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Yora Atanasova: Dream site and my dreams

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Dear Yora, I m so excited to hear from you! Thank you for writing about your dreams, which I include below. I ve also created a page for you at our wiki:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2010
      Dear Yora,

      I'm so excited to hear from you! Thank you for writing about your
      dreams, which I include below. I've also created a page for you at our wiki:
      that you can edit. And your dream now appears in our list of "dreams in
      life" http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Dreams

      Yes, I think that's a great question you ask, how can we distinguish our
      "real" dreams-in-life from what we are expected to dream?

      I invite you to join my working group Living By Truth
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/livingbytruth/ please send a blank message
      to livingbytruth-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or let me know and I will
      sign you up. I also alert you to other groups you might be interested in:



      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas


      Dear Andrius,
      I found your site about dreams through a friend's reference. I find it
      excellent, and actually it's quite mobilising to try to understand what
      you actually dream of, and share it with other public via the net. It
      maybe also be helpful to better self understanding and life planning.
      As I know you have other interesting projects such as the Free Mind one,
      and am going to have a look further.
      As I have got some training in counselling, and also wonder if there is
      any pshychological methodology (technics) how people can extract their
      real dreams not what they are expected too dream of...
      I have also elicited my dreams (just occupational and social ones), as
      honestly as I could at the moment, and if you are interested I could
      upload them too. But how? I couldn't see how to do it the page.
      I am sending them to you as attached file.
      Best regards,
      Yora ATANASOVA

      www.lu-club.dir.bg <http://www.lu-club.dir.bg>
      www.lu-club-kukeri.dir.bg <http://www.lu-club-kukeri.dir.bg>
      Mobile phone: +359 899 810 649; +359 877 060 557
      Skype: yora.atanasova



      Some day people will be able to balance the individual, social and
      environmental. Society will not act like worms in an apple anymore...

      People will find the right way to know the so called supernatural, which
      is actually natural, but not „provable in laboratory circumstances";
      they will understand a crucial part of it, and will fully employ it.

      People will develop their abilities for selection and orientation, and
      will be able to sift out the essence from the unnecessary details, and
      apply the former more consciously. Learning will become much more
      efficient, quicker and easier.

      Most of the people and society as a whole will be more conscious about
      reality, think more independently, and better distinguish and resist any
      brainwashing and manipulations, including political and marketing ones.

      Both my country and Balkan Peninsula will get peace, and will be better
      off; the Balkan countries will be together and strong enough to
      withstand any world powers' aspirations and impact.

      I will be able to fully fulfill what I have got and accumulated as
      personal knowledge, experiance and intuitive approaches.

      My Kukeri (mummers) project and other learning ones will go well, and
      will contribute to better knowledge and acceptance of my country, to
      Bulgarian peoples' confidence and positiveness towards their own nation
      and country, as well as to “light” learning.
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