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RE: [holistichelping] Re: Benoit and Andrius chat about Death, Life, God, Everything

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  • Sherrie Noble
    Benoit, Hi. We have never met(I did meet Andrius) and while I read regularly but seldom post this good news is wonderful. We truly live in a world full of
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 14, 2009

      Benoit, Hi. We have never met(I did meet Andrius) and while I read regularly but seldom post this good news is wonderful. We truly live in a world full of beautiful miracles. Thank you for sharing with us, and the world.




      Sherrie Ann Noble





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      Benoit, What an inspiring miracle! Thank you for including us! I
      replied in our chat room:

      AndriusKulikauskas: Hi Benoit :: Wow that's fantastic Benoit! :: My love
      and amazement to you and Debbie and all of your family! :: I'm grateful
      to God for his intercession in your family. :: I've been thinking how to
      play with God? what does play mean to God? and I imagine that God plays
      with our lives by coupling us with each other. :: And I suppose we can
      support his play by encouraging such linkings and couplings. :: Thank
      you for including us! ::

      And I tweeted:

      tweet: Benoit, I just read
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lovingGod/message/712 and your wife's
      miracle is a beautiful example of "organic experience of spiritual
      unity" from different traditions, East and West.

      Simply amazing! Andrius, ms@..., http://www.ms.lt

      Benoit Couture wrote:

      > Salut Andrius!
      > I thought I should come on the chat line and tell you the news first,
      > before I post it on Loving God.
      > Debbie saw the doctor on Thursday and she was told that she can go
      > back to work anytime she wants. She is planning for Feb 1, 2010
      > We now need to adjust ourselves into the search and finding of the
      > deeper meaning of this whole episode in our lives as individuals and
      > as a family.
      > I guess that in that sense, it becomes parallel to your Lithuanian
      > participation, in search of sobriety
      > May our findings be blessed into the completion of God's Holiness of
      > our being, having and doings...
      > Let us feed on The Bread of Life...
      > I also reported the news with a bit more info about the healing, to a
      > group who prayed with us at the forum of Radically Christian Cafe
      > Getting better every day!
      > My last entry on this thread was in September. The news have changed
      > dramatically. Our Lord has decided to heal my wife.
      > When I first searched google about Watchman Nee and the Local Church
      > several years ago, I found myself guided to visit a Chinese
      > congregation in Edmonton, Canada.
      > We, my wife and I, were then given an address to go for bible studies
      > once a week and the host was a Traditional Chinese Medicinal
      > Herbologist, from Malasya.
      > Interestingly enough, one of the participants at the Tuesday meeting
      > knew the host for 27 years, and never knew about the host's connection
      > to herbology.
      > After a couple of weeks at home from the hospital, my wife was showing
      > very little improvement. We then decided to start using the Chinese
      > herbs from our brother and within 3 days, major improvememnts began
      > all around.
      > After 2 months of combining Western and Chinese medicine, my wife is
      > now looking at going back to work by the first of February.
      > We pray that whatever teaching(s) our Father wishes us to learn from
      > that whole experience, that we may finally get it and obey as He
      > pleases, so that we may bloom into the fulness of His all-in-all into
      > our lives...
      > - Dear Father, mortality came knocking at our door and You turned it
      > away. Thank You!
      > Please do guide us to Your pleasure in our life to be lived from Your
      > oneness in Your Son Jesus-Christ...Amen to Your Yes in us all... with
      > all of our praise and thanksgivings...
      > Salut...
      > ...may all blessings be with us all...
      > Benoit Couture
      > Edmonton, Canada

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