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  • Kennedy Owino
    Hi Andrius, First, my apologies for not having been so much active in contribution. I am happy that you identified me with a working group and gave me that
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 19, 2010
      Hi Andrius,

      First, my apologies for not having been so much active in contribution.
      I am happy that you identified me with a working group and gave me that space to moderate, and post my ideas.
      I have made a million steps ahead and really benefited from the forum-A journey i want to continue with.
      You have helped me lead the path, moulded me, empowered me by embracing and working positively around my ideas.

      They say knowledge is power, and it is this power that we have yet to explore to power our future.
      With schooling abundant in many areas, it is usually not a problem to go to school every day.
      For me, the reality of going to school to the levels i desired was not a possibility.
      Certain areas of issues i desired to learn but did not, i find it in your social forum today, i meet great minds, and work on ideas i shied away from before.
      This capacity has become vital to enhancing my everyday live.
      It is a profound work you are doing Andrius and a nourishing platform you are providing, bravo!
      M.S.L has been like a virtual classroom for me, it has been a gift of learning, sharing and meeting with People from different levels of life.
      Inviting Nafsi Africa Acrobats to Lithuania for the Communia meeting in 2008, was an inspiration and a wake-up call that there is much we can do with or beyond our talent and career-acrobatics.

      My wish this Year is to continue my spirited support, efforts, involvement and active participation in Minciu Sodas.
      At the moment, i am based in Denmark, a different environment from Kenya.
      I am reflecting on the concepts, social sorts and areas of investigation that i would work on now.

      I am working with Youths at a local Youths Community Center (
      (www.frontloberne.dk/)and training children of a famed Children Circus called Flying Super kids ( www.flyingsuperkids.dk) in Arhus City.

      With the Youths, it is is a cross-cultural exchange consisting of a series of arts-based workshops intended to instill confidence, promote self-empowerment, and use the creative process to develop tools for community and self configuration. 

      The key element is the exchange, which occurs through the workshop's motivation in presenting the professional works of the other's culture and allowing for a point of correspondence by understanding the affinities that bleed beyond border lines.

      I have been brains storming on the possibilities of carrying ahead with the video-bridging idea.  ubuntuvoices1850

      Initiate an exciting on-line discussion forum that aims to connect Youths in kenya with Youths and organizations in Denmark and probably beyond.

      The idea isn't fully formed yet, but the notion is to create a forum where Youths all over the world (eventually) can come together and discuss issues of poverty, Arts, HIV, networking, etc.

      Anyway, these are just thoughts i am brewing.

      We got the Sneakernet project started again, and in the mean time it is a files exchange phase between Tom Ochuka in Kisumu and me.

      I believe Ricardo gave an in depth of this in his posting on the Mendenyo.

      I am organising a possible tour for Nafsi Africa Acrobats between the Months of June to September.

      This is in collaboration with the Diaspora Community of Kenyans, the Kenyan Community in Lecce headed by Chris Ouma Pamba.

      Already we have a confirmed possibility to perform in a two days festival in Torino in June.

      I am consolidating links and organising a possibility of getting invitations and tickets to Italy.
      I am also linking up with organisations who may support our focuss of providing a Europe-Kenya intercultural bridge towards artistic development.
      And i just remembered, the COMMUNIA meeting in Torino, Italy on June 28-30, 2010.
      We are really interested in making a participation, suppose we will be in Italy.

      I will share more in my next postings.


      Ken Owino
      Nafsi Africa Acrobats

      From: Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...>
      To: nafsiafrikasaana@yahoogroups.com; Kennedy Owino <nafsiafricaacro@...>; communia-members@...-project.eu; earthtreasury@yahoogroups.com; mendenyo@yahoogroups.com; globalvillages@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Mon, August 10, 2009 5:44:33 PM
      Subject: Nafsi Afrika Acrobats and COMMUNIA in Torino, Italy

      Kennedy Owino and all of the Nafsi Afrika Acrobats,

      I note that you are touring Italy and will be giving a performance in Torino at Agape Ecumenico "Without Borders" tackling the issue of migration. http://www.agapecentroecumenico.org/sito/index.php?name=EZCMS&page_id=331&menu=80901

      I encourage you to try to meet with Juan Carlos de Martin and other leaders of COMMUNIA as they are based in Torino.

      Also, next year we have a COMMUNIA meeting in Torino, Italy at June 28-30, 2010 and Minciu Sodas will focus on coming together then.  This COMMUNIA conference (with a special focus on the future of universities) will be right before the start of the EuroScience Open Forum 2010, http://esof2010.org

      Kennedy and Juan Carlos, I also encourage you to link with the global village of Damanhur http://www.damanhur.org http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federation_of_Damanhur
      they are social innovators, about 50 km north of Torino.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      Dukiskes, Lithuania

      Kennedy Owino wrote:

      Dear Andrius and All,

      I am so happy to read the positive postings going on and the amazing positive energy in the forum.

      I am sorry i have been away for awhile due to strives to make ends meet.
      I have been busy preparing my team for an Europe tour and i am not updated on most of the past postings in my absence.
      However, i appreciate and feel empowered by Great minds  of Andrius, Janet, Pam, Ricardo, Samuel, Tom Ochuka, Dennis, Benoit and everyone.

      On behalf of Nafsi Africa Acrobats i would like to appreciate the space you have provided here that has enlightened us in our endeavors traversing the Globe participating in conferences and performing in forums addressing Peace, Development, holistic approaches, humanity, and environmental concerns.
      Six of us are touring Europe (Italy, Turkey, Germany) between 8th August to 4th Oct 2009
      for a Youth conference and some series of performances.
      We will be in Agape Ecumenico(Turin) sharing with other youths drawn from various corners of the World in a conference Themed "Without Borders"
      In Istanbul- Turkey we will be perfoming together with over 100 Artists from 25 Countries in USSFEST (www.ussfest.com), a festival whose purpose is to draw attention and raise income towards to the plight of Street Children.
      While in Italy, we will perform in series of Shows Organised courtesy of Chris Ouma Pamba (Kenya community in Lecce), Amnesty International, Maria Agnes Giraudo, and Kenya Embassy in Rome.
      Our Shows are meant to send Peace messages and the necessity of People to embrace each other and remove all those barriers that spark enemity and wars.
      We are energised by the powerful believe of " One candle does not die out because of lighting another candle"

      I will try to from time to time update myself on the postings in the Forum, However i apologise i will not be able to give in my full participation or answer to most of the threads.
      For any urgent information please inbox me or reach me on+393349262896.
      I wish you all the best.


      Ken Owino
      Nafsi Africa Acrobats


      Dear All,

      As mentioned at the last COMMUNIA plenary assembly,
      the final COMMUNIA conference will be held in Torino
      on 28-30 June 2010 (just before the start of the
      EuroScience Open Forum 2010, http://esof2010.org/).

      The conference will focus on the theme of
      "universities & the commons/cyberspace"
      (final title yet to be decided; an abstract will
      be made available shortly).

      The event will be jointly organized by
      the Nexa and Berkman Centers for Internet & Society
      (respectively at the Politecnico di Torino and
      at Harvard University).

      I am writing you not only to invite you to save the date,
      but also to invite those of you who are at academic institutions
      - or in institutions that are stakeholders regarding the future of
      universities - to start thinking about the conference:
      we are, in fact, eager to involve all COMMUNIA
      members willing to contribute to the process.

      Thanks, best,

      juan carlos

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