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Re: Helping Haitians after their earthquake

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Philipp, Shellie, Janet, Thank you for your concern and practical suggestions. I share with some of our other groups. Jeff Archambeault tweeted about
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 15, 2010
      Philipp, Shellie, Janet, Thank you for your concern and practical
      suggestions. I share with some of our other groups. Jeff Archambeault
      tweeted about http://crisiscamp.org which is taking place this weekend
      in Washington DC, Silicon Valley, London.
      Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@...

      philipp h wrote:
      > Because I saw that the only one airport is overflowed, and the helpers
      > want avoid logistic problems,
      > because a need of specialists and doctors, emergency medicaments...
      > I think the only things that we can do is to
      > make a gift to an NGo organism like Red cross or an other (depending
      > of the choice of each of us).
      > With each sit or blog we get and create it simply to put a link as
      > this example:
      > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zq1uFln67QM
      > This link retake some of the most important organisations of help. You
      > can use this link on your website if you want and as you want, to copy
      > it, or to retake it entirely. If you are inside one of these
      > organisations or an other wich is implicated in helping for Haiti, you
      > can contact me to had yours on the link.
      > Philipp.
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      > Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 23:46:01 -0500
      > Subject: [nafsiafrikasaana] Re: [holistichelping] Helping Haitians
      > after their earthquake
      > Dear Andrius, Philipp, and All,
      > Immense thanks for forwarding my email, Andrius, which I was going to
      > post here at Holistic Helping tonight. I have been trying to mull over
      > ways in which I think we at HH and MS generally can be helpful in the
      > immediate situation (I can imagine an ongoing "crisis response
      > protocol", but that will be a longer term endeavor).
      > Philipp, are you Haitian, or in Haiti? I have not been aware of any
      > Haitian members in our MS-family forums.
      > Andrius and anyone else, any ideas about how we can be helpful? The
      > communications challenge--due to lack of Internet access and weak
      > signal strength for cellphones--is fairly daunting, but if I can
      > establish and maintain contact with friends there, we might be able to
      > brainstorm with them about what we could do.
      > Immense thanks, all, and I look forward to working together in
      > whatever way might be valuable for the Haitian people! All best wishes
      > and blessings, Janet
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      > >Subject: [holistichelping] Helping Haitians after their earthquake
      > >
      > >philipp h wrote:
      > >>
      > >>
      > >> Will you do something for Haiti?
      > >>
      > >Hi Philipp,
      > >
      > >Will you?
      > >
      > >Here's a letter from Janet Feldman of Holistic Helping
      > >http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/
      > <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/>
      > >She has many contacts in Haiti.
      > >
      > >Andrius
      > >
      > >Andrius Kulikauskas
      > >Minciu Sodas
      > >http://www.ms.lt <http://www.ms.lt>
      > >ms@... <mailto:ms@...>
      > >+370 699 30003
      > >
      > >--------------------------------
      > >
      > >Dear Friends,
      > >
      > >Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti on Tuesday, there have
      > >been several citizen-media related resources posted that might be
      > >helpful to members. Are there any Rising Voices members in Haiti? If so,
      > >know that we are thinking of you and praying for your safety, as well as
      > >for massive relief and reconstruction efforts!
      > >
      > >Below are some links to health materials in Kreyol, and a link to a
      > >crisis reporting and mapping platform called Ushahidi, which was used
      > >very successfully during the 2008 post-election violence in Kenya.
      > >
      > >Ushahidi in general is especially interested to work with women's groups
      > >(the creator/founder is a Kenyan woman), so if you know of any in Haiti
      > >or elsewhere who would be interested in this service, please contact me
      > >and I will pass that information along to them (unless there is a
      > >Ushahidi rep here in this forum!).
      > >
      > >There is also a request from AMARC for reports about how community radio
      > >stations in Haiti have fared, so if anyone knows anything, that would be
      > >great. And the url for a new blog by journalist-filmmaker Anne-christine
      > >d'Adesky, who has Haitian roots. Anne-christine helped Ushahidi to adapt
      > >its platform for the crisis in Haiti.
      > >
      > >David, Solana, and/or anyone at GV-RV, are there any ideas or plans for
      > >actions by GV-RV? It would be great to brainstorm about how citizen
      > >media might be useful at such a time, and what is possible in this
      > >particular situation, especially since blogging and other media that
      > >rely on the Internet may not be that available within/from Haiti itself.
      > >
      > >Thanks to everyone for your caring, prayers, and actions, and blessings
      > >to all!
