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Second Call: Book of Biographies.

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  • Leonard Boniface
    Dear Colleague, Greetings. I am writing a book called Biographies, which will feature the biographies of many youth leaders around the world, and I would
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 16, 2006
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      Dear Colleague,
      Greetings. I am writing a book called "Biographies," which will feature the biographies of many youth leaders around the world, and I would like to include your biography. The book will show the reader what youth have done so far on various issues in the different fields in which they are working, for example, in HIV/AIDS, MDGs, human rights, entrepreneurship, etc. So the biographies will deliver a powerful message on how youth have been involved in these issues, on the changes they have already made in their communities, and on the way they can change the world if they receive more support. This book will inform readers about who you are and where you are working so that they can contact you directly.  I hope this book will reach thousands of people all over the world.  I think "framing" the gathering of the bios in such a way that we address the challenges, barriers, struggles, and success of the youth leaders would be good in our lovely and complicated world.
      Please send me the following:
      -Your biography. Please include a few words explaining what you need to do more of, perhaps other projects you are expecting to do or dreaming to do, what successes you've experienced so far, and the barriers, challenges, or obstacles you've encountered.
      -Personal passport-size pictures or other pictures that show you working on projects, etc.
      -Biographies are limited not more than 2 pages. The deadline is  December 15, 2006, but I will appreciate receiving it earlier. Please send your biography as soon you can. Biographies should be sent by E-mail wherever possible to Leonard Boniface:  LBM2015@...         
      With kind regards,
      Leonard Boniface
      Chairperson-Tanzanian Youth Network
      Oxfam International Youth Parliament Action Partner
      Founder-Teenage Life Programme
      Freelance Journalist

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