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Public Domain Art in Support of Self-Learning

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Hi Janet and all, I m working to define and organize a culture of independent thinkers. I m using art as a means to think through and express that. I share my
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 11, 2010
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      Hi Janet and all,

      I'm working to define and organize a culture of independent thinkers.
      I'm using art as a means to think through and express that. I share my
      recent proposal which is relevant for self-learning. I am glad to learn
      of anybody with similar interests and any relevant resources or

      Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@...


      I am writing from the Hotel Karolinenhof in Vienna, Austria where I am
      an artist-in-residence for February, 2010. I have created a 3 meter
      painting "Do I know you?"
      I portray the questions by which I get to know a person as a thinker:
      1. What do you care about?
      2. Do you care about thinking?
      3. What do you value?
      4. What do you seek to know?
      5. What do you wish to achieve?
      6. Would you think out loud?
      7. Where do you think best?
      8. What is your dream in life?
      9. How can we help each other?
      10. What do you truly know about?
      11. What lessons can you share?
      12. What do you know of God?
      This is the order that I've found productive as I've engaged thousands
      of people in conversation for my laboratory, Minciu Sodas
      http://www.ms.lt, of independent thinkers. Answers to the earlier
      questions provide credibility for answers to the later questions. My
      painting is a journey of getting to know a thinker.

      Tomorrow evening, I'm putting up this painting at the Vienna University
      lecture hall C1, which the students have been occupying as part of a
      broad movement in German speaking countries to protest the Bologna
      agreement and the replacements of diplomas with bachelor's and master's
      degrees. I will include empty space below for students to write and
      draw their own answers to the questions. Also, the painting is meant as
      a backdrop for "avatars" (illustrations of students (portraits), their
      values (stars), their questions (vehicles)) etc. The students' initial
      response is very positive because they are looking to constructive
      alternatives to the current system.

      These next two weeks I'm painting a 10 meter version. I will be working
      on this at the WERK Kulturzentrum, a 1400 square meter culture center,
      which is being renovated and will open in April. I will go there right
      after the Istanbul meeting and do a show there for one month of my
      painting and of triangular columns, each depicting the "dream in life"
      of an independent thinker, starting with Franz Nahrada. In May, I'm
      also doing a related show for one month at the Uzhupis Galera. These
      shows will be interactive, encouraging people to draw and write their
      own answers, to create avatars and to improvise and perform their own
      creative works. All of this work is in the Public Domain.


      I propose to exhibit at our Istanbul meeting of COMMUNIA this 10 meter
      painting "Do I know you?" This painting is on paper and thus can be
      hung in a wide variety of environments.

      I would lead an activity for people who wish to answer these questions.
      They could write down their answers and post them. Also, they might
      design their own avatars which can be placed on this painting and
      scanned in digital form. They would either draw them themselves or
      others would help them draw them as they explain. Finally, we would
      share and discuss our answers to these questions as well as share
      related thoughts about education.

      I would then incorporate the scanned avatars into a slide show
      presentation that could be screened with a projector on a wall to show
      some of the creative possibilities. Michael Schreiber, a video jockey
      (VJ) in Vienna has opened my eyes to that and the value of Public Domain
      material for streams of art.

      Our work could fit into the schedule in many ways. It could take place
      on April 17 or 18, possibly alongside working group meetings, or at the
      Sozbir Hotel. I could present our work briefly as part of the
      presentations on April 19.

      It would be helpful to have a budget (300 EUR to 600 EUR) for art
      supplies for my work and the works that we create. I can provide from
      my own supplies if that is not possible.

      I would be very glad to work with students and others who might be

      I would be happy to organize a longer exhibit at a space in Istanbul if
      there is such a possibility.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
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