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Story Project Response (Andrius: FoodStory site feedback too)

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Andrius, John, and All, Hello and what an exciting idea! I d love to collect stories on the following subjects: 1) storytelling related to health and
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 17, 2006
      Dear Andrius, John, and All,

      Hello and what an exciting idea! I'd love to collect stories on the following subjects:

      1) storytelling related to health and development (ie I'm thinking of ActALIVE members and their work using the arts--including storytelling--to address HIV/AIDS)

      2) stories from women and youth about their challenges and lives

      3) best practices related to arts and activism on a variety of issues, esp with an emphasis on a "holistic" approach

      4) community currency stories

      I still indeed to tell my MoneyStory anecdotes as soon as possible, John, and sorry I dropped the ball on that!

      Andrius, speaking of telling stories, I'd love to consider placing stories related to the MyFoodStory project on the KAIPPG site, and thanks for asking! I will hope to be collecting stories from KAIPPG members/clients in any case, so there will be a connection between the organization and this project. The only caveat: my webmaster is basically unavailable now, so I will need someone to do the postings (HTML). Who can do that?

      With blessings and yours in storied spirit, Janet

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      >Sent: Nov 16, 2006 2:37 PM
      >To: socialagriculture@yahoogroups.com, cyfranogi@yahoogroups.com
      >Cc: fightingpeacefully@yahoogroups.com, ethicaldesign@yahoogroups.com, livingbytruth@yahoogroups.com, lovingGod@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [socialagriculture] Story directory, repository, registry - and investigations
      >Yesterday I showed John Rogers the online interface which I created for
      >collecting food stories at http://www.myfoodstory.info John is one of the
      >founders of the Wales Institute for Community Currencies
      >http://wicc.newport.ac.uk/ and this spring they funded work at our lab to
      >create an Online Learning Environment for learning about community currency.
      >I'm glad that our work for WICC has prepared us for and is overlapping with
      >our current work on MyFoodStory. Indeed, I have been able to adapt a similar
      >interface for stories about our "money mind" at
      >http://www.cyfranogi.com/moneymind/ and we can add stories that I've been
      >tagging from our letters, there's a list at:
      >I'm also thinking ahead that we'd like to create such repositories for
      >* nonviolent engagement (and the course I'll be writing up in Nablus)
      >* architectural pattern languages and/or global villages
      >* conceptual structures (as for the GlossaryOfStructures I'm interested to
      >* relationships with God - supporting God's interest in how he might approach
      >every one of us - to the extent that we might imagine God as doing so
      >And just about any question that we might be investigating that builds on
      >objectively collecting and analyzing our subjective experiences.
      >Our sensitivity to copyright issues and our need for social networking is
      >giving shape to our approach:
      >* Storyteller Directory - We collect relatively short excerpts, usually from
      >the web, that show that a person has a story to tell. As much as possible, we
      >quote their own words, and of course we link to the original source and give
      >the copyright terms and whether or not we've received their permission yet.
      >We do not store their contact information but simply link to it. We set up
      >such a web page as an Invitation for them to participate, which we can follow
      >up at some point with an email letter. So the Invitation has status
      >Recommended (when we post it), Invited (when we send out an email) and then
      >either Accepted or Declined.
      >* Storyteller Repository - Those storytellers who are interested are welcome
      >to have us be their repository for their materials which might be plain text
      >but also include documents, pictures, audio or video. The materials should
      >be Public Domain except as noted, which is to say, we ask the storytellers to
      >place their copyright requirements, if any, within the works themselves. We
      >can also collect and aggregate their posts and letters (in the Public Domain
      >except as noted) through RSS feeds that they list for us (we can pick out the
      >notes for which they are the authors). We can be their place for storing
      >their contact information, or we can read it from a web page they keep at
      >their own website. We can work with them or they can have an online
      >representative who takes care of everything for them.
      >* Storyteller Registry - We work as an official registry to indicate the
      >relationships that the storyteller has with various websites that present
      >their stories. The same story materials may be used by different sites in
      >different ways. We also provide web designers - such as our team in Tanzania
      >that Samwel Kongere is visiting - who can inexpensively create simple custom
      >web pages that present these stories.
      >This is all quite simple to code and isn't much more complicated than what
      >I've already created. So next week I hope to improve these prototypes. I'm
      >finding the tags to be useful and - thanks to Helmut Leitner - nicely
      >integrated with related wiki pages, see how we've integrated them at:
      >Any thoughts on "stories" that you'd like to collect? Please let me know.
      >I'm wondering if it would make sense to have one site where we collect them
      >all, but perhaps its better to have distributed sites and have them share
      >stories as needed.
      >I will be going through our investigatory questions and working with us to
      >make investigatory plans - typically, to collect certain kinds of "stories"
      >and then group and analyze them. That is, in my experience, an effective way
      >of getting objective results about subjective experiences.
      >Andrius Kulikauskas
      >Minciu Sodas
      >+370 (699) 30003
