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Re: [holistichelping] My Math Story - Please comment!( yOU WILL SUCCED)

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  • tom ochuka
    Dear Andrius and all,  Have begun the work this year with lots of challenges have had my mum sick and down with Annemia,This project is wonderfull , I would
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 5, 2010
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      Dear Andrius and all,
       Have begun the work this year with lots of challenges have had my mum sick and down with Annemia,This project is wonderfull , I would like to recomemd you,coment on this and coment on the work the MS Lab is spreading,
      Soince its inception Ms  has played roles in colabopration by Adding groups to mulyiply the surport needed to run this lab,with this there has been no divided minds but subtracted Porverty in all Regions,
      I CAN SAY all the best to this project it will ,in future bring to multyply surport to all in this lab, and espexcially to the deaf comunity,
      I trust and belive that as always you will succeded in this funding.
      God bless you,
      Tom Ochuka

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      Subject: [holistichelping] My Math Story - Please comment!

      Hi, I submitted a $125,000 proposal "My Math Story" for the DML
      competition.  Please add your comments at:
      or simply reply to this letter.  The more comments we get, the more
      chance this proposal will win and I will give lots of paid work for our
      teams.  If you've ever received paid work from Minciu Sodas, or if you'd
      like us to continue our good work, please do submit your comments or
      reply to this letter.
      Thank you!
      Andrius Kulikauskas

      Ananya Guha wrote:
      > Dear Andrius,

      > This is a terrific idea. This will help in subverting the maths
      > phobia, which we find in students. It will help to connect maths with
      > real life situations. Great.

      > Ananya S Guha.

      > On 1/23/10, *Andrius Kulikauskas* <ms@... <mailto:ms@...>> wrote:
      >    I send below my application for the Digital Media and Learning
      >    Competition. On January 25 they will invite comments (I ask us for
      >    them!) and I will then resubmit by February 15th. If you'd like to
      >    be a
      >    partner for this application, and get some paid work as part of our
      >    team, please let me know and also the institution you represent. (I
      >    took the liberty to include Franz Nahrada of GIVE and Josephat
      >    Ndibalema
      >    of UYOGA).
      >    Greetings from Franz Nahrada's video communication seminar in Vienna,
      >    Austria where participants include Pamela McLean, Markus Petz, Thomas
      >    Chepaitis, Julius Galdikas, Julija Astrauskiene, and today we were
      >    surprised to have Wael Al Saad of Palestine join us, too, for the
      >    remaining week.
      >    Andrius
      >    Andrius Kulikauskas
      >    Minciu Sodas
      >    http://www.ms.lt <http://www.ms.lt/>
      >    ms@... <mailto:ms%40ms.lt>
      >    +370 699 30003
      >    My Math Story
      >    $125,000 for one-year
      >    We collect mathematical quantities (amounts and units) and classic
      >    math
      >    problems (and the deep ideas they illustrate) so as to foster
      >    mathematical intuition that arises from working with real life
      >    problems
      >    as oppose to contrived ones. We link up to help real activists around
      >    the world.
      >    Mathematics is traditionally taught through repetition of contrived
      >    problems which destroy mathematical intuition because they lack any
      >    meaningful context. Instead, we create formats to encourage the
      >    collection of real life applications, and indeed collect many
      >    ourselves. We start by collecting quantities that arise in the real
      >    world (including news stories, almanacs, technical specifications)
      >    and
      >    organize them by amount (increasing) and unit (such as meters,
      >    seconds,
      >    dollars, grams, liters, bits, decibels, watts, meters per second,
      >    etc.)
      >    We create navigation tools so students can grasp orders of magnitude
      >    using their own favorite examples. We also collect illustrative
      >    problems, for example: suppose a meal at the cafeteria costs X=$9,
      >    and
      >    at the restaurant it costs one-third more, but you have a coupon for
      >    "one-third off" at the restaurant, where is it cheaper? (At the
      >    restaurant it will be $12 minus one-third which is $8, which shows
      >    that
      >    the meaning of "one-third" changes, and so this classic problem
      >    illustrates the deep idea that algebra is thinking step-by-step.) We
      >    show that several dozen thoughtful problems can teach all of algebra.
      >    We create interfaces to generate variants of such problems which
      >    students can post along with comments. We link the problems with real
      >    life stories of "witnesses" from news, educational, activist and
      >    social
      >    networking sites. We especially encourage real life connections with
      >    witnesses-activists from the developing world, including hundreds
      >    that
      >    we organize to help us collect real math applications and to staff a
      >    chat room for interactive learning. All content will be Public
      >    Domain.
      >    We create formats so this activity can be done at wikis (including
      >    Wikipedia), YouTube, Flickr, and shared via RSS. We help a variety of
      >    websites host specialized collections and aggregate feeds so that our
      >    formats take root across the web.



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