement and very best wishes, Janet

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      >Subject: [holistichelping] Re: Public Domain Art in Support of Self-Learning/collaborative arts-health project?/World Community Arts Day
      >Dear Janet, Andrius and all
      >Janet, you mention doing Video-bridges for ActALIVE members. In case it's useful for sending pre-recorded video-clips, to video pen-pals etc, and other medium/large files, this is just to let you know that Ken Owino, Tom Ochuka and I are re-jigging our Sneakernet idea.
      >Now that Ken Owino is married, he's living with his wife in Denmark for a while. So, we're taking the opportunity to establish a Sneakernet-link between Denmark (Ken Owino) and Kenya (Tom Ochuka at Deaf Impact, in the town of Ahero). We will shortly be sending Re-writeable DVDs, back and forth, every 2 weeks, to link Denmark and the broadband-connected world to Kenya.
      >From Ahero, Tom can send/receive files on flash drive by mail to other towns (Samwel in Mbita, NafsiAfrikaAcrobats in Nairobi, etc).
      >This lets anyone send large files, without the time and expense of doing long file-uploads/downloads at cyber cafes or 3G-phone. Downloads often fail and people have to start again.
      >Ken Owino can send/receive files by broadband internet from Denmark, allowing other friends in Europe/USA to send/receive files via Ken to/from Kenya.
      >Ken is ready to send the first parcel to Tom, with a data-disk and some spare blank DVDs. We hope to get the service tested and up-and-running over the next few months.
      >A single DVD can hold 4.7GB of files, and we can send more than one disk. That allows people to be 'wasteful' and send longer videos, etc.
      >The idea is that Ken Owino will just forward files to/from people, not accept requests to find files/articles on the internet. His spare-time is limited. Also, it would help if organisations could just send him a single ZIP file, if they have a lot of files to send.
      >I'll let you know when we've finished testing, and other people can use this Sneakernet link. It could be useful for sending photos/scans of paintings etc between USA/Europe and Kenya. Tom wants to use it to reach other deaf groups.
      >--- In holistichelping@yahoogroups.com, "Janet Feldman" <kaippg@...> wrote:
      >> Dear Andrius and All,
      >> Hello and great to see you posting about art, your own and what you hope to do with others! I hope that a number of people in the forums cc'd will be interested in participating in one way or another.
      >> I would certainly love to talk further about working together on a project of some kind: I have long been interested in the possibility of video-bridges for ActALIVE members, so we can talk more directly about our work, share best practices, and hopefully plan collaborative activities.
      >> A project with some of the elements that you will be using would also be very intriguing: some of the questions you are asking could be used or modified for other situations, in this case to elicit self-reflection and interpersonal understanding regarding HIV/AIDS, which is the primary focus of ActALIVE members.
      >> I look forward to examining this further and hopefully doing something together along these lines in 2010! In the meantime, please keep going down this creative path, as it is so important in and of itself, and will help to inform whatever other work you do. A wonderful "balancing element" to your focus on "thought", and a great way to include it in your artistic pursuits.
      >> I hope you'll also participate in World Community Arts Day, this coming Wednesday, Feb 17th!! I will send that post along to the forums tonight...and if you are not getting mail from ActALIVE yet, perhaps you would consider changing that setting, so you do.
      >> Thanks and artistic affections to you and all! Janet
      >> *****************************************
      >> Hi Janet and all,
      >> I'm working to define and organize a culture of independent thinkers.
      >> I'm using art as a means to think through and express that. I share my
      >> recent proposal which is relevant for self-learning. I am glad to learn
      >> of anybody with similar interests and any relevant resources or
      >> opportunities.
      >> Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@...
      >> -------------------------------
      >> Background
      >> --------------------------------
      >> I am writing from the Hotel Karolinenhof in Vienna, Austria where I am
      >> an artist-in-residence for February, 2010. I have created a 3 meter
      >> painting "Do I know you?"
      >> http://www.flickr.com/photos/50525222@N00/4345880583/sizes/l/
      >> I portray the questions by which I get to know a person as a thinker:
      >> 1. What do you care about?
      >> 2. Do you care about thinking?
      >> 3. What do you value?
      >> 4. What do you seek to know?
      >> 5. What do you wish to achieve?
      >> 6. Would you think out loud?
      >> 7. Where do you think best?
      >> 8. What is your dream in life?
      >> 9. How can we help each other?
      >> 10. What do you truly know about?
      >> 11. What lessons can you share?
      >> 12. What do you know of God?
      >> This is the order that I've found productive as I've engaged thousands
      >> of people in conversation for my laboratory, Minciu Sodas
      >> http://www.ms.lt, of independent thinkers. Answers to the earlier
      >> questions provide credibility for answers to the later questions. My
      >> painting is a journey of getting to know a thinker.
      >> Tomorrow evening, I'm putting up this painting at the Vienna University
      >> lecture hall C1, which the students have been occupying as part of a
      >> broad movement in German speaking countries to protest the Bologna
      >> agreement and the replacements of diplomas with bachelor's and master's
      >> degrees. I will include empty space below for students to write and
      >> draw their own answers to the questions. Also, the painting is meant as
      >> a backdrop for "avatars" (illustrations of students (portraits), their
      >> values (stars), their questions (vehicles)) etc. The students' initial
      >> response is very positive because they are looking to constructive
      >> alternatives to the current system.
      >> These next two weeks I'm painting a 10 meter version. I will be working
      >> on this at the WERK Kulturzentrum, a 1400 square meter culture center,
      >> which is being renovated and will open in April. I will go there right
      >> after the Istanbul meeting and do a show there for one month of my
      >> painting and of triangular columns, each depicting the "dream in life"
      >> of an independent thinker, starting with Franz Nahrada. In May, I'm
      >> also doing a related show for one month at the Uzhupis Galera. These
      >> shows will be interactive, encouraging people to draw and write their
      >> own answers, to create avatars and to improvise and perform their own
      >> creative works. All of this work is in the Public Domain.
      >> --------------------------------------
      >> Proposal
      >> --------------------------------------
      >> I propose to exhibit at our Istanbul meeting of COMMUNIA this 10 meter
      >> painting "Do I know you?" This painting is on paper and thus can be
      >> hung in a wide variety of environments.
      >> I would lead an activity for people who wish to answer these questions.
      >> They could write down their answers and post them. Also, they might
      >> design their own avatars which can be placed on this painting and
      >> scanned in digital form. They would either draw them themselves or
      >> others would help them draw them as they explain. Finally, we would
      >> share and discuss our answers to these questions as well as share
      >> related thoughts about education.
      >> I would then incorporate the scanned avatars into a slide show
      >> presentation that could be screened with a projector on a wall to show
      >> some of the creative possibilities. Michael Schreiber, a video jockey
      >> (VJ) in Vienna has opened my eyes to that and the value of Public Domain
      >> material for streams of art.
      >> Our work could fit into the schedule in many ways. It could take place
      >> on April 17 or 18, possibly alongside working group meetings, or at the
      >> Sozbir Hotel. I could present our work briefly as part of the
      >> presentations on April 19.
      >> It would be helpful to have a budget (300 EUR to 600 EUR) for art
      >> supplies for my work and the works that we create. I can provide from
      >> my own supplies if that is not possible.
      >> I would be very glad to work with students and others who might be
      >> interested.
      >> I would be happy to organize a longer exhibit at a space in Istanbul if
      >> there is such a possibility.
      >> Andrius
      >> Andrius Kulikauskas
      >> Minciu Sodas
      >> http://www.ms.lt
      >> ms@...
      >> +370 699 30003
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