      >Andrius: Hi John, Greetings from Jerusalem! How are you? Thank you
      >for all of your letters. I'm wondering if you saw the software I've built for
      >collecting stories at http://www.myfoodstory.info and now also at
      >http://www.cyfranogi.com/moneymind/ If that's a useful direction for our
      >John: Hi Andrius, sorry been distracted with other things and not yet
      >been to have a look...
      >Andrius: sure
      >John: just taking a quick look now...
      >Andrius: great
      >John: ok, I clearly need to take some time to have a look at these.
      >The format looks nice and easy and user friendly so that's good. Could only
      >see three listed at Money Mind. I think I and John Waters also contributed
      >some examples...
      >Andrius: yes I haven't put them up yet
      >.. so they can be organized by tags and then we can have related pages,
      >see for example
      >.. The current records might be thought of as a Storyteller Directory
      >because we typically don't have permission and we're just trying to draw
      >attention to them and engage them.
      >.. We will also have similar records for a Storyteller Repository where
      >storytellers give permission and they store their materials with us.
      >John: ok, I'll plan some time to have a proper look. Will you alert
      >each contributor then so that they can go and give permission?
      >Andrius: And then a Storyteller Registry where we manage their
      >offical links to presentations of their stories throughout the web, to
      >indicate that they are official.
      >.. Yes, over time.
      >.. Or they may find us.
      >.. So it's an Invitation which is Extended, Accepted or Declined.
      >.. Once it's Accepted, they can have their materials in our
      >John: sounds good. Will be interesting to see the dynamics of this
      >evolve. Maybe we can start to understand better how people engage through
      >stories as well as or instead of 'abstract' discussions.
      >Andrius: And they can also participate in our Registry so that they
      >can allow other websites to officially present their materials as they like.
      >.. Yes
      >.. And so I'm finding the tag approach fruitful
      >.. and please think what would be useful for you
      >John: This relates very much to preferred learning styles such as
      >Abstract Sequential etc. see Gregorc for full model
      >Andrius: and I think some of our ideas we talked about before will
      >be relevant
      >.. but this gives it all a practical basis
      >.. and so that shapes things a lot.
      >John: Yes, it is about optimum learning environments
      >Andrius: Yes so your insights and leadership here would be great and
      >we can build it for Cyfranogi and also benefit at My Food Story.
      >John: How do you want me to share those insights in a structured
      >Andrius: Just write a letter
      >.. to Cyfranogi
      >John: ok
      >Andrius: I will share our chat.
      >John: ok
      >.. How is the Eternal City? Challenging place to be I imagine...
      >Andrius: People are quite gentle
      >.. but there are all kinds of small adventures.
      >.. I'm getting to meet some great independent thinkers and they are
      >joining our lab.
      >John: Yes , if only 'people' could just get on with their lives
      >living alongside each other.
      >Andrius: And I also get to talk to pilgrims at the hostel I'm
      >John: Good
      >Andrius: Nablus was quite an experience
      >John: How?
      >Andrius: and I hope to go early next week
      >.. and stay for three weeks
      >.. it is in the heart of the West Bank
      >John: A long trip!
      >Andrius: and so it is very much affected by the occupation
      >.. the whole West Bank is like a prison in that it is cordoned off into
      >.. and there are check points between the zones
      >.. so there is no free movement.
      >.. But the students at the An-Najah campus were very nice and gentle.
      >.. The Youth Exchange program was very warm and encouraging
      >John: How do they respond to what you are developing at the
      >Andrius: the volunteers organized a lecture for me to give on
      >independent thinking which was very well received
      >John: great
      >Andrius: people liked my thoughts on that and my "peace plan" and my
      >thoughts on God, Islam, Christianity
      >John: show them how many routes there are...
      >Andrius: it was interesting too the politics, the students carry or
      >wear scarfs that show their political orientation, fishnet black/with for
      >Fatah and green for Hamas
      >.. yes, I think it's nice to give an example of thinking out of the box
      >and also show a bit what's known about the "box"
      >.. there are pictures of "martyrs" everywhere, Palestinians who have
      >been killed in the conflict
      >.. and that's a culture that some people want to tchange
      >.. there was a long petition in red ink with signatures asserting that
      >Israel has no right to exist
      >John: A mighty challenge and maybe the visionaries will emerge to
      >lead it to a new phase beyond the martyrdom culture..
      >Andrius: So I was encouraged and invited to develop a course for
      >nonviolent engagement and that is why I'm going there for three weeks if it
      >all works out
      >.. Yes
      >.. I'll be writing a set of class notes and I'm thinking of calling it
      >"Nonviolent Jihad"
      >John: I have been sharing our work in Austria and Germany and in
      >Ireland at the end of this month. I will write about it to cyfranogi soon.
      >I must go now.
      >Andrius: I've also been wondering a lot "what is violence?" because
      >most of the instances that I have been in are not passive, but rather
      >.. great to chat!
      >John: all the very best , hope to see you again next year sometime
      >when I maybe in Europe ...
      >Andrius: yes I will be in March or April on my way back from the
      >.. that would be great
      >John: ok , see you
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    • samuel kongere
      Dear Andrius, Janet, Maria, Lucas and All, I can see many are focusing on my food stories and different comments are seen allover well. I am preparing to send
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 17, 2006

