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Re: Dennis Kimambo and Somalia

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Dennis, Thank you. They sound like a dedicated group of people. I suppose there are many ways they can go forward. If there is some outside group that might
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 10, 2010
      Dennis, Thank you. They sound like a dedicated group of people. I
      suppose there are many ways they can go forward. If there is some
      outside group that might pay me significantly ($25,000 for previous work
      in Kenya plus $10,000 per month) then I could work as I did in the
      Pyramid of Peace. Otherwise, I don't know what I could contribute, but
      certainly others might.

      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas


      Hello Dear Friends

      I attach a profile sent to me my Abdul who i met while in Tanzania and
      they are keen to work and help there fellow youth in Somalia they have
      there numbers there and can be assisted for a better Somalia.

      Kind Regards Always

      PO BOX 17382 20100
      Kipchoge Keino Avenue
      Nakuru Players Theatre behind Bontana Hotel

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      From: Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...>
      Subject: [holistichelping] Dennis Kimambo and Somalia
      To: "help group" <holistichelping@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2010, 8:57 AM

      dennis kimambo wrote:

      > > Hi Andrius can you kindly send me a mobile number that i can
      call you
      > > with i have some airtime and i would like to call you and talk
      to you
      > > if you dont mind.
      > >

      Hi I spoke with Dennis and he met some Somalians who learned about the
      Pyramid of Peace http://www.pyramido fpeace.net and would like to do
      something similar there.

      I need to focus on my financial situation. One thing that I can do and
      should do is to write to Kofi Annan on behalf of myself and perhaps he
      could fund my work in Somalia.

      My phone number in Austria is:
      +43 68120426971
      My Skype is:

      Dennis will write to Holistic Helping but I imagine that I would work on
      this at Fighting Peacefully.
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/fightingpe acefully/


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      http://www.ms. lt


      Somalia Youth & Students Ururka
      Association, Garowe Ardayda ee Soomaaliya

      Tell: 252 90 747030/846395; Email: sysa.org@...
      Garowe, Puntland State of Somalia; Office of the Ex. Director
      A. Background of the Organization
      Somali Youth and Students Association was established on 20th February
      2003 by a group of young educated people in Garowe, Puntland Somalia.
      The association was formed to cope with the consequences of the outbreak
      of the civil war in Somalia earlier in 1991 following the collapse of
      the central government of Somalia. As the result of the civil upheaval
      and intermittent inter clan fighting, many young boys and girls died
      while others were displaced within the country and many more crossed the
      borders in search of peace and better life. This has put the lives of
      many of these young people in danger while those who survived today live
      without access to basic social life including food, Water and basic
      education. SYSA is a Non-Governmental, Non-Profit making and
      Non-Political Organization; it is rather a local Somali humanitarian
      organization that has been working in Nugal Region particularly in
      Garowe since it’s inception in 2003.
      B Vision:
      Enhanced living condition with access to basic human rights, education
      and equal opportunities for the both boys and girls for both
      disadvantaged young people and students in Nugal Region, Puntland
      whether host communities and IDPs.
      C. Mission:
      Alleviate the suffering of the Somali youth groups & Students in Nugal
      Region, Puntland though building self-reliance attitude by providing
      free education, gender equity and by raising their awareness level on
      basic human rights and education.
      D. Core Values:
      1. Transparency 2. Accountability 3.Volunteerism 4.Sympathy & solidarity
      with disadvantaged and vulnerable groups 5.Integrity 6. Gender Equality
      7. Impartiality
      E. Current & Future Objectives:
      To undertake programs that contributes toward youth & student developments.
      Promoting youth & student participation in regional, National, and
      International conferences in order to foster youth participation in all
      social life activities, whether Politically, Economically, and socially.
      To promote gender equality and equity in the region with a view to
      create a healthy society at large.
      To improve the capacity of youth & student in order to enhance a level
      knowledge and skills through provision of free education.
      Eliminate the economic exploitation of child labor and protect young
      girls at work.
      To participate in decision-making process and rebuilding the national
      infrastructures which were destroyed in the protracted civil war in the
      To create an atmosphere of peace and reconciliation throughout Punt land
      in General and in Nugal Region in particular.
      Conduct awareness campaigns in order to minimize the risk of the
      HIV/AIDS epidemic disease which is nowadays spreading rapidly.
      To organize many different teams of players as mentioned below to
      promote both the relations and integration of youth & student in all
      parts of the country.
      Promote leadership and good governance to create and maintain community
      that is aware of the need for application of rule of law and
      restoration of law and order
      To advocate for equal opportunity for the internally displaced people
      (IDPs) in Puntland to get access to basic community services in their
      areas of residence.

      F. Major Achievements of SYSA:

      The Organization (SYSA) has so far accomplished the following activities:

      Established football play grounds for football tournaments at the end of
      Organized and held football tournament for Intermediate school students
      for education campaign of showing unity among the Somali youth in Garowe
      in 2004 and 2005 .
      Support of all United Nations International Days such as:
      a) 21st of September-World Peace Day
      b)16 June-African Child Day
      c) 8th of March- the International Women Day

      SYSA also carried out many campaigns such as the HIV/AIDS and community
      SYSA conducts weekly HIV/AIDS and FGM awareness campaigns for Eight 8
      primary and informal schools in Garowe.
      Provide Women and Young children in Nugal Region with essential skills
      to cope with present and future challenges facing them in the region.
      Enable them to use the same skills to work for peace building,
      reconciliation, conflict resolution and development within their
      Care for street children where necessary and facilitate rehabilitation.
      Facilitate prevention and Care for HIV/AIDS patients, home based or
      Educate, Advocate and motivate communities for the attainment of primary
      social needs and other key social issues of cultural beliefs and
      perceptions of bad practices.
      Data collection and documentation of Human Rights abuses in Nugal Region
      SYSA gives priority to IDPs and vulnerable students who are given
      access to learn freely and also assisted with educational materials such
      as Books, Pen, and school uniforms,
      1.Education for children and youth groups
      2.Sports & Youth Development
      3.Human Rights with focus on Child Rights
      4.Capacity building programs
      5.Awareness-raising on HIV/AIDS and other harmful practices such as
      Female Genital Mutilation
      6.Gender equality and mainstreaming
      H. Current Activities:
      Running formal School for IDPs camps in Wadajir Village in Garowe
      Awareness raising on child education for IDP families in Garowe
      HIV/AIDS project funded by Staying Alive Foundation
      Child protection project funded by Oxfam Novib Netherlands
      I. Relationships/Partners:
      Oxfam Novib
      Ministry of Labour, Youth & Sports of Punt Land
      Ministry of Education of Punt Land
      Ministry of Health
      Puntland AIDS Commission Secretariat (PAC)
      Ministry of women & Development Affairs
      Education development Center (EDC)
      The Structure of the SOMALI YOUTH AND STUDENTS ASSOCIATION Board of
      Directors has the following chart of governing strategy:
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