      > >
      > >Janet Feldman
      > >kaippg@... <mailto:kaippg@...>
      > >
      > >
      > >Materials available in Haitian Creole from Hesperian Publications:
      > >
      > >Here is a link to a pdf of the the Haitian Creole edition of "Where
      > >There is No Doctor":
      > >http://www.hesperian.info/assets/Where_There_is_no_Doctor_Creole.pdf
      > <http://www.hesperian.info/assets/Where_There_is_no_Doctor_Creole.pdf>
      > >Also available as a printed book from 4 The World Resource Distributers
      > >www.4WRD.org
      > >Tel: 417-862-4448
      > >Fax: 417-863-9994
      > >orders@... <mailto:orders@...>
      > >
      > >Link to a pdf of the Haitian Creole edition of "Where Women Have No
      > Doctor":
      > >http://www.hesperian.info/assets/hesperian_wwhnd_haitian%20creole_2000.pdf
      > <http://www.hesperian.info/assets/hesperian_wwhnd_haitian%20creole_2000.pdf>
      > >
      > >Link to a pdf of the Haitian Creole edition of Sanitation and
      > >Cleanliness booklet:
      > >http://www.hesperian.info/assets/PDF%20Kreyol%20sanitation%20book-1.pdf
      > <http://www.hesperian.info/assets/PDF%20Kreyol%20sanitation%20book-1.pdf>
      > >produced by Hesperian partner, SOIL (Sustainable Organic Integrated
      > >Livelihoods)
      > >www.oursoil.org
      > >
      > >Link to a pdf of a cholera fact sheet in English:
      > >http://www.hesperian.info/assets/environmental/Cholera_EN.pdf
      > <http://www.hesperian.info/assets/environmental/Cholera_EN.pdf>
      > >
      > >All of the above and other health materials in English and Spanish can
      > >be downloaded here:
      > >http://www.hesperian.org/publications_download.php
      > <http://www.hesperian.org/publications_download.php>
      > >
      > >*****************************************
      > >News from Ushahidi (forwarded by journalist Anne-christine d'Adesky):
      > >
      > >Our colleagues at Ushahidi have adapted their interactive mobile
      > >user-friendly online platform for crisis reporting and mapping of the
      > >situation in Haiti following yesterday's devastating earthquake.
      > >
      > >Please let people know that within and outside Haiti one can report
      > >directly to the site via a mobile phone or computer for oral, written,
      > >and video upload posts. The Ushahidi site will then map the reports and
      > >verify sources. They are hoping this can help people who are donating
      > >to relief efforts, and mapping services to people urgently needing help.
      > >
      > >This platform has been used very successfully during the 2008 Kenya
      > >post-election crisis, and the DRC war crisis. It can greatly aid relief
      > >agencies know where help is most needed, and can document a range of
      > >issues, including incidents of deaths, injuries, problems, crimes, and
      > >where help is being offered. The site could be adapted to help track
      > >reports of missing persons.
      > >
      > >Please spread the word as quickly as you can. Though cell phone and
      > >landline use is very limited in Port-au-Prince, Skype reports are
      > >getting through, and so are satellite phones.
      > >
      > >Link is: http://haiti.ushahidi.com <http://haiti.ushahidi.com>
      > >
      > >Anne-christine d'Adesky--a journalist, filmmaker, part Haitian-American
      > >in origin--has launched her own blog, as well as helping Ushahidi
      > >develop its site for Haiti reporting: www.haitivox.com (a translation
      > >tool for multiple language reading is available)
      > >
      > >**************************************
      > > Hi Janet and all,
      > >
      > >I'd like to draw everyone's attention to the Special Coverage page at
      > >Global Voices:
      > >
      > >http://globalvoicesonline.org/specialcoverage/haiti-earthquake-2010/
      > <http://globalvoicesonline.org/specialcoverage/haiti-earthquake-2010/>
      > >
      > >Our volunteers have been pulling together to bring coverage from
      > >bloggers and twitterers in Haiti and the diaspora. Some of it has been
      > >translated into English (and other languages via our Lingua project).
      > >
      > >If anyone has information that should be included in the Special
      > >Coverage page, which also includes the Ushahidi initiative that you
      > >mentioned, you may contact Janine Mendes-Franco, who is coordinating the
      > >coverage. She can be contacted via her profile page:
      > >http://globalvoicesonline.org/author/janine-mendes-franco/
      > <http://globalvoicesonline.org/author/janine-mendes-franco/>
      > >
      > >Thanks
      > >
      > >Eddie Avila
      > >********************************************
      > >
      > >Dear Eddie and All,
      > >
      > >This is fantastic, thanks so much!! I have daily contact with Haitians
      > >(in this country and in Haiti), and also with a listserv that is
      > >featuring numerous reports from Haiti--including areas like Jacmel, far
      > >from Port-au-Prince, the most reported-about area to be affected--so I
      > >will contact Janine and pass along whatever seems relevant.
      > >
      > >I would be very interested to develop a "plan of action" or protocol for
      > >these crisis situations, within the context of Rising Voices and Global
      > >Voices. In fact, some of the participants in the Blogging Positively
      > >project mentioned that using that e-guide in crisis situations--where
      > >health matters, including HIV/AIDS, are so important--could be a highly
      > >valuable contribution.
      > >
      > >We might link that to what Ushahidi is doing, too, so as to increase our
      > >mutual effectiveness. I know the creator-founder of Ushahidi, and more
      > >recently have been in touch with their international and Kenya reps, who
      > >hope to expand use of the Ushahidi model and platform into any
      > >situations of crisis, and also--from what I gather--into peace
      > >"maintenance" (once re-established) situations, too.
      > >
      > >How to get the word out in situations where communications modes are
      > >severely compromised (even moreso than usual in
      > >infrastructure-challenged places generally) is a major consideration and
      > >issue, and something we could discuss related to any plan or model for
      > >action we might develop.
      > >
      > >Immense thanks again, Eddie and all, and very best wishes, Janet
      > >(Feldman, kaippg@... <mailto:kaippg@...>)
      > >
      > >
      > >
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