        Dear Andrius, Janet, Maria, Lucas and All,
        I can see many are focusing on my food stories and different comments are seen allover well. I am preparing to send at least another crop story next week from the field work taken with my team members for one week. I visited a number of farmers and farmer groups. My team will have flowing food stories for the next few weeks and we hope to reach the strategy by March. It is good to interview people and this forms some potentiality in our right work involved.
        As I am on transit through Nairobi ‘I hope to meet Ken Owino and our entertaining Acrobats. We had seen their ability to rehabilitating the street children in Kawagwere Nairobi when Maria Agnese visited us. The children under fifteen years old are doing well. We were discussing with Lucas on how to work in the slums of Nairobi and while here for one day I will try to locate some good ties through Ken’s group to see how to reach for information.
        Ken is expecting two volunteers from USA who are coming to help them train the kids and find better ways for working with them and rehabilitating them. Ken is busy preparing this visit and would wish people help him arrange for accommodation and all the logistics involved in hosting the volunteers who will stay here for three weeks in Nairobi visiting different slums. They also train the children on artifacts.
        It is through holistic helping that these volunteers are coming with gifts to give the needy children; any willing donor can donate something over Christmas to see the children train well in the proposed workshops by Ken’s group. Ken’s Group involved in entertainment is connecting with Maria Agnese to visit Italy next year through holisting helping we hope the trip will materialize and give the acrobats an exposure.
        Let’s not forget the good days of our Lab through the global villages. Bravo!!! to all as we approach the end of the year. We hope to get good communication across as all is good.
        Happy Christmas!!!

        Samwel Okech kongere
        Nyamuga primary school
        P.O BOX 191,
        MBITA  040305-KENYA.
        Cell: +254 725 600 439
        Community Development
        UDOGO youth development group-coordinator

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