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World AIDS Day "Blogging Positively" Chat Details (December 3, 11am EST)

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Friends, Thanks so much, Solana, for the listing of World AIDS Day activities at Rising Voices! Below is the information about the Blogging Positively
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 27, 2009

      Dear Friends,

      Thanks so much, Solana, for the listing of World AIDS Day activities at Rising Voices! Below is the information about the "Blogging Positively" chat. We hope you will be able to attend!

      In 2008 and 2009, a series of chats leading up to creation of the Guide drew participants from around world. We are hoping to have a series of chats in 2010 that will map out next steps for dissemination and use of the Guide.

      If you have any ideas, or want to get involved in this project, but cannot attend the chat, please let us know (Janet Feldman, kaippg@...). I have developed a mailing list to which I will send info about upcoming chats, and all news related to the Guide.

      Also, please join us at the Rising Voices forum created to discuss issues related to HIV/AIDS and citizen media: rv-positively@... (to subscribe:  rv-positively-subscribe@...).

      Thanks so much, and look forward to chatting! All best wishes, Janet

      Blogging Positively Chat:  December 3, 2009, 11am EST (USA)

      To join us, please visit: http://www.worknets.org/chat/base

      Select "English" and press "Next". We will create chat rooms for other languages if the opportunity arises.

      The chat will begin at 11am EST (Boston-New York).

      This is 2pm (Buenos Aires), 4pm (London), 6pm (Cape Town, Beirut), 7pm (Nairobi), 9:30pm (New Delhi) 12am (Dec 4) (Beijing, Manila), 1am (Tokyo), 3am (Dec 4) (Sydney).

      Topic: Blogging Positively Guide/next steps

      Thanks to Andrius Kulikauskas and the Minciu Sodas Laboratory for Independent Thinkers (www.ms.lt) for use of the Worknets space!


      Dear Rising Voices Friends,

      We're planning for World Aids Day on Global Voices and Rising Voices, and we'd love to know what online HIV/AIDS-related stories you are working on for December 1st.


      Last year, Global Voices created a map of HIV/AIDS "Positive Bloggers" around the world. This weekend, Juhie and Janet Feldman are updating the map. We need your help identifying new bloggers. Please do a search in your country (or ask on Twitter) whether anyone has links to personal blogs about HIV/AIDS in any language. You may be surprised how many there are. Please send links to Juhie Bhatia <juhiebhatia@...> (Health Editor on Global Voices) or ask about getting access to the map to add them yourself.

      This is a link to the map: http://is.gd/545x4


      A couple of months ago, we published a Rising Voices guide to blogging with HIV/AIDS. We'll be passing that around on December 1st too. 


      Janet Feldman/Rising Voices is going to be calling an "Blogging Positively" online chatroom meeting for us to discuss what we can do together in the future. In last year's meeting we decided to write the guide to "Blogging Positively" maybe this year there will be new ideas. 

      Details coming soon